Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just days after having charges dropped (but also being reprimanded by Seattle's City Attorney) Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones was back on the street with his Rain City Superheroes Movement team mates El Caballero, Ghost, Midnight Jack, Pitch Black, Mantis (sometimes also spelled as Mantissss), and cameraman Ryan McNamee.

McNamee captures some exciting footage of the group, who encounters someone who has just been stabbed. The superheroes then chase the suspected stabber for 8 blocks, eventually trapping him in a taxi as he tries to escape. Police arrive on the scene very quickly, draw their weapons and arrest the man.

Some of the group runs back to see if they can help the stabbing victim, who is soon on his way to the hospital while the suspect is taken to jail.

You can see the video below.


  1. The words of Phoenix Jones;
    “I lost my job, people call me by my real name on the street, criminals say they know where I live. it’s affected my life, and for something I didn’t do.”

    From source;

    His name and where he and his wife and children live is now known. He now has "criminals" telling him they know where he lives (what? Do they wear signs around their necks?). Now he's apprehended a suspected attempted murderer. Does anyone else feel his children are in danger unless he stops?

    The innocent children in his house, potentially - by his own words - targetable by criminals for reprisal, are in danger.

    Children must always be removed from any location where they may be harmed. There is clear legal precedent for this action. One expects soon, the city will be moving swiftly to safeguard those innocent children Phoenix Jones endangers, as in the case where his services were no longer needed (his job with children).

    Superheroes and X-Alts. It's the fame before common sense and safety.

    -Lord Malignance

  2. @ Lord Malignance. His identity was revealed by members of the RLSH community long before his arresr but ultimately forced out by the press when he was arrested. I can respect the man for wanting to keep his identity hidden and private so that he can do what he likes and make some kind of positive contribution to society.

    Any activity you participate in or job always comes with some kind of risk. Doesn't matter what the activity is. There is risk in everything.

    I can't exactly sat sitting there posting as a RLSV persona contributes to anything more positive to society.

  3. Anonymous;
    "By law (RCW 26.44) any practitioner, registered or licensed nurse, social service counselor, psychologist or pharmacist who has reasonable causeto believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect is mandated to report these suspicions to the Department of Social and Health Services (Child Protective Services, "CPS") or to law enforcement within 48 hours of that suspicion. Although one may delegate reporting, each mandated reporter is, individually, legally responsible to assure that a report has been made. During the 2004 legislative session, SHB 3083 was passed. This law states that a person who, in good faith and without gross negligence, cooperates in an investigation arising as a result of a report made…shall not be subject to civil liability arising out of his or her cooperation."


    See also Child Protective Services here;

    A "Job" has risk. A Hobby should not endanger your children. One is not "RLSV" - it is a label with a different meaning.

    And don't get me wrong: One doesn't want to see the child(ren) removed, but anyone can, and everyone cited above MUST. The children NEED their parents, both of them. But Phoenix is going to get hurt/killed sport cage fighting random citizens, or have hospital bills that will put his family into poverty. Cost of ER/ICU/Recuperative therapy? Guess BIG money.

    He needs to hear from people who care about him (or people that just outright hate superheroes) that he is risking his family for his ego. That's it. Put the safety and health of your children first. Get a job, and leave police work to - to the police. Or get arrested, incarcerated, and scar your children socially for life with the stigmata of "Dad's a convict".

    One doesn't want to see victims here. Not citizens, not Jones, not the children. That's all. But the way he's running, it's going to go against him and those he loves.

    Odd that it's a Villain that stands up to protect people. Or is it? Hasn't it ALWAYS been Villains?

    -Lord Malignance

  4. So what you are implying is that in a situation where Phoenix Jones and others saw a person get stabbed and the perpetrator run off that they should have ignored it? They should have just said "Oh well we are not cops or security guards therefore we should not get involved?"

    Apathy like that is just as much of the problem as people who do get involved in the movement without any true form of preparation. What happens if they do let the stabber get away? What if that random stabber actually turns out to be a serial killer or something that might have been caught had someone taken the initiative as Phoenix Jones and his crew did?

