Wednesday, March 30, 2011

San Fran Media Blitz...


By now, I think the readers of Heroes in the Night know how this shakes down- one media outlet goes "Hey! We got superheroes here!" and then the rest of the local press dog piles on.

We had a fair media blitz here in Milwaukee in October/ November last year. New York City/ New Jersey is a perennial favorite. London has pretty "keen" on the story the last couple of months. An of course Phoenix Jones has Energize Bunny'd the Seattle media since November.

Even smaller towns have had mini blitzes--consider for example the Bar Harbor Batman or the Viper.

Next up looks like San Francisco.

It starts with an article in a publication called The Bold Italic by Justin Juul titled "San Francisco Bay Guardians" in which the author follows around Motor-Mouth, Night Bug, Justified, and Kingsnake. Juul has a humorous and frank take on the story, dressing up as a RLSH himself ("Nightman") for a patrol and sharing the ups and downs of being on street level. The lay out of the article is pretty spectacular- it includes several illustrations of an artist's interpretation of RLSHs and a video at the end.
You can find the article here:

The story was then picked up by the local NBC affiliate and a website called SFist.

My only complaint is that two out of three of these sources have one very major fact wrong- they claim RLSHs were born because of Kick-Ass in 2008. That is completely false. As my well informed readers know, the term Real Life Superhero can be dated back to the 1980 secret superhero manual "How to be a Superhero," penned by the mysterious Night Rider. Other prototypes existed before him. The more modern incarnation of the RLSH began to develop in 2005-2006.


Also related, this breaking news out of San Francisco: Motor-Mouth claims that his former team mate, Hellpool (formerly Hellhound), not only swiped half his name and his aesthetics from comic book character Deadpool, but engaged in actual thievery as well. Heroes in the Night did a Hero Profile on Hellpool back in early September HERE.

In a bulletin titled "RLSH WARNING ABOUT THE RLSH KNOWN AS HELLPOOL" Motor Mouth warns:

"So it was brought to my attention on Saturday by a fellow Californian RLSH that Hellpool, my former teammate, is city hopping (currently in San Diego). To give all of you fair warning, he is NOT to be trusted. He is wanted for a burglary case in San Francisco besides having a lengthy rap-sheet from Oregon to California (a journalist I know & trust investigated that via the SFPD). Again, he is nothing more then a con-man & is NOT to be trusted."

Motor Mouth also added to me in an e-mail: "(Someone)did some digging into Hellpool and discovered that he is indeed wanted by the SFPD. Any RLSH's doing work with him are for sure putting themselves at risk, both legally & reputation wise."


  1. WHAT! Another person running around wearing a mask with a criminal record calling themselves a RSLH?!?!?!

    Shocked I say..... Shocked!

  2. He'll find good company in Seattle (so I've heard).

  3. This is Motor. I'm posting as Anonymous cause,'s the only way I can post here.

    Anyways...I was misquoted when it was said that the RLSH movement started in 2008. I myself started in 2008. I don't know how that became misconstrued the way it did and it's unfortunate that it was written as it was.

    As for Poop Knife's sarcastic comment, it's not much of a surprise that there are "wolves in sheep's clothing" within the RLSH scene. No one does background checks (while possible, it would be a massive undertaking) & not enough legit RLSH's ask questions to newcomers (I myself was once like this as well but I've learned from my mistakes). But once we discover these criminals & con-men in our midst, we have to do everything within our power to purge them from our movement. If we're going to be anything like our fictional counterparts, we have to hold up to certain ideals, morals, & ethics. Part of that is to do our best to keep the "bad apples" out of the barrel.

  4. I trust the RLSH are looking to police this guy as he is one of their own. Throwing him under the bus and revoking his spandex card is indeed easier, but hardly the heroic thing to do.

  5. Motor again...

    I'll tell you this much, Malvado...

