Monday, March 14, 2011


People magazine ran this photo of (L-R)Mutinous Angel, Motor-Mouth, and Hellpool in San Francisco across a two page spread in the magazine. Photo by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac*


"Peoples is peoples."--Pete, The Muppets Take Manhattan

This week's edition (cover dated March 21) of People features a three page spread on Real Life Superheroes titled "Superheroes Among Us." (page 92-94) The article gives a brief run down on what a RLSH is and features mini profiles (in a sidebar titled "The Superheroes Next Door") on Dark Guardian, Nyx, DC's Guardian, Motor-Mouth, Life, and Phantom Zero.

They also thrown in speculation from myself on the variety of people who make up the RLSH banner and a snappy quote for good measure- "They don't want to admit it, [but] it's fun to dress up." I guess I said.

The article isn't on People's site, but the article has been reassembled at HERE.

The article is very visually dynamic, no doubt about it- but I was kind of surprised at the brevity of the article. It was very short and kind of made me scratch my head- it took three writers months and months...for this?

Not that I'm complaining- it is what it is. Peoples is peoples.

TOMORROW AND WEDNESDAY: A firsthand account from Knight Owl on Seattle meet ups revolving around the recent Emerald City Comic Con.

*Fun fact: Pierre-Elie chose to take the photo at this particular spot in Chinatown because of the VW Bug in the background to the left. He said that he equates San Francisco with hippies driving VW Bugs in his mind.


  1. Hey Tea. Not read your blog for a while and I'm glad to see that you're starting to get the recognition that you deserve for documenting the RLSH movement. When can I get my hands on your book mate? :)

    Something that struck me about the story was one RLSH's comment about feeling so good about herself after helping people. Surely a superhero is completely altruistic and has no interest in his or her personal gratification from an heroic act. Any thoughts?

    Yours as always,

    Manchester, UK

  2. The writers of the People magazine article certainly made some interesting choices.

    Marc, for my two cents I don't even really believe in altruism.

  3. Three people wrote that article? It was so short I'm kind of surprised it listed writers at all- "by (publication name) staff" is usually how things that brief are credited.

    Hopefully book will be shaping up by summer!

    Anyway, I think Marc is referring to this quote:
    “I just feel like I’m walking no air after I’ve helped 30 people,” says Life.

    Superheroes are often portrayed as very stoic: "no need to thank me ma'am, just doing my duty." However, this is "real life" so I don't think it's bad to feel good after helping people...but there is a fine line between personal satisfaction and ego stroking. I'm not sure I know where that line is, so I offer other people to weigh in on this.

  4. What a curious way to ask the question. In any case...

    Ask a doctor how saving a persons life makes him feel.

    Ask a fireman how pulling a person out of a blazing inferno moments before the roof caves in on them feels.

    Ask a person who does non profit volunteer work at a shelter for the homeless or battered women feels when they help save someone from despair or abuse.

    Ask a US soldier how he feels when he helps bring freedom and security to those in dire need of it.

    I'd venture to say that they would say it makes them feel really good about themselves and what they have done. Surely we would not harbor any ill feelings towards such beneficial acts of charity and good will...

  5. Well said, Mister Jingles.

    Happy for and proud of you, Krulos. Keep up the nice work.

  6. Thank you Sarah. I'm just trying to show some positives when it comes to altruism.