Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HERO PROFILE #77: Warpspider

Operates out of: the internet

Activities: Patrols online sites like MySpace, Second Life and Zanga looking for internet stalkers.

Quote: "I've seen what happens online. All the trash that sneaks and hides on the net. I've made it my goal to hunt the hunters and keep the innocent safe. One person at a time."

Author's notes: Warpspider is unique in that he is an internet based RLSH. And by that, I don't mean a kid that has created a Facebook page and claims they are a RLSH but doesn't do anything outside the internet. Warpspider's stated goal is to search the internet for cyberstalkers and so he is represented here by an online avatar he created.


  1. Stalking the stalkers, but calling it "hunting" to clear up any confusion. Does he stalk superheroes? Because this could be the beginning of a kind of Internal Affairs to protect citizens from unwanted superhero surveillance games. He's practically a Villain already!

    One supports Warspider and hopes he has success stalking superheroes and protecting citizens from their unwarranted hunting of citizens through unethical and One suspects often times illegal surveillance games. From every "Online Background Search", dimestore Listening device, Directional Microphone, Night Vision Goggles, and creepy hiding activities. We need to keep the citizens Free of superhero harassment and intimidation.

    Warspider is also a very cool supervillain name. War + Spider - both pretty villainous, not at all noble and heroic.

    -Lord Malignance
    Welcoming another 8 eyes to the war(spider) against superheroes.

  2. I get that it's "warp spider" - but what is that?

  3. A "warpspider" is a fictional creature that enters and exits our normal dimension by warping through other dimensions. This means the creature can appear and disappear at will, anywhere at any time.

  4. Warp Spider - cool concept. And Lord Malignance, as usual that septic tank you call a mouth is as detached from reality as that troubled brain of yours.

  5. Terrific idea but how does he purpose to accomplish this feat?

    The only way he could identify stalkers is by having the victims send reports to them, but where would the proof be? You would not be able to see their inboxes yourself unless you have access to it.

    This really is a great idea, but there's no way it can be accomplished without compromising the alleged victim's privacy or stalking the victim yourself.

  6. Oh and another Lord Malignance, when I'm flogging myself in the Dragon Cave, I like to think about you changing my diaper. It makes me hot. I'm a superhero.