    It's actually making me sick to my stomach somewhat that some of the RLSH's physically close to Hellpool at the moment are doing @%#& to stop him from continuing to operate as an RLSH, having even told me that they'll "take the situation as it comes to them". Other RLSH's at a distance from the situation have said that as long as it doesn't effect them then it basically doesn't matter, given it doesn't bring any "drama" to their doorstep. Personally, BOTH of those lines rhetoric are NOT what I signed up for as an RLSH. I help people through my humanitarian efforts with the homeless & I fight what little crime I come across. NOT dealing with Hellpool & allowing criminal scum like him to exist within our small community isn't helping anyone out & is only setting us further back then Phoenix Jones attending movie premiers (yea, I'm not cool with that one either but that's a different story for a different time).

    Bottom line is this...*$@*ing RLSH's need to start putting their money where their mouths are in what they say they really do or they need to seriously give up their masks, capes, & shields cause letting a criminally wanted POS like Hellpool walk free amongst our ranks isn't stopping crime and ISN'T heroic in the slightest.

    There, I'm done with my rant. Sorry if that was a bit much, Malvado, but I'm obviously more then just a little ticked off at this whole situation.

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  7. My apologies.. I used the wrong term. I meant to say..

    If he's a wanted felon, then anyone working with him is harboring a wanted criminal. I suggest turning him in to the police.

  8. No one should attempt to make a citizen's arrest based on solely hearsay. Let's say this is all 100% accurate -- you could still face a hard time when it doesn't show up in the San Diego police's system for some reason.

  9. Motor again...

    I'm going to call the SFPD today or tomorrow to see if I can get any info on this.

  10. It's Motor and here's an update...

    Contacted SFPD today. Was given the runaround for a bit but finally had an officer tell me off-record that it's "worth me looking into" in regards to him having a warrant out for his arrest.

    SO, with the help of other RLSH's (specifically Vigilante Spyder, Wolf, Mystic Avenger, Urban Avenger, & even Phoenix Jones (I'm seeing this as a chance for him to shine & prove me wrong, if at all), I'm using all the personal info I have on Hellpool (which trust me, I have more then enough) to track him down as well as go through public databases to find the SFPD hinted-at arrest warrant.

    Now if there is a warrant for his arrest, either myself or various Southern California RLSH's I've already spoken to will apprehend HP & place him under Citizen's Arrest, then to be turned over to the San Diego PD as a wanted felon.

    In the end (if all of this is successful), I want it to be both a lesson to others & a demonstration that con-men & criminal types will NOT be tolerated in this community by myself and those I work with.

  11. I never suggested a citizen's arrest, myself. In this case you can't arrest him as a private citizen, unless you actually have proof he is wanted for a felony.. and even then, not in all jurisdictions. I suggested turning him in to the proper authorities, who would then make a determination if he is wanted.

    As private citizens it is not our job, or place, to determine the guilt of anyone. But anyone who aids a wanted felon is committing a crime themselves. Withholding information from the authorities is a criminal offense.

    I don't know the story, and I don't have to. My statement goes for anyone who has committed a felony.

    I'm not associated with Hellpool, never talk to the guy, or even operate with him.. But if several people believe he's a wanted felon, and warn me about him, I have no reason not to be wary of any contact with him (or any one under the same circumstances).

  12. First off, this community as a whole isn't a "movement" nor some type of organization and I refuse to let people call it that nor even think of it as that. It's just a Community. Let any movement be on specific goal-oriented ideals and/or missions within this Community, rather than forcing people's allegiance for missions, ideals, and agendas they didn't sign up for.

    Nobody in this Community has to be perfect. Some people have made plenty of mistakes in their past, and this is their way of trying to make up for it.