    Phoenix Jones can be faulted for many things. He can be branded with negative descriptors that may to some degree be entirely accurate. But the bottom line him and his crew chased down a violent criminal (because last time I checked stabbing someone is a violent act)and also tended to the wounded person. If the perpetrator had not been caught he may have done the same to others...including possibly one of those children that you are so determined to save.

    And given how many times you have stated your enmity for the RLSH movement as a whole and the way you have often represented information on your blog in a slanted and purposely miscontrued manner you will understand if people read what you say and consider it just smoke and mirrors to potentially a greater truth...that as you have said before...you hate the RLSH and you want to see the movement end.

    And to reiterate what was said before...there is risk in everything, more often the case when practicing selflessness. What is really sad is that you sit there and spout off about protecting the people...from behind an RLSV persona...from behind a mask. Don't ask a RLSH to stand up and show themselves as the person behind the mask/persona if you by word or action lack the courage or integrity to do the same. Otherwise that just makes you two-faced...which for a guy wearing a mask I suppose is rather ironic.

  5. Hey Anonymous: why don't you get an account or at least sign your posts.
    Most annoying. Your worlds might carry more weight if you actually backed them up.

  6. I kind of agree with what Anonymous is saying. While it is more preferable to know who someone is - since I believe in being up front about things with people - in a community so nosy that likes to either give out personal information or twist things around so much - I'm not going to hold it against Anonymous for being, well, anonymous about who they are.

    There's a lot of good people who want nothing to do with this community because of the fakes and haters who do nothing but talk bad about others, because they think they can build themselves up by trying to tear others down.

    As for Phoenix Jones, I don't think his family is in danger. For a guy who has won 11 out of 11 cage fights, and spends his nights chasing down criminals and murderers for several blocks before beating them like baby seals, would any criminal be stupid enough to try to go after anyone close to Phoenix Jones?

  7. Sorry - been away on business.

    Don't play semantics. Any citizen has a responsibility to help - we don't wear costumes and "patrol" to do it. It isn't a "superheroes or no-one scenario" and your arguing that stratagem is denied. Do better, to engage me.

    Stabber? Why couldn't the alleged stabber also be a vigilante? Trying to protect some people by exacting his idea of justice on others? Vigilantes are wrong.

    As One quoted him above, Jones says "Criminals" know where he and his wife and children live. Now an alleged homicidal maniac facing imprisonment knows where he and his wife and children live. Do you see my point? He's putting his children in danger, and that's unacceptable - especially when he does so for only his optional personal fame, and the thrills of sport cage fighting random innocent citizens. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Again - you and Oneself, and everyone else, if we see a crime in progress are as human beings obligated to take safe and situationally appropriate action to protect life always. But we don't all dress up like batman and go looking to cage fight people for American Idol type fame with a camera crew in tow. There's a difference, and it's the difference between lawlessness and a civilized society. The difference between being a responsible parent, and having your children taken away by a state and city that know better.

    Lastly, as to One's own character, One stands guilty as charged. One is a name and a mask, with a purpose to bring the RLSH under control, or to Eliminate them. But these two goals are entirely consistent with protecting people - there is no differentiation. One believes you might better concern yourself more with the people inflicting pain and suffering on people while spreading fear and intimidation (superheroes), and less about those bringing those same actions to light.

    Point: One is Not RLSV. One is as stated on that blog of mine you read, a MetaVillain. One uses the character to achieve purpose.

    -Lord Malignance

  8. Lord Malignance,

    You're not going to control the RLSH. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that the RLSH Community is never controlled, nor spoken for as a whole. Let the individuals be themselves and speak for themselves. I have God on my side, and the more my enemies try to tear me down, the more they build me up to rise above them.

    This attempt at conformity for the RLSH Community has to stop, it's as evil as trying to be the person who defines what is cool and what is not. ""And if you don't comb your hair this way on Saturday or wear that color hat on Saturday, then you're not part of our Mooooooovement, because you make our Mooooooovement look bad!"" That's the dumbest more idiotic crap I've ever heard in my life.

