Thursday, July 1, 2010

HERO PROFILE #35: Mega-Rad

Operates out of: Monterey, CA

Transportation: powerbocks!

Other gear: PA system built into his belt, body armor

Activities: Patrols, stand up comedy, would like to do hand outs

Quote: "Is it legal to impersonate a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex in public?"

Author's notes: When I first saw Mega-Rad on forum, I was like ok- another newbie (there's a lot of them) I kept reading some of his posts and thought 'who the hell is this guy?!' He was powerbocking like a kangaroo through the streets of Monterey. He was contemplating using a flash mob as a crime fighting tool as well as a giant dinosaur costume!
Whether these methods are effective for crime fighting is an unknown, I would say- but I give Mega-Rad credit for thinking outside the box.


  1. My word, the boy is more machine than human! Surely the work of the devil!

  2. He has much red and black about him. Surely these too must be signs of influence from the devil.

  3. Hmm. Red and black. He has a cane. I wonder if he's really blind and has hightened senses like Daredevil?!?

  4. The red and black thing sort of came from my understanding that they're Loki's colors. Although in the interest of full disclosure, I did make a conscientious effort to sell my soul to the devil for standup comedy skills about two months ago. I think I still have the contract somewhere.

  5. Bah what kind of RLSH are you! Loki wears green and gold as he first appeared in Journey into Mystery back in the 1960's.

    Giant dinosaur costume indeed...

  6. What a waste of resources.

  7. Care to expand on that, Z? I'd be curious to hear it, particularly since you're at least quasi-legendary. (

    Also while I may be mistaken in some of my ideas -- I can't rule it out -- I actually do give quite a bit of thought about my equipment. None of it is *exclusively* for show.

    - Mega-Rad

  8. Damnit, and here I was thinking I was original by choosing to go on Powerbocks! Bah!