Thursday, August 4, 2011

HERO PROFILE #76: Dark Spartan

Operates out of: Torbay (United Kingdom)

Team Affiliation: Justice Union

Activities: Night patrols, escorts drunks home

Quote:“My goal is to squash the socially acceptable apathy our country has adopted. I want to motivate 'normal people' to help others."

Author's Notes: The British RLSH have gotten another wave of media attention to tie in with a TV documentary premiering Friday night on BBC4. It is titled "Superheroes of Suburbia" (article HERE) and follows Dark Spartan and his Justice Union team mates. Of course Heroes in the Night is way ahead of the curve- you can read about the Justice Union in an article I wrote for the magazine Delayed Gratification HERE.


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  2. (One has been misspelling "British" -ack.)

    Lord Malignance said...
    There is quite a bit to comment on here, but for Oneself, One would like to hear from the distinguished gentleman from Manchester. How is the Justice Union perceived by the British Public and yourself? (One has read the insightful comments on the link sited above)

    -Lord Malignance

  3. Lord Malignance, the reaction by the good folk of Manchester has been a mixture of bemusement and scorn. I have mentioned before on this blog that I think the RLSH movement would meet with contempt and concern for the individual RLSH's safety. I think the comments in this story from the Manchester Evening News say it all...

  4. Marc,Manchester UK,

    Thank you - One enjoyed that article very much.

    Quite a world we live in,
    -Lord Malignance

  5. Indeed. Some of our more witty residents have praised Knight Warrior for the lack of rioting in Manchester ;)

    I'm going to follow this cultural phenomenon in the UK when time permits. My country is in turmoil at the moment. Right now we need an actual superhero or some support from the army to restore peace.

  6. Marc,

    One is reading and hearing stories from there. Do be careful and protect yourself and yours in this time.

    One remembers British courage, and this will see you through all troubles. Be proud of who you are as a people, together.

    One hopes that if it comes here, we should do almost as well.


  7. I honestly thought Dark Spartan was a lark.. some guy creating a fake profile on Facebook. But he appears to be real.

    But just because someone is real doesn't mean I'm accepting friend requests. (Sorry Manchurian Monkey Spider)