    *****HOWEVER***** if this guy is a serious threat who is going around actually robbing or mugging people, do what you gotta do to protect the people - THAT'S whats most important. *****NEVER EVER EVER***** listen to Silver Sentinel's advice, he's a noob who has no idea what it means to be a real hero - he'll tell you to stand there dressed up like Batman 50 ft away from a mugging while a woman gets beaten to death while you just call 911 and by the time the cops (the real superheroes in this situation) arrive - the woman dies. He's a two-faced cowardly piece of shit who will pretend to be nice to people's faces and never tell people what he really thinks of them, but backstab them repeatedly and talk a world of shit behind their back not realizing that they see and hear all that goes on, while pretending to be this good person and role model, but really he's the most evil villain in hero's clothing. I don't care who this offends, I'm tired of being silent while the actual villains in the RLSH Community try to villainize me and glorify themselves as Heroes. I NEVER said I was a perfect person nor ever tried to pretend I was. I admit I'm a dick who has done lots of bad things in my life, but that's just who I am by nature, and at least I'm honest about that and still try to make up for that by doing good in the world by protecting people, that's all I can promise people. You actually inspire more people when you show them that even a bad person can do some good in the world, rather than making them falsely believe that you have to pretend to be some perfect person to do good for others.

    Sorry to get off topic here, I don't care if you delete this but I would prefer it if you didn't, I believe it makes a good point, and I say what I know needs to be said. I'm probably one of the most forgiving people in the world, but not forgiving of people who I know are still out to screw me and good people over. Only people who are genuine about it.

    There. Tothian has spoken.

  13. I just think it's kind of sad and fucking pathetic when I find myself trusting self-proclaimed Villains like Overlord more than fat dudes in spandex like Silver Sentinel, Zetaman, or Sky-Man (The Jabba the Hutts of the RLSH Community) - who proclaim themselves RLSH's.....y'know?

  14. Remember, guys: Tothian thinks that women repeatedly kicking him in the crotch is proof that he's the Biblical Archangel Michael.

    He thinks that he and Master Legend are both Angels in the biblical persuasion and they think they're here to herald the end times, and if you make them angry in any way they can torture you with voodoo magic.

    They also claim to be able to cure cancer. But only if God wants them too. Obviously.

    Just a little reality check before anyone takes anything Tothian says the least bit seriously.

  15. First of all, was I fucking talking to you?

    Secondly, maybe I do believe that or maybe I just wanna see if any women who claim they're from the year 2270 are stupid enough to believe it.

    I win, once again. Now go away.

  16. (And he's also more than a little upset that I told him to buzz off when propositioned me. Earth girls, it turns out, aren't that easy.)

  17. LOL WTF? I never once in my life propositioned you. If I wanted to put the moves on you you would already be mine. Until I got bored with you and then had kinky old people sex with your gramma!

    You should stop obsessing over me already and stop responding to EVERY GODDAMN THING I WRITE IN TEA KRULOS' BLOG! GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE. GO AWAY! BE GONE!

  18. See? Jedi Mind Tricks really work. I win again.

  19. Well, aren't we just a ray of sunshine...

  20. What game? The one I just-----AH, FUCK!!! FUCK YOU, BERYLLIUM!!!!!!

  21. Actually, disregard that last comment, because I'm still winning, stupid goggles woman.

    So you know, they're supposed to go over your eyes. Not on your forehead. Idiot.



    AND WHAT FUCKING "GAME" ARE YOU FUCKING REFERRING TO!??!??!?!?! TELL ME RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW!!!!! THEN GO MAKE ME A BLT SANDWICH WITH MAYO & HONEY MUSTARD & EXTRA BACON!!! Oh and don't even think about trying to poison me, because I'm immune to everything. I have tigerblood and I shit golden eggs and piss tabasco sauce and baby Tothian only cried tears of awesomeness.

  23. Playground fights between Agent Berylium the balding emotional cripple and Tothian too dumb for anyone else to fight with. You two are perfect for each other

  24. Im not sure how Citizen's Arrest laws work in other states, but my experience has been that a citizen's arrest can only be made in the event you have actually witnessed the crime in progress. A CA cannot be done based on a warrant and certainly cannot be done without the warrant in your possession. If you have information concerning Hellpool or any individual who has a warrant, the best thing you can do legal-wise is to call the police and let them know where they are and what the warrant is for. Failure to do so can result in the charges being dropped because of the shaky legal ground surrounding their arrest.

  25. ALSO - if you find yourself in contact with him, then please forawrd that info to the authorities BEFORE acting on this. This is not about anyone's ego...Its about justice...and justice will be denied if you dont cross every T and dot every I.

