Thursday, April 28, 2011


The nefarious Dr. Lupus, rumored to be attending the event.

I think the organizers of Motionary Comics (see previous entry), myself included, were worried that the local media wasn't picking up the story of our interesting and unique event.

"Where's the beef?" I said, using an 80's catch phrase. Well, we ended up doing pretty well. The first entry was a small blurb with a picture in the calendar section of the Riverwest Currents. The weekly Shepherd Express listed us in their two page "pick of the week" spread yesterday. Media sponsors included us as their featured event this week (HERE), and the heroine known as Yelp Girl will be attending the event.

Today we had a triple whammy:

Myself and Moct art director Chad Edwards appeared on WUWM's program "Lake Effect," interviewed by host Bonnie North: HERE

RLSH critics, but also stand up guys, the Milwaukee AV Club gave the event a boost in a write up by Matt Wild: HERE

And also a write up by our friends at Third Coast Digest, penned by DJ Hostettler: HERE

Tomorrow is the big day!

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  1. Good Luck Tea Krulos,

    And "This Friday at MOCT, Krulos will continue his RLS advocacy by serving as creative director for Motionary Comics 2.0."? Congratulations on that too.

    Good Luck to Nefarious Dr. Lupus. One wishes him all success in his endeavors.

    -Lord Malignance