Thursday, March 24, 2011


Operates out of: Madison, WI aka "Mad City"

Also known as
: Mad Man, The Madison Man in Black

Activities: Hand outs and assistance to the large groups of recent protesters in Madison,hand outs to homeless, calling in drunk and disorderliness, bicycle safety advocacy

Quote: "I am vocal in my politics, which I think any citizen with a brain should be at least a little. I may be described as Left, but I like to think I see both sides. Though most things I stand for are mainly supported by the Left. Those things are welfare, health care, the homeless and basic human rights."

Author's notes: My home, the great state of Wisconsin, has been the site of a political battle for over a month now. Newly elected Governor Scott Walker has been trying to pass a controversial budget bill that would take away collective bargaining rights for union workers. Lots of high political drama followed- the Senate Democrats fled the state rather than being forced to vote on the bill, and a court order has temporarily suspended the bill. Massive demonstrations with tens of thousands of protesters at the capitol building in Madison have been happening since mid February.

All of this has also influenced a "Madison Man in Black," Acme, to hit the streets and offer food and supplies to the masses.

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