    IN other words - do it by the book!

  26. Tothian, you are a pathetic miscreant who makes ridiculous claims, plays the internet tough guy card but resorts to sleazy tactics like hacking RLSH forums when they finally lay the law down on your stupid ass and essentially tell you to take your bullsh*t somewhere else. People like you are the reason why buffoons (Ex: most RLSV) have so much fodder to use as mudslinging ammunition. The fact that you need mental help in the worst way is obvious. What are you Charlie Sheens long lost brother or something?

    Tothian you should just cut the crap and join the RLSVs because techanically your aberrant nature and behavior already makes you a prime candidate.

    As for Hellpool, if the guy is involved in criminal practices then the best thing to do in my opinion is gather the facts, assist law enforcement in finding him but let the law be the ones who bring him in. The job of the RLSH is not to supplant the law but to aid the law.

    And in a battle between Tothian and RLSVs there are no winners...just wasted bandwidth.

  27. Tothian,
    Next time I see you, I'll show you exactly how "fat" I am when I bust your nose in. Things change and you have no idea what I am trained to do now.
    A lot has changed.
    Further more, you keep interjecting yourself in RLSH. You do absolutely nothing for anyone. You don't do anything for yourself. You are not a warrior of any kind. Of course you would proclaim "no community" or "no movement." By claiming that there is not a social structure, you believe this gives you an excuse to act however you wish.
    This culture is about people going out and doing things to make the world a better place. Hell, even the RLSV's in their personal life have done things for the benefit of humanity. You, on the other hand, do very little. You proudly proclaim that "your no hero" yet have tons of "advice" for people; like giving advice makes you above other RLSH but calling yourself RLSH makes you morally above the rest of the culture. There is very little morals or value in what you say or do. It will never ever be 2008 or 2009 again. And you will not be allowed to have the influence you've had ever again. Truthfully you offer nothing of any real value to the culture and the world.

  28. Correctly
    *By not calling yourself a hero, that makes you morally above the rest of the culture.

  29. Zetaman is now a Phoenix Jones badass? And when did the RLSV sink to picking on underage girls (Showstopper), and retards (Tothian and Master Legend) only? Roach is going down the toilet fast, and its got to be Potentate or Agent Berylium. Barely manage to troll a dumbass like Tothian and post about it on her blog like its some kind of victory? Fucking hillarios. "I beat up a retard, I'm not pathetic!". Sucks to be roach these days.

  30. Uh... okay. Anyway... a small excerpt from CA law:

    "837. A private person may arrest another:
    1. For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence.
    2. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in his presence.
    3. When a felony has been in fact committed, and he has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it."

  31. I for one like the new Zetaman, he's keeping it real! :D

    And in an attempt to help steer this conversation back on topic...

    If Hellpool is indeed guilty of these crimes, even as much as I hate cops, I would have to agree the best course of action would be to work with your local law enforcement and "bring him to justice". I don't personally believe that law = justice, but anyone that causes criminal distress on another person should at least expect consequences for their actions, and in this I have no pity for him. If I can be of any assistance in your little man-hunt, drop me an email (addy posted on blog) and I'll see what I can do.


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  33. I still have no fucking clue what Malignance is talking about on that one.

    The dude is nuts.

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  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Are you guys still blaming me for those anonymous comments on his blog?

    Anonymous wasn't me. I read the comments and I still don't know why Malignance said they belong to me.

    I am seriously in the dark on all this. If someone is spoofing my IP address I'd like to know about it.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Occasionally the gravitas of discussions I see in our MOVEMENT really depresses me.

    It sort of reminds me of this time when I was eight. I had asked for a telescope for Xmas -- meaning like a real scientific type telescope. Then what I received was a small plastic kaleidoscope type deal that literally had Mickey Mouse pictures all over it.

    I guess at the time I didn't complain or say anything bad about it -- I tried to pretend it was the awesome telescope I'd envisoned.

    But keeping silent about that has always gnawed at me... as demonstrated by my vividly bitter memory of the whole thing to this very day.