    I'm going to save the world from the forces of evil that are trying to tear down the RLSH Community.


  9. @ Lord Malignance once again you have assumed without knowing. While you are correct in the sense that we dont need "costumes" to patrol or help each other as human beings, but would you agree that a police uniform is a form of a costume? If someone wanted to go out there and do a crime watch underneath a costume to protect their identity is that wrong also?

    The mere fact that you once again assume RLSHs are "vigilantes" is laughable. There is an extreme difference between a vigilante and a RLSH which you basically cannot comprehend at a basic level.

    In regards to your Phoenix Jones comments he could have taken a reality TV deal to earn him a million dollars and walk away never to be seen or heard from but he turned the offer down (on live TV I point out) and continues to do his patrols even after being arrested. The cameras are there to protect him and serve as evidence which PJ has stated numerous times in interviews. In fact it is probably that video camera that saved PJ from prosecution. The actions PJ takes comes with risks which I am sure he is aware of along with his family. I don't see PJ brining his family into this but I see alot of RLSHs and or so called "villians" that like to bring his family into the mix.

    You have a right to disagree with the RLSH movement but at least do it with some kind of merit or credibility than under a "villain" persona.

  10. @Lord Malignance again just because Phoenix Jones assists the police while other superheroes like the New York Initiative sit around and make up stories to get interviews, doesn't mean he isn't risking his children's lives.

    Phoenix Jones is real, and he faces 10 times the real danger those fakes in New York lie about. He should get 10 times the interviews because he's actually doing something. And he does. Jones is famous, and no one's ever heard of the NYI.

  11. I think all of you are bullshit. Charities and outreach organizations have existed much longer than his egotistical ass, and they don't strive for fame, they strive to help people. Helping people is all that matters. Get over yourselves, get over the costumes, get over it in general. Being a good person doesn't take a full camera crew, and getting video as "evidence" doesn't mean having people following you with giant cameras. Someone could just as easily ten video with something like say a flip camera on the chest... That is why Pj is full of shit. There are always alternatives, but he seeks out the Moab public of options. He has no one to blame but himself for his identity being revealed. It was a newspaper that outer him in the first place, not RLSH. Look it up. And he chose to show his ugly mug to the reporters in a press conference he called. He chose that path, he must live with the consequences and accept responsibility for his actions. They are mo ones fault but his own.

  12. I'd like to make a few corrections here:

    1- Costumes are worn for trick or treaters on Halloween, or Actors & Actresses who are acting, or anyone who is pretending to be something they're not. They're not worn for patrolling. That is silly and unprofessional and when people say it, they sound like newbs. Warrior Spirits don't wear costumes, they wear uniforms/suits/outfits/attire/gear/armor, or even a bunny suit (reference to my old friend Shaaaaadow Haaaaare!).

    2- The RLSH Community is not a Movement. That term was created 5 years ago by someone who wanted to control this community by their own political standards, and anyone who doesn't believe everything they do is outcasted from their little fake-movement. But the truth that is not understood is that that just because a few people got together and created the idea that this community is a movement, and these lies speaking for everyone, with all this "We do this, we do not do that" garbage that so many people fall for, that that does not give them the right to decide "What is, or isn't" an RLSH. They're more than welcome - and even encouraged - to have their own opinions - but having rights DOES NOT EQUAL the right to take away others' rights to be themselves.

    Personally, I want to know who each of you are - not who people are trying to turn you in to - nor who you are trying to turn everyone else in to.

    3- The difference between a Vigilante and an RLSH is that not all RLSH's are Vigilante's, and not all Vigilante's are Real Life Superheroes - but it cannot be denied that the two DO in fact get mixed together at times. You may not agree with me, but neither of us have the right to be the Judge who decides who is or isn't one. Let people be their own selves, and learn to appreciate the fact that everyone is different, it is the most widely ignored fact that that is one of the things that makes this world so interesting.

