Friday, August 26, 2011

WHITE SKULL: Dead, not dead, etc.

Last week I began to see news circulating on Facebook and a RLSH forum that the internet "real life supervillain" White Skull, a member of internet villain/ parody group ROACH (Ruthless Organization Against Citizen Heroes) had died due to a complication with brain surgery.

To be honest, I never quite knew what to make of the White Skull, which I suppose is fitting of a mysterious villain with a skull for a head that transmits messages from a space craft. He very aggressively criticized various RLSH online, most notably Master Legend's Army and the RLSH in the backyard of his hometown of San Diego- the Xtreme Justice League.

However, he did also sign up on forum, where I saw him participate in some good natured joking and chat about comics. He even tried to extend a bony hand to the XJL. Here is the last comment he left on the Heroes in the Night blog, on an entry about the HOPE 2011 handout in San Diego:

Can you please do me a favor, Mr. Krulos? Next time you stop in to San Diego with any RLSH, please give me a call or send me an email or a Facebook message. I live here and I've been wanting to help out with one of these events for the last two years, and yet every year, no one ever lets me know in advance.

I know I give the RLSH a lot of crap, but I do appreciate the ones that help the homeless and would love to help out.

See- that was a nice thing to say!

On hearing about his death, I couldn't help but be skeptical. Faking his death merely to come back to taunt his superhero foes yet again? It sounded like a supervillain plot to me. Second hand reports that someone had talked to his "widow" weren't convincing me either, because it is entirely possible a wife can be in league with her husband. Hell, maybe it was her idea.

Faking a death is a perennial favorite. Mark Twain based the plot of Huckleberry Finn on it. The punk band The Dwarves faked the death of their guitarist because "it was the punk thing to do."

So I was determined not to deliver a Shakespearean style eulogy until I saw the obit of White Skull's secret identity which is [NAME DELETED].

The obit never surfaced which is because the White Skull is alive and LOL-ing on the space station Damocles, as he mocks in a blog entry here:

Yes, sir. Supervillains- always something with those guys (and gals).

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