Friday, February 18, 2011

HERO PROFILE #63: Bar Harbor Batman

Operates out of: Bar Harbor, Maine

Secret identity: "Wayne Bruce"

Activities: Bar patrols, public appearances, sign campaigns

Quote: "I am the Bar Harbor Batman."

Author's note: A poll on this blog asked if Bar Harbor Batman would technically be considered a RLSH despite him not adopting an original persona. So why is he featured here even after "No" won the poll with 51%? Because the people of Bar Harbor weighed in and defended him. You can read more in the entry previous to this one.


  1. He may not BE Batman, and he may not be an original (non-licensed) personna, but he IS a RLSH because the people he serves consider him THEIR hero...If nothing else that makes him real.

  2. Whats this about an "original persona"? Spirit, Kick-Ass, and Fox all 'of Albany' are all considered RLSH while their gimmicks are all based on already established characters/people. Even 'Hellpool', who is way too obviously a knock off with his get-up, is in the "official" RLSH roster. This guy could just be wearing a Batman t-shirt, it's what he does that matters. To hell with the title of 'RLSH', his actions speak much louder than any associated term could be used to describe him.

  3. That's the point Malvado, the people he serves embrace him and his actions because he is helping them. Titles are just words... actions are what really matter regardless of what he chooses to call himself or what others decide to call him. This is why I tell people that along the lines of RLSH/costumed activists don't get hung up on what a person wears or titles attached to them . If the end result is assistance to those in need then they are moving in the right direction.
    Sidenote - I hope things are progressing well for you.

  4. Ashley Joseph, resident of Bar Harbor MaineJuly 11, 2011 at 7:49 AM

    The Bar Harbor Batman is an adored member of our society, he could have dressed in a leopard print catsuit and a mardi gras mask and we'd adore him the same. We're happy to have him in our little town. Most places couldn't get so lucky