    4- I have my methods and reasons for doing things the way I do. That doesn't mean everyone has to do things my way. If I'm ever doing a good deed, it's not something I go and put on a suit just to do that - but I also have plenty of great friends who DO do that, and they have their own good reasons for doing so. Everyone has their own reasons for wearing the uniform and for people who aren't nor ever were in this way of life, and are just on the outside looking in, they might never really understand what it's like. For me, I have different versions of my suit, for different situations. Hot weather, cold weather, armored, ones that look like regular clothes and allow me to blend in. I don't think that wearing this suit makes me a better person than anyone, I just think the style fits me well, it's a symbol of self-expression. I mean who are these people the Fashion Police? "Wear regular clothes! Don't dress up like Superheroes or I'll say bad things about you in a blog!" Have you ever worn a suit and tie? Don't wear that to work, you could do the same exact work in regular clothes. The next time I order pizza, I should ask that the Pizza Delivery Guy dress up like the Queen of England and then serve me my pizza in a british accent.

  13. 5- I've spoken to Phoenix Jones plenty of times in the past year or so. He's a cool guy that not a lot of people get to see for themselves, because they believe all the bad things that are said about him. And I wish for once that if anyone has ever had a problem with him, that they would ask to meet him in person and talk with him about it face to face. I guarentee you that none of you will - but even if you did, you would actually see that Phoenix Jones is actually a lot friendlier than is being said about him by all these rude people.

    6- When you all are going on and on about how bad you think Phoenix Jones is - while hiding under either Anonymous names - or behind the safety of a computer - you say more about yourself and how kind you are to people you disagree with - more than you say about the person you're directly insulting. Why don't you admit your own flaws before the flaws of others? Here I'll start and show you how easy it is: I've had anger issues at times, have said and done many bad things over the years to many people - perhaps some deserved it, some didn't - some things I don't want to talk about - not because I'm trying to hide my bad sides - but some people think they rate to judge and slander you and will never let you forget anything - and I don't like to sit here and dwell on my mistakes in life, for the rest of my life - I want to learn from them, I want to seek to continuously try to make myself a better person. I'm blessed to have ShowStopper in my life, who shows me what it truly means to be a kind, loving person, and also makes me want to be a better person, both in general, and also to other people. The idea isn't for people to pretend that they're nicer than they actually are - the idea, I think, is to admit you're not perfect - that doesn't mean you have to admit all of your flaws but don't deny you have them - and then seek to do what you can to be a better person - it doesn't always happen overnight but over time it does.

    7- Philly Cheesesteak Pizza is a really good pizza and I recommend that you all at least try it at some point in your life, you can have it with like Root Beer or if you drink, perhaps a small bottle Smirnoff Ice or two with it if you want. And I know that has nothing to do with this thread but I just thought I'd throw it in there to lighten the mood here a little bit.

  14. Phoenix Jones should be at home taking care of his wife and son. How much more mission do you need out of life than to raise a child? I have a three year old son and a disabled wife. In all that I do their needs come first.

    It seems wrong that Phoenix Jones would put his street patrols before his family. The danger it places him in and the potential threat to his loved ones is not acceptable to me. I think the man is a selfish fool.

  15. When you look and dress like this:


    ...Then it is more than obvious that you are an attention whore. When this comes into play through not thinking about your own safety in the action of "fighting crime" when the criminals know where you live, you are very, very stupid. When you do all this, with all these things mounted against you and your loved ones, and you have fucking CHILDREN at home, you are the shittiest fucking parent alive. HANDS. DOWN. THE SHITTIEST. If this cannot be seen by you, than you're no different from Jones himself; a stupid, shitty person wearing blinders through the entire conversation. Period.

    How hard is it to see an armed thug assaulting the Jones' residence? What if they have a gun or even a knife? What if their children get caught in the crossfire or are even the intended targets? Hell, it's been in the news recently that a man slit a child's throat and sent pictures to the mother as proof. This happened and it's quite possible to happen again, especially if these criminal types have a reason to want to get revenge on the costumed couple. You people think we Villains are the bad ones?

    You don't know shit.