Friday, April 1, 2011

Scientific American X-ALT article

On March 9, I posted an entry titled "Introducing X-ALTS" which discussed some Real Life Superheroes' decision to drop the RLSH title and adopt a new one. That new term was "X-ALT" and was influenced by an article by science writer Andrea Kuszewski (or, as I've nicknamed her, "Professor X"*) titled "Addicted to Being Good? The Psychopathology of Heroism."

The article deals with what Andrea calls "Extreme Altruism." After posting about the X-ALTS, I decided to write Andrea and see if she would be up for answering some questions for me. I was delighted to hear that she was working on a follow up piece for the Scientific American website titled "Walking the Line Between Good and Evil: The Common Thread of Heroes and Villains."

In addition to expanding the thoughts from her previous on article on the subject, she also mentions RLSHs and the Heroes in the Night blog.

I'm excited to announce that Ms. Kuszewski has agreed to do a Q and A here on the subject sometime in the future. Stay tuned.

*Although Andrea probably shares more in common with one of her favorite X-Men- Jean Grey aka Phoenix (pictured above)

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  1. A very interesting article, Mr. Krulos. Props unto you, good sir.