Friday, February 25, 2011


Phoenix Jones immortalized in a Wall Street Journal stipple style portrait

The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story on Real Life Superheroes, titled "Bam! Pow! Superhero Groups Clash in an Epic Battle of Good vs. Good," which focuses on Phoenix Jones and some of his conflict with other Real Life Superheroes.

Reporter Ashby Jones (no relation to Phoenix Jones) divides the superheroes into two groups- Phoenix Jones and his Rain City Superheroes and the already existing Real Life Superheroes.

Jones' reporting on the conflict (the "Battle of Seattle" as I call it) between the two groups is pretty accurate and I have to say that as a reporter, passing up such a strange story of conflict would be difficult.

A bone of contention, already being vocalized by the RLSH, is that both Jones and Jones state that they are the first and only practicing superhero that does crime fighting- the rest of the RLSH are portrayed as dudes wandering around with a bag filled with sandwiches.

In fact RLSH crime fighters can be found from Oakland, CA to New York City, and several places in between and beyond. They just don't have the hype Rain City does.

The article also offers one quote from yours truly:

"Mostly, they're relatively normal people trying to help out and have a little fun along the way," says Tea Krulos, a Milwaukee writer working on a book about them.

Yes, that's right--when the Wall Street Journal needs a quote, they turn to the least financially capable writer in the Midwest- ah, the sweet irony.

You can read the article and see accompanying video HERE.

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