Thursday, March 10, 2011


[Introducing: X-ALTS]

Operates out of: Unknown

Activities: Patrolling, crime fighting

Quote: "Then, one day, I’m talking to him on the phone and he says he’s not going to be Z anymore. He says the persona doesn’t fit him anymore. He has a new one. He’s not sure what’s going to happen to Z, maybe he’ll pass it on to someone else, but he’s moving on."

Author's notes: In yesterday's write up, "Introducing X-Alts," I explained how Z had adopted a new persona, Zero, and passed his old persona onto a new Z. This then is the profile for "Z-2."

RETCON: The original Z was profile as Hero Profile #30, which has been "retconned"- changed to reflect his new persona with his new name and an updated picture.


  1. I can tell this is just going to get more complicated. I just know it.