Friday, February 18, 2011

The Dark Knight (Poll) Returns

Last week I wrote an entry on the Bar Harbor Batman, a man who dresses as the famous caped crusader, star of DC Comics and silver screen. The entry, and accompanying poll was meant to generate debate on whether the criteria for being a Real-Life Superhero (RLSH) included having an original persona, as most RLSHs do.

Commentary began with regular blog readers, but after a link was posted up by the Bar Harbor Times Soup and by the dark detective himself (on his Facebook)- the blog got a steady stream of comments from concerned citizens of Bar Harbor. I don't think some of these people are familiar with the greater Real Life Superhero movement, but they sensed their hero was under attack and came to his defense.

"I think he brings fun and joy to what can sometimes be a dreary town in the winter and gives the summer an extra pizazz." One commenter wrote, No harm in making people happy...he gives people a cheer. That's special."

Another said, "He's real life. He's a super hero in a time and place that needs him. And he's assailed by the non-believers who don't have anything to contribute to our community."

One commenter even suggested I move out of my mom's basement and "stfu" for allowing such a blasphemous blog entry exist! The votes for "Yes" continued, and so did the comments.

"If seeing BHBM walk down the street, wave to a child or pose for a photograph makes people smile, then doesn't that make the world a better place?" A commenter asked.

Another comment: "I believe he is the embodiment of positivity and (mostly) good morals, and gives without expecting to receive. What more could we expect in a RLSH?"

And for all of us that had a lonely Valentine's Day: "The only hug I received on Valentine's Day was from the BHBM, that makes him a Super Hero in my book. He makes us smile and promotes justice. What's not to like?"

Despite the positive upswing, a last minute push moved the "No" vote ahead.

Final results: Is the Bay Harbor Batman a RLSH? (109 votes total)

No, you need an original persona. 56 votes- 51%

Yes, he is. It doesn't matter what he wears. 33 votes- 30%
It doesn't matter. 11 votes- 10 %
I am the Bar Harbor Batman. Arrest me. 9 votes- 8%

Something is very clear, though- the people of Bar Harbor support their local Batman. And if he is a hero to them, then who are we to judge?


  1. "Something is very clear, though- the people of Bar Harbor support their local Batman. And if he is a hero to them, then who are we to judge?"

    This statement can be expanded not only to the Bay Harbor Batman but to alot of costumed activists/RLSH if you really think about it. What should matter is that there is someone out there helping, fighting apathy, and raising hope and awareness. The community obviously understands this and rallied to his defense. If the people which he selflessly takes time and effort to assist support him then I think that speaks volumes.

    Let the naysayers keep talking their smack and taking their shot but in the end I say only this...rock on Bay Harbor Batman!!! Keep up the good work.

    Thanks Tea. This was very cool.

  2. Wait... the BHBM is actually nine guys...?