Thursday, July 8, 2010


Operates out of: Columbia, TN

Activities: Night patrols

Gear: Reportedly a screwdriver and wrenches, plastic fighting batons, shruiken (ninja throwing stars)

Quote:“I am just a guy trying to do what is right, in tights.”

Author's notes: Viper was featured in a couple of news reports after he ran into the Columbia Police Department, who made it clear they discouraged Viper's activities. They cited a local anti-mask law (Zack Snyder of Superhero Law talked about anti-mask laws in an interview on this blog HERE.)
From an article on the incident:

"Police determined (NAME DELETED) was not breaking any laws, other than a city ordinance that prohibits wearing a mask that obscures the face in public. He was advised of the ordinance and was not cited.

...detectives interviewed (NAME DELETED) and encouraged him to stop his patrols. Investigators are worried he could frighten the public or hurt himself or others."

You will note I deleted Viper's secret identity which this news article reveals. In my opinion it is dirty pool to reveal someone's identity if they want it to be secret (especially in a case like this- Viper was not charged with a crime)and I think it shows a weakness of integrity, which is why Heroes in the Night will never reveal anyone's secret identity.

A TV news story on the incident can be viewed HERE.


  1. God save us from spandex. Where is Z when you need him?

  2. I appreciate how you decided to leave his true name out of it. Though, Im sure his name is already out there enough... I hope hes not having a rought time with it.

  3. Thanks for helpin' keep the ol' identity secret, my man...I'd give you a high five, but we're not in the same room...or state for that matter.


    1. Hey viper i am currently located in memphis tn. I do a small patrol every now and then i am considering in forming a group of RLSH. If your interested email me at i dont know if i am moving to kentucky or not still undecided on that. But i think what you do is great! And if you still do patrols and want to help me out email me.

  4. Viper, do you like to wrestle? Always wanted to wrestle a superhero. Wanna wrestle?

  5. Hello, I'm a reporter in the Memphis area and I'm trying to get in touch with the Viper.
    my email is if anyone knows where I can find him.

  6. It's about time we had people who care.