Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Phoenix Jones with fans on the street of Seattle




Tea Krulos, reporting

Phoenix Jones
, Rain City Superhero Movement leader* and pop culture figure from Seattle is featured in a 30 second public service announcement for the Game Show Network (GSN)as part of their "The World Needs More Winners" psa campaign. You can see his spot here:


On a recent episode of the blog talk radio show It's Joker Time, guest Master Legend had a heated debate with "Real Life Supervillain" Malvado. Malvado challenged the Florida RLSH on his views on homosexuality, religious beliefs, and claim that he had found a cure for cancer.
The episode can be found here and the debate sparks around the 25 minute mark:

An enraged Master Legend challenged Malvado to have a battle royale with proceeds to benefit charity. Malvado has thus far declined.


Portland superhero (who actually might appear to live 5-20 minutes from the city center, as argued passionately for several volumes online) Zetaman has apparently retired from RLSH status. Zetaman was a founder of the site, its accompanying forum, The Alternates team, and was the subject of a web series at In a blog entry from May 17 titled "I Am Retired," Zetaman says-

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

"I am afraid due to the constant harassment and my own personal real life and physical safety I have to retire. I am sorry to say this but there are people in my life whose lives are being threaten and I can no longer have a blue target on me. I wish the rest of the world well and to stay safe."

* This post originally referred to Phoenix Jones as a RLSH, which is incorrect- that is a term he has distanced himself from. Heroes in the Night regrets the error.


  1. Thank you for the link, Tea. I've been wanting to see Phoenix's PSA for a while now and I'm glad I finally got to see it. Very inspiration and beautiful. I can only hope all the Jones-haters out there can put their pettiness behind them and open their eyes to this video that even though he is the subject of a lot of murkiness this is obviously all the evidence needed that he is in it for the heart, really wanting to make his community a better place for everyone. And that is something you can't argue.

    As for Master Legend's challenge, he's an idiot. One of those South Florida rednecks that thinks might always makes right. I spent about two and half years of my life beating the tattoos off of neo-nazies and racists like him as a SHARP. If I felt beating his leathery old ass would solve anything I would, but this is a man that shouldn't be given anything to help sustain his delusional fantasies. The idea of fighting for charity is absolutely retarded.

    Besides, he challenged me to a fight before and I got him to apologize for it in private on Facebook. Something about saying I'd kick that mop-of-s**t rats nest of goofy hair off of his helmeted head made him think twice about acting like a tough-guy over the internet. I have zero time in my day for thugs and cowards like him, for charity or no.

    And lastly, the subject of Zetaman. His story, which has had numerous 'retirements' in the past, can be summed up in two words: "Boo-Hoo"

    He and his teammates can keep crying me a river because they know when his tires were slashed and left with a ROACH flier it did little to phase him out of his RLSH mission. His cries for the "safety" of his loved ones apparently didn't become a concern until his reputation was dragged through the mud and people that weren't Villains came after his baby-faced ass. His own peers, at that.

    In the end of the day, after all of these things, I still regret nothing and I never will.


  2. Zeta is a good man and needs to be left alone to enjoy his life . He has earned it ! The phoenix jones commercial shows a hard working hero who actually puts his ass on the street doing good , problem ? As for malvado ....... you are a little bitch and here's my challenge . Any time , any place and you can bring a bat all I need is my bare hands troll !

  3. We don't need to be violent. Overlord proposes beer slides for charity. You all can have my slip and slide, I don't want it back.

  4. Oh dear, did I really go all this time without checking back to see if any cowardly little zealots were insulting me over the internet? How horribly non-narcissistic of me. Rev, eat a dick like all your Catholic brethern are so keen to doing. The very idea of having to challenge someone to a fist-fight as a means of proving you're right about something is the kind of thing that only the intellectual weak and mentally slow cavemen like yourself would ever stoop to even suggesting. Grow up and get an education, you turkey-necked moron.

    As for a beer slip and slide, that sounds like a horrible waste of such delicious nectar. Besides, Master Legend would cry if he knew beer was touching the ground instead of his tongue.