Sunday, May 1, 2011


Real Life Superheroes and Event sponsor heroines battle the forces of evil outside of Moct at Motionary Comics 2.0! Photo by Kelly Crandall

Motionary Comics happened on Friday and was a huge success- artists, RLSHs, documentarians, villains, werewolves, and patrons alike all had a blast!

In fact, there is so many great photos and video that trying to cram it all into one post was very intimidating to me. So by the power vested in me as blog administrator, I am glad to announce that content will be added here daily, Monday- Friday.

Monday: Pictures and some talk about the artistic process of the event, and the amazing crews of people working hard throughout the evening to create the giant six page mural comic book.

Tuesday: Pictures of Real Life Superheroes with their 2-D counterparts, some talk of the other RLSHs present, including an account of their Riverwest patrol after they left the event.

: Pictures and video of the sinister Dr. Lupus and his Team Werewolf, including a behind the scenes account.

Thursday: Hero Profile(s)

Friday: The six page finished Motionary Comic story itself!!!

Fun times!


  1. I look forward to seeing and reading about it, Tea!

    We had a great time in Milwaukee and it was great to see my old friends, The Watchman and you, as well as meet so many other RLSHs, Electron, Crimson Crusader, Charade and Blackbird as well as so many other Kool Kats working for a good cause.

    And just to tantalize your readers a bit for Tuesday's article, our patrol was awesome and I think we did a lot of good in a couple of ways.