Thursday, February 10, 2011

HERO PROFILE #61/62: Lunar Veil and Dark Wolf

Operates out of: Portland, OR

Group affiliation: Northwest Defenders

Places of origin: Dark Wolf: Howth, Fingal, Ireland (Republic of Ireland)
Lunar Veil: Palermo, Sicily, Italy (Italian Republic)

Shared interests
: Animal rights,environmental causes,crime fighting

Activities: Patrols, hand outs

Author's notes: This unique and adventurous couple currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where they have joined forces with other RLSH in the Pacific Northwest. Recent activities have included night patrols and trying to shut down a puppy mill.

Dark Wolf (on the right) with Prof. Midnight of Utah
Lunar Veil (on the left) with Zetaman, also of Portland


  1. Lunar Veil & Dark Wolf are two of my favorite people in this community. They're some of the coolest people (and everyone knows it) and they are badass as well.

  2. I consider Lunar and Dark my two primary contacts in the RLSH community. They are great people, and good friends.

  3. These two deranged People aren't what they seem. They are a bunch of manipulative weirdos.
    They are on the SuperVillain Hazing Project.

  4. Er... Hazing us Supervillains or pretending to be supervillains while hazing people? Because Skiffytown's already got the second one covered.

  5. The SuperVillain Hazing Project? What the hell is the Super Villain Hazing Project?

  6. I can't delete the Message because I removed My blog that I was using when I wrote that. So in other words, just don't pay attention to it.

    Thanks, Dr.Unknown?

    (I made ammends with DarkWolf, thus the explanation of this Post).