Friday, November 4, 2011


The Ray, posing for an action shot.

Breaking News: Pacific Protectorate Member Hauled in at Occupy Oakland Protest

On my way to my day (or night is a better description) job, I noticed I had received a call from Motor-Mouth, marked "urgent." Motor-Mouth leads one of two groups of RLSH/ X-ALTS in the California Bay Area. His group is the Pacific Protectorate, North-Cal division. There is also a team called the California Initiative- a team that also includes branches in Virginia and the team's origin point in New York.

Both groups have made an effort to do security detail with the Occupy protests in the area. The Occupy Oakland protests in particular have turned very ugly as protestors have clashed with heavy handed police over the last week. Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades into the crowd.

Motor-Mouth called to tell me that his team mate, The Ray, had been out in the middle of it during protests Wednesday night. He says he received a text from Ray, saying he was at the protests, but was probably heading home after another walk around to check out the scene.

The next morning, Motor-Mouth received a call from family members of The Ray, saying he had not yet returned home. Later in the morning, Motor-Mouth says he watched a news report where police displayed weapons confiscated in the arrests. Among the items- a customized shield, similar in design to the one made famous by Captain America, which Motor-Mouth had lent to The Ray for his patrol.

Later, in a follow up message to me, Motor-Mouth says he confirmed with police that they had indeed nabbed The Ray, charging him with "assault" and "failure to disperse." He is being held at Oakland City Jail, but will be transferred today, and will be arraigned on Monday. Meanwhile, Motor-Mouth says the rest of Pacific Protectorate will be out in force doing security at the Occupy Oakland site this weekend.

Further developments will be posted here.

In other news:


Phoenix Jones' day job was caring for autistic children. The Department of Social and Health Services sent a letter informing him that he was not allowed to work with children due to the pending status of “the incident." The incident I'm referring to is one I witnessed in person in Seattle- Phoenix Jones saw a group of people fighting and intervened by pepper spraying members of the group. He was taken in under charges of assault, although charges have not been filed at this point.

Jones says he will do more day time patrols in addition to looking for a job.


Los Angeles based RLSHs Sage and The Handler are also going up the river, but in their case it is a "bail me out" style charity fund raiser. Their goal is to reach $800 dollars to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and they are a little over half way there as of this posting. Check out their donation page:


  1. Did he actually break that wall?

  2. Gangs of masked men enforcing their particular view of morality on innocent citizens. Using terror and intimidation, while remaining anonymous in their sheets.

    One means masks.

    American Vigilante Gangs. Why has this never worked before? Oh waaaait. Yes, we don't want to look into American History for this answer.

    -Lord Malignance

  3. Anonymous- no, from what I'm guessing he and his team came across the wall and saw an opportunity for photos.

  4. Sorry to hear that about Phoenix Jones. It's a terrible thing when a person loses their job, especially in modern times. I'm not sure more patrolling is the answer. Surely he'll just invite more trouble and lessen his chances of finding a new job? If I were him I'd look to home and his family right now. Some time out of the public eye may work in his favour. I suspect that PJ is a crusader though and his family will unfortunately come second to his RLSH work. Mr Fodor, I ask you to look at your son when you get back from patrolling and try to imagine what he's thinking.

  5. Superheroes advertise frequently, that they wear costumes to "inspire". In this publicity picture, the costumed superhero is inspiring - what? Vandalism.

    Mission Accomplished Superheroes!

    One hears chatter about the Jones issue, and many want to express their concern for him, because he's "just normal folks" who have lost their job in this bad economy. Then someone pointed out; "He's normal folks with a PR team". Or as Jones points out, a team of lawyers representing his concerns. That sort of puts the whole "normal folks" into perspective for me.

  6. Makes sense Krulos. Kind of figured that. @LM PJ doesn't employ a PR team, or a team of lawyers. They volunteered their efforts, and services to help him, the same way as he is volunteering his efforts to help his city. It's a difference.

  7. This is the highest calling of service: willingness to put your life on the line without pay or fame to protect others. The fact that a few enthusiastic RLSH-ers fail to follow good standards and practices only speaks to the need for better training, professional handbooks to educate them, and good internal review procedures within their groups.

    BTW, the history of vigilance is not one of violence alone. Ghandi, Rosa Parks and others defied illegal codes to Right social wrongs. Indeed, next time someone is hurt or in need, choosing to help is a vigilante action in and of itself, which begs a question about why people are so afraid to help others.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

    "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." -- Wendell Phillips

  8. Anonymous,
    Thank you. One was referencing his team of lawyers from his interview here;
    With his specific words;
    "The RLSH has to be in my name because Phoenix Jones is a very famous band, and the guy from the band who my friend knows I guess is really angry that I call myself Phoenix Jones, but my lawyers tell me if I put Phoenix Jones RLSH or Phoenix Jones- Guardian of Seattle as my entire title, they can’t sue me."

