Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update on The Ray

The Ray, left, and Motor-Mouth.

The last couple of blog entries have been about the arrest of The Ray, a RLSH who was arrested at the Occupy Oakland protests. The Ray had a court date yesterday and I asked Motor-Mouth to give an update on the case. Motor-Mouth is team leader of the Pacific Protectorate (a team roughly 7 members strong that includes The Ray)and he attended the hearing.

Here is Motor-Mouth's account:

Update on The Ray's case: The original charges were dropped (in part due to no PD officers coming forward, go figure) but he was charged with something along the lines of "Failure To Comply With An Executive Officer". What has surfaced, though, is that The Ray jumped in-between a riot cop & a protester being senselessly beat. At the moment, police attacked him & he defended himself but was shot in the face with an unknown projectile, fell unconscious and was continuously beaten. He awoke handcuffed, in a daze, & bloody.

He was taken to an Oakland area hospital and had his face stitched up, of which his attorney said he received 3 or 4 stitches. He was then taken to Oakland City Jail & transferred out to Santa Rita County Jail the following day.

He is going back to court on Thursday but here is how YOU can help: His bail is posted at $15,000 but he only needs $1,500 to get out. Myself & his family are by far too strapped financially to get him out but if everyone chips in, maybe we can gather enough cash to get him out.

Also, if you or anyone you know were present the night of the violence in Oakland after the General Strike when the police squads attacked, then please contribute any video or pictures you might have that may feature The Ray in them (the guy who looks like a ninja with the Captain America shield that got beat to a pulp by the riot squads).


  1. Ray's story is just as full of holes as his mask should be. Perhaps it's a lack of oxygen that makes it hard for capes to think clearly. The better question here should be, "Why post bail for someone that was clearly unsafe to himself and others up to the point where he needed to be detain?" Also, am I the only one that's lost count of how many times Motor Mouth's teammates have turned out to be trouble for others? Like twinkies to a fat kid, some people will just never learn.


  2. One has to agree with Malvado. Oakland cops have always had a reputation, but this seems extreme even for them.

    The sheer evidence of the medical condition leads One to conclude he was no passive bystander, or only shielding a police beating a victim as the hero spin doctors are putting out there. The Bail alone is quite large for someone who, again was as the heroes would have you believe, acting in the best interests of "protecting victims".

    He was more likely playing superhero with the police who were doing their duty to protect and safeguard lives. They are trained, equipped, and have experience with this work. He has comicbooks and movies, and a culture of enablement for this dangerous LARPing. He was at least obstructing, and possibly assaulting an officer of the law, and instigating mob violence. As a flashpoint for inciting mob violence he was was very, very, dangerous, and could have easily caused the deaths of 10s to 100s of people, had he rallied enough people to resist the police.

    Did he come dressed as a Ninja, carrying that shield that was confiscated? Watching 300 and that Captain America movie, a Shield is not a prop. By the history of warfare, it is a dangerous weapon, and that he was wielding and brandishing it as a weapon, possibly dressed as a Paramilitary NINJA/Terrorist is just yet another reason why superheroes are dangerous.

    One hopes no one else was hurt more than that described, by his recklessness.

    Have to see what comes out in court. One doesn't want to offer more than my opinion based on what we're seeing. Innocent until proven guilty is respected always.

    Doesn't the NYI frequently claim they are providing "security"? Though of course, no one can actually prove any of this, like much of what the NYI claims. This California group had coordinated Twitter posts, and One is sure phone messages. Was it more than just a "Lone Wolf" looking to create a headline, or was it a campaign to start something, to get some media attention? To sell the product "superheroes" to a public that has forgotten how to wield Critical Thinking disciplines.

    It's well past time to start looking at superheroes more carefully. Especially if they are putting their unhealthy need for fame above the safety of innocent men, women and children.

    -Lord Malignance

  3. and why does anyone have to prove jack squat to you, LM? Why don't you go do your own research, no one has any obligation to you.

    Contact the Occupy Camp yourself. Judging from your relentless lampooning of the NYI, any evidence they presented to you would be met with yet another chance for you to fabricate their intentions, anyway. So prove yourself the intellect you claim to be and do your homework.

  4. Asking these RLSV types to look at things objectively when it comes to the RLSH subculture or whatever you want to call it is like asking a kleptomaniac to not steal while surrounded by bags of money. They think sitting back and playing internet bad guy is in some way productive. Their own self-delusion is as bad as that of any wacko RLSH.

    They'll do the research sometimes....and slant the facts to fit their agenda. It's how they operate - pay attention only to what works for them and discard the rest.