Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tomorrow- Master Legend

The "Hero Profile" usually appears on Thursday but has been moved to tomorrow as part of the larger discussion about Master Legend. Please check back tomorrow.


  1. I've made a note to pop some popcorn.


  2. Knock it out of the ballpark tomorrow Tea Krulos!

    Master Legend is the "To Kill a Mockingbird" (ok, maybe the Boo Radley) of the RLSH storylines. Everything one has been able to find out, leads one to believe that "Master Legend is the Greatest of the RLSH". The other, lesser heroes try - but most are hindered by (comparitively)almost normal IQs, and virtually little or no insanity - and thus Master Legend is propelled to be their greatest member being so unhindered.

    Others may argue - they'll point to his hilarious dumbness. His staggering illiteracy. His misogyny - possibly stemming from his fear of women. His reported homophobia. His weird voice, and his futile efforts to conceal his male pattern baldness. But one celebrates all these qualities as those that make "Master Legend: Greatest RLSH" (Real Life Superheroes)!

    The heroes succeed with his antics, their fates entwined. But should he falter? Should he be found out as Not an gamboling mascot, but a dire danger? What then will be their entwined fate if "Master Legend: Greatest RLSH" should fail them?

    -Lord Malignance

    It's too easy to humble Master Legend. One may only have one ArchNemesis, and so Master Legend must sadly for him, remain an orphan. Keep seeking your redemption Master Legend! (and yes, one is hiding as one types this)