    And sure, I know there are poor kids getting their heads cut off in Zimbabwe now... so it's not really worth dwelling on something like that, but I didn't know that when I was eight.

  39. Zetaman, Super Mario of the RLSH Community (Doc Goddian is your Luigi),

    I notice that just about every single time you speak, you say things that are wrong. Allow me to correct you.

    1- I never said there was no community. In fact I say it all the time that this community IS just that - a community. A gathering of diverse individuals who come together to communicate. So diverse, yet in some ways, alike. It can't "AS A WHOLE" be classified as a Movement because the involvement, goals, missions, are methods, each mean something different to every person, based on their own life experiences or mission in life that got them into this whole thing in the first place. It can't ever even be accurately enough "defined" in words, it can only be "seen, heard, felt, or witnessed", if that makes sense. There can be movements WITHIN the community. I just don't like when people try speaking for everyone and says "This is what WE do" or "WE do not condone that!"

    2- You can talk like a badass on the internet all you want and threaten me all you want, but we all heard the story about what happened when you met Phoenix Jones in person.

    3- If you think that this is a competition of "influence" then you have lost sight of what really matters. If anything, I'm better off now that I'm not running the HN anymore. More time to do things off the internet. I mean sure, I was able to accomplish a lot in my 2 years running it. But over time, being in that kind of position changes you in to something no Hero - let alone any person - should ever want to be, and that's assuming you're even being effective at what you set out to do. That's why I took a step back from that. When you take a step back from something like that, you're outlook changes again. Now you are kind of able to see from the outside looking in, so to speak. You see who your real friends are and who is just out to screw you over. I still network with people in this community all the time, and I don't need an internet forum to do it. I don't do that to "influence" anyone, I do it because that's my way of helping them out.

    4- I don't believe that the title of Hero NOR Real-Life Superhero are ones that can be self-proclaimed. I don't believe it "sends the right message" that even the sender of said-message is trying to send. I believe that the actions - and the actions alone - are what do the trick. And actually, by not saying it, the said-Hero/Super Hero/RLSH/Whatever maintains both the humble and enigmatic qualities that may define one as such.

    5- Just because I don't have my own YouTube TV show of me handing out cheeseburgers to people doesn't mean I don't find my own ways to be productive. You know, that's definetely a good noble selfless thing you do, and you do deserve some credit for that, but it's not the ONLY way for a person to be productive. I'm not a "Real-Life Supper Hero" (That's not a typo, I put 2 p's in there deliberately) My focus is primarily on protecting people and fighting those who do evil to others. That's what I've said all this time. I tend to favor Green Hornet's tactics of NOT trying to look like this good perfect guy, because then you open yourself to certain tactical disadvantages in a few potential worst case scenario's. But people I've patrolled with and the people I've done things for know that I do things. I don't do things by your standards and I don't usually even like talking about it a lot. It doesn't matter to me what people I know from the internet think of me. The people I meet in person will know me for what I do.

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  41. You're an idiot and you don't know squat about Seattle. See you in July.

  42. Also, the reason why you believe no one can tell you want to do is because.
    1. You're parents gave up on you like they gave up on everything else, including their personal lifestyle and space.
    2. No on else gives a crap about you, including the old lady across the street you've fingered to try to prove that you're hetro.
    3. You're some weird guy in Hazlet that just walks around... that is pretty much it. There is a record on you, but not the way anyone thinks.

  43. Zetaman,

    Dude don't even start with me. I have so much shit on you to ruin you entirely, but I haven't went there.

    -----And yes, I'm on record for an arrest over six years ago for Aggravated Assault & Battery.

    -----You're on record for talking the big talk on the internet, but running away like a little bitch when confronted in person by those people you talked the big talk to on the internet.

    I tried to get ahold of you for months but you ignored me like a little kid whose parents didn't buy him that yoyo he wanted. You have serious control issues. This can be settled peacefully or if you want to act like a little kid and try to prove something to yourself or to others, it's going to be a fight nobody will win. Everybody loses.

