Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heroes in the Night featured in the London Times...

...or simply The Times if you're in London. Yes, this is the grandaddy newspaper, rockin' the news since 1785. On Saturday, March 5, the paper ran a spread titled "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No...it's a vigilante in fancy dress outfit"--a pretty standard run down that briefly talks about Mr. Xtreme, Motor-Mouth, Crimson Fist, Razorhawk,Samaritan, and Phoenix Jones. The article also quotes and has portraits of RLSH by Peter Tangen. The article even manages to get a quote from Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, something Heroes in the Night hasn't managed to achieve despite a couple tries. He says:
“A lot of people disparage them, and say they don’t have all the furniture upstairs,” said Mr Sliwa. “But they want to be crime fighters. I encourage that.”

A sidebar titled "Best of British" also talks about The Statesman, who recently generated a flurry of British media attention. The sidebar also mentions myself and Heroes in the Night and my speculation that there are a few hundred RLSH worlwide including perhaps a dozen in the UK.

Unfortunately the article is available online only to Times subscribers. The only way I got to read it is because the reporter sent me a PDF of the page the article appeared on.

LONDON CALLING: As mentioned, the UK media is currently crazy for RLSH...I've been receiving e-mails and phone calls for a week straight from people looking to get the UK RLSH on news programs, in documentaries, etc. The Sun, which featured Heroes in the Night last week (HERE) also has been running short tabloid pieces on RLSHs almost daily.

Also, be sure to check back at the blog later in the week when we get the answer to the question...Who are the X-ALTS?

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  1. Who are the X-ALTS?

    ... My keyboard shortcut for ducking in Half-Life 2?