Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was quite honored to be a "visiting professor" on the Superhero Academy blog talk radio show, hosted by Crossfire the Crusader. The show is recorded 5PM (CST) on Sundays and has a wide variety of guests from the world of Real Life Superheroes.

I got a chance to discuss Heroes in the Night with Crossfire and call in guests Captain Black, Knight Owl, and Silver Sentinel, who made my day by awarding me the Silver Sentinel Seal of Approval.

Thanks, guys!

You can listen to the episode and find more episodes archived here:

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  1. Thanks again for coming on the show. Your unique perspective only makes things that much clearer for many of us. You might think of yourself as an outsider looking in, but you are more of an insider who looks deeper in. You are as much a superhero as any of us and it was an honor to speak with you. Let me know when the book is ready to come out and we'll have you back on again.