  44. I stop contacting you because you said that all you wanted to do is leech off your parents and die in that pile you called a bed and never get a job. To me, that is the sign of a person who is only a black hole.
    Also, you try to pursue relationships with minors. Because there wasn't enough evidence to completely charge you doesn't change the fact that you have and continue to pursue relationships with minors or those with disabilities.
    See you in July. In the mean time, do your worst.

  45. Yeah, I'm a villain. The biggest one out there. So are you and you deserved to be outed. I, at least, understand that age is a number.
    Nice statement at the end.

  46. Oh, used to be above all this. There was a time when you wouldn't have even commented on this because it wasn't worth your time. Instead of skipping this little back and forth and staying on topic, you have to play into this and make threats in return. Sad.
    And yet...not surprising. What are you going to do in July? Beat up Tothian? Use your martial arts to harm someone else? Just because he hit you with a low blow or two?
    Very heroic of you. Haven't you been rising above all the naysayers and the haters all these years? Oh, no....that was old Zetaman. This new Zetaman is MUCH better.

  47. Wow. Talk about a post going to hell in a hand basket pretty damn quick.

    Tothian, I think you're all shades of bad news. There's a reason that a huge chunk of the RLSH community has kicked you to the curb. I've spoken to enough of them, some very credible ones within the movement enough to know that you got serious friggin issues. Just reading the comments you've made on this post alone prove that your grasp of reality and sanity is tenous at best. As if the RLSV didn't have enough to work with to spread their just had to make it worse.

    Grow up, get a job, and move out of your mommies basement. Seriously.

  48. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

  49. Mister Jingles the Second,

    First of all, just because someone is famous doesn't mean that they are "legitimate" - my enemies are the ones who pretend they are perfect to the whole world while in reality care only about themselves and turn against people just because it's what seems like the popular thing to do at the time. That's why I always make sure people see my bad side first.

    Society loves to build people up just to break them down. I won't ever let that happen to me.

    The military does the opposite to people. To break people down and THEN build them up. This is how I prefer my interactions with people be first, both me to them and them to me. It just works better.

    None of that "first impression!" bullshit. That's "Image" - Image is fake. Image is a small part of a much larger picture, and then the rest is masked with room for filling in the blanks with mere assumptions.

    Look at some celebrities. Won't name names, but some of them who make the world think they are these great people and positive public images - you think they really care much about people? You try to talk to them they'll probably look at you like a weirdo.

    While others who get condemned by the media. You meet them in person and they actually turn out to be some of the coolest people you've ever met in your life.

    Maybe that's not how it always is, but you get the idea, and see how there's so many lies out there and people just believe everything they hear.

    Anyway, don't you dare fucking say stupid things to me dude. I'm allowed to say stupid things, because I'm the goddamn Tothian, and I destroy evil.

    The primary purpose of the RLSV Community existing, is to serve as play things for the great Master Legend and me. You are all puppets to us, you are our toys, our slaves. You all literally do EVERY SINGLE THING we want you to do. When we get bored and want you to bother us with stupid nonsense, you do just that. When we get annoyed and want you to leave us alone, ya'll do just that. We don't always say what we want, but we effectively use psychological warfare on you, and we usually win, because we have tiger blood and we're winning.

  50. Uhhhh... is sending nude pictures to underage girls part of the "breaking people down" or the "building them back up" part?

    The world needs to know.

    For posterity.

  51. Agent Beryllium,

    Wait you're underage? LOL WTF I thought you were like 40.

  52. Check your inbox and find out for yourself. (Wink)

  53. Damn. I've been busy the last few days. This is some ugly, uggggggly stuff. Anyone who reads this blog knows I rarely intervene in the comments- what it is, is what it is, I think- let people comment.

    But the insults here are off the chart. I deleted one comment from Tothian. New rule: no excessive commenting about your steel genitalia.

    I also took the rare step of locking this comment section down. Maybe I had a rough Monday, but this is just a depressing hate fest.

    For closing statement, I think I'll let Larry "Wild Man" Fischer describe this thread: