Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Say Something Nice Thread

"Hero Profile #38: Master Legend (and 3 part follow up)"- A write up in which I tried to give equal time to positive(over 50 percent, yet seemingly ignored) and negative views of Master Legend.

Results- 155 comments (and counting), anger, fear, loathing, shock, awe, some talk about Ghandi, archangels, the power of genitalia,Leviticus 11:9-12, the meaning of metavillainy, RLSH politics and policing, Goths, and general testimonial and criticism.

Additional results: Krulos conspiracy theories, "drama hangover."

"Many Heroes, Many Missions"- a column in which I point out, optimistically, the many approaches RLSH take to their missions.

Results- 0 comments.

Additional results: None.

Guys, if you think the presentation on Master Legend was unfair, if you think I am attacking the RLSH, if you think this was an attempt to "discredit" Master Legend, if you think I am in league with the "pack" of commentators on this blog- you are wrong.

I simply presented things I have heard over and over and over again. All of my sources were very open and viewable by the public. If you think this is unfair, just wait until some hack writer rolls through, armed with a machete and some random quotes and NO positive discretion.

I DO have a lot of respect for my subject matter, always. If I didn't I doubt I would have spent 2PM-4AM yesterday helping with two projects that will portray my local RLSH (and by extension the larger RLSH community) in a very positive spotlight (you can read more about this in my next post later today or tomorrow).

And now to the point- in the comments section below ONLY POSITIVE comments will be allowed. They can not be about yourself, they must be about a RLSH or RLSV other than yourself. It can be about anyone, but it must be a genuine positive comment.

Any questionable responses will be voted on by a panel consisting of me, my roommate, and her dog. Two nays and a woof and your negative comment is out on it's ass, Mac.


  1. Let me start by saying I spent a good part of the day yesterday with Watchman and Blackbird. I have met up with them many times. I appreciate the interest they've shown in making my neighborhood a safer place, and reception from most people they have met here has been positive.

  2. Zetaman is a nice fella with a big heart. I'm not really listening to the detractors about him right now because unlike a lot of them I was actually homeless for a while so I know how much it means to know someone is looking out for you when no one else is. From having to literally eat out of the trash to survive, I can tell you it means a lot when someone comes up and just gives you nice hot burger and asks for nothing.

    Zetaman is a-okay with me.

  3. Tea, what you are doing is awesome. I always look forward to your writings, even if I don't comment on them.

    Heroes, you make me think. Which is awesome.
    Villains, _you_ make me think. Which is awesome.

    A special salute goes out to Viper. Had he not been spotted by police and the news traveled 4500 miles I would not be here. I would not have had my moment of "WTF?!". I would still be doing what I do, planning more or less the same things for my life, but I would not have found all of you. And I would have been poorer for it. I may not dress in spandex, and probably never will, but our hearts beat for the same things, and our eyes are on the same horizon.

  4. I think the RLSH & villains are brave people regardless of their motives and actions. It takes a lot of courage to dress up and behave in a way viewed as "unconventional" by our society whose constant message is "sit down, shut up, smile and act 'normal'". It takes courage to speak up, stand up and do something, anything, when one witnesses an injustice being committed. Granted, they each have their own version of what an injustice is. Anyway, even if it means being judged or ridiculed, they still do their thing to the best of their capacities. The average American is more comfortable turning a blind eye to the happenings of the world and at least RLSH's are contributing to their communities and tapping into their own individual talents in a creative way.

  5. PS. Mr. Krulos...I know you're an ethical writer and you value and work toward upholding integrity in all that you write about. Keep up the good work!

  6. This is totally going to mess with The Overlord's street cred, but She is fascinated by most of the RLSH community. I will never knock someone for trying to help out Their community or do great things. I've never met any of them, so I can't single one out or offer up any sort of testimonial, but The Overlord has a lot of respect for a great majority of You.

    There is a high level of integrity in the way that Tea Krulos presents this subject, and I've learned a lot here.

  7. Krulos' work will be mentioned MANY times in this thread, but I want first bat at how many hours he's put into this.

    Namely: Lots.

    Heroes in the Night is just one more book for the modern eccentrics' library that would never come to pass if it wasn't for one author/blogger's tireless efforts.

    I applaud you, Tea.

  8. I applaud tea for the hard work he has done in accurately documenting the RLSH community and its various members. I feel that his willingness to show the critics as well as the protractors for the various heroes is just one more point in his favor. Too often people only focus on one side of an issue, while he was willing to look at what everyone had to say about one of our most controversial - yet very likeable if you actually get to know him - members.

    Keep up the good work - see ya on the high roads Tea!

  9. Silver Sentinel takes a pretty balanced approach too. I appreciate that.

    I also hear that he feels left out because none of the RLSV will arch him. I'd be more than happy to go back 20 years and ransom his favorite toy. Or maybe hit his ice cream out of his hand when he was 10 and yell "NEVER forget this!" before vanishing into thin air. I think he'd like that.

    ... Did I mention I like his beard?

  10. I like DC's Guardians Costume. It looks very nice and well assembled. Very classic and Golden Age. I am not sure that it breaths well as it looks like it is made of pleather.

    I wish The Patriot would give DC's Guardian his shield as he would would look better with it. I also wish DC's Guardian would get an animal side kick... preferably a falcon named "Freedom".

    I also like the pretty flowers image used for this blog post. I tried to smell them and the monitor shocked my nose....I do not like the pretty flowers anymore.

  11. Geist is an awesome RLSH. I've personally never heard or read anything bad about him. Of all the RLSHs I found online when I first realized I wasn't the only person crazy enough to do this, he is the one who has remained the most heroic and true to what I thought these people were or should be like. I was initially in awe of many of these people, and even after meeting him in person, Geist remains a personal hero to me.

  12. Tea Krulos,

    One will accept this Challenge! Too easy to say nice things for those almost worthy of ones favor. One will instead say a nice thing about;

    Master Legend! It can be done! And here it follows;

    "Master Legend is quixotic in his pertinacious rummage for his avocation to magnanimity."

    Even though he damned many people to hell in his final posts, one shows greatness and forgives him. Two, TWO nice things! About Master Legend!

    Yet, can even this feat be surpassed? Yes! For now one will say something nice about ones most hated ArchNemesis Phantom Zero!

    "Phantom Zero is remarkably difficult to eliminate."

    That's right, Out. Of. The. Ballpark!
    -Lord Malignance

  13. Very good responses. I thank people who said nice things about me, but that isn't why I created the thread. The things you say about each other are what interests me, but thanks for the kind words. I'd like to comment on all posters up until this point-

    Malvado SV- I think when you first stumbled across all this you just wanted to be a dick, but you've stopped and thought about it along the way and changed your mind on some things. I totally get that and I think evolving your opinions is a good thing.

    Rooster! I've just met Rooster recently. Based on our communication I think she is a highly skilled, highly intelligent woman. Of course I may be biased because I am 1/4 Swedish myself. Thank you for commenting, please feel free to do so in the future- and good luck with things in Sweden. (I'd also like to mention Rooster's English puts many American's English usage to shame.)

    Sarah- Very smart, zen woman. I have called her many times frantic, no idea what to do and she basically says "your lost glasses are sitting on top of your head" but in a cosmic sense.

    The Overlord- She brands herself as a villain, but anyone who thinks she is doing this beyond an artistic viewpoint is huffing glue. Sorry to be blunt, but it is an artistic expression not an actual comic book villain.

    Agent Beryllium- First of all, I met her in person and I would like to say her hair and skin tone is normal. Multitudes of criticisms stemming from a one inch by one inch profile picture are ridiculous. Our opinions aren't exactly conjoined twins, but I always at least consider what she says.

    Crossfire the Crusader is a very good sport and seems to strive for being fair. I admire that greatly.

    As Agent B brings up, I feel the same about Silver Sentinel. He is down to Earth and fair.

    Ha! That's about as fair as Poop Knife can be. I know readers who have crossed paths with him don't like him, but his name IS Poop Knife. I've talked to him a couple times and he's actually a rational guy.

    Watchman- good call. It was actually Watchman, Geist, and Razorhawk who first made me optimistic to the RLSH idea. Great guys, really illuminated the "normal guys doing good things except dressed as superheroes" for me.

    Lord Malignance-
    I must mention again (since she will be judging this thread) that my roommate is a fan of yours. Phantom Zero actually commented on a link to this thread on the Heroes in the Night Facebook page. Very good wordsmithing on this one, I am impressed.

    Thank you for responding, this has been a nice change of pace.

  14. This goes out to Steel Fist. Thanks a LOT for continuing while I work on my shop build. I thought I was alone in what I'm trying to do, but you keep making the grade.

    I know what else you're going through as well, and I pray for your well being. Hang in there, we're going to do this!


  15. Excellent. The Overlord is huffing glue, so She will follow Tea's example and say a few words about the posters that I have some knowledge of.

    My knowledge of Crossfire The Crusader and The Silver Sentinel is limited to a smattering of blog comments, but both seem very stand up. As stated before, I applaud anyone Who takes on a unique stance and makes an effort to get of out there and do something. I also like Crossfire's new visor picture, it looks like something off the cover of a Daft Punk album.

    I can also appreciate the shift in Malvado's opinions. I think the fact that He has stuck around after the fact, instead of disappearing after the change of heart says a lot. I also appreciate His eclectic taste in music, Easy Evil was a treat.

    I very much enjoy My interactions with Agent Beryllium, She's a self empowered metavillain with the balls to talk about the power of Her vagina. Being a Super Villain may have everything to do with third wave feminism. She can also dig up links like nobody's business.

    There aren't enough words to describe the respect I have for Lord Malignance. He has drive and imagination, and His posts crack The Overlord up. I look forward to celebrating this Malignopalooza (there will be crouching).

    Poop Knife. All I can say about is there is often some truth in all criticism, and I've seen the grain of truth in His. I've also taken to calling Myself the pink, fluffy, stuffed animal of Villainy. May as well embrace it.

    The Overlord would love to see this thread reach the 150+ mark, but even if it doesn't, one positive remark can outweigh ten negative comments, and this was a great idea.