Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy Oakland Bails The Ray

The Ray at Occupy Oakland.

The last few days I've followed the story of The Ray, a RLSH and member of the Pacific Protectorate who was arrested at an Occupy Oakland protest.

The latest word- The Ray has been released on bail provided by the Occupy Wall Street legal support fund.

The Ray's parents along with his team leader, Motor-Mouth, were interviewed on the Flashpoints radio show on KPFA in Berkeley yesterday.

On the show, Mr. and Mrs. Ray maintain that nothing like this has ever happened to their 22 year old son, who they describe as a former boy scout, a college student,a "champion for the underdog" and a "peacemaker."

They said an attorney who spoke to The Ray in jail found him to be "frightened, had black eyes, and stitches on his face."

Occupy Wall Street has sent money to Oakland Occupy, whose General Assembly decided to allocate the funds to pay for the bail of The Ray and one other protestor.

The Ray was released late last night/ early this morning.


  1. One was going to rant, pushing my opinion, but felt the humanity of this issue, at this time, wins out.

    One wishes the Ray and his family, safety, health, and freedom from fear.


  2. Well, no one ever said the 'occupy' people were intelligent. Hopefully this young man has learned his lesson about playing dress up and defending illegally organized squatters. This is all wishful thinking, I'm sure. I look forward to his next arrest.