    His use of the word "lawyers" led me to conclude that since they advised him en group, that they worked in unison. It is true that perhaps they acted as individuals.

    Again however, most people are not advised by multiple lawyers. Unless, he was exaggerating.

    -Lord Malignance

  9. Bill,

    Peaceful disobedience never included body armor, weapons, martial arts training, masks, and the spread of fear for purposes of intimidation.

    Look at Rosa Parks and Ghandi. Two more non violent examples you couldn't find. Compare that, in this case to Phoenix Jones (though any Vigilante hero or group would suffice).

    Heroes aren't scaring and intimidating people by their peaceful actions. They wear scary masks (Black Monday Society), Carry Guns, (Knightfox Paradox), Assault Citizens (Jones), and preach a militant creed of confrontation and violence (New York Initiative). One isn't seeing the Rosa Parks or Ghandi in these examples.

    -Lord Malignance

    "We are oft to blame in this. 'Tis too much proved that with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself." (Hamlet 3.1.46-49)

  10. the fact that this happened isn't the disgrace... it's the haste in which it absolutely *had* to be reported immediately to a news outlet...

  11. oh and before you put everyone in the same boat... keep in mind that the NYI has been doing Occupy Wall Street night security, maskless and with a focus on nonviolence, for over a month now. There has even been a few instances of violence in which each respective member took a nonviolent approach when they would have been legally justified to use force.

    so update your understanding and stop arguing strawman, please.

  12. @LM A couple points you made does have a ring of truth to it. But to imply that "all heroes/guardians/vigilantes" are using said same or similar methods is just idiocracy. Yes, some do wear scary masks, but do all? No. Do some carry firearms yes, but do all? No. Does some preach militancy, and confrontation? But do all? No.

    Seems as if your facts not in order. For example you said "Assault Citizens (Jones)" last I checked prosecutors did not charge him with any crime(s). So jump off your high bot junk trash horse, and get a grip on yourself.

  13. Last Anonymouses,

    Idiocy would be to assume you know which kind of superhero you are dealing with when One confronts you for any reason they imagine. Do they wear different hats so you can tell who is carrying a gun, or who will assault you, or who will hand you a sandwich? You can't tell by looking at them, and if you make a mistake with one carrying lethal force, it could cost you your life. That's a difference with actual real life law enforcement by the way.

    Jones was arrested for assaulting citizens. He was not convicted. It's a legal point, and you should pay more careful attention to the differences. The publicly reported facts are quite clear on this. He was in fact arrested for assaulting citizens.

    Open mouth gaping adoration of delusional adults is not safe or healthy for individuals or a society. Where is the Critical Thinking? When are we handed something too good to be true, and everyone just accepts it. When it's too good to be true, isn't it more often than not, exactly that. Occam's Razor: What is the simplest answer? That it's a hoax used by costumed ADHD manbabies seeking attention and celebrity? Or this semipatriotic expression of selfless altruism, with no thought of hospital costs, legal punishment, wrecked families due to absences, psychological harm, or personal risk to self and loved ones?

    Using your critical thinking skills, which is simpler. Then turn on your TV and watch the plethora of "American Idol" shows and their clones.

    Thirst for Celebrity is a disease. And superheroes just another symptom.

    -Lord Malignance

  14. The Ray is a nice guy. This is really too bad. I really can't picture him assaulting anyone.

  15. @The other Anonymous NY, the law enforcement there doesn't allow for masks and the like there especially where Manhattan is concerned. The police will make you take that mask off. So it's not the NYG or I something chose to do, no other choice in the matter. So ya, that's right take them masks, and costumes off, identify yourselves son.

  16. "BTW, the history of vigilance is not one of violence alone. Ghandi, Rosa Parks and others defied illegal codes to Right social wrongs."

    Maybe they should have been more aggressive. After all, there is still tyranny in the world and there is still racism. I would not wish to detract from the noble actions of both the named people, and the countless unnamed others but the fact is you can highlight a problem as much as you like - start a pressure group, start a petition, form a neighborhood watch, put on a costume and walk around - the only real way to resolve it is by working with the systems already in place. Revolution is a hard thing to come by these days - true revolution I mean, not idiots smashing up the UK or Greek students losing their collective rag. The more I read about RLSH's like Phoenix Jones the more I despair. The man had a job working with kids and he has a son of his own. How is that not enough mission for him?

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  18. Always sad to hear about one of them being arrested.

  19. Probably just a miss understanding, protests can be very violent and easy to get caught up in the moment. I believe that whatever the reason, was an action he felt was worth taking. Heroes make mistakes too, at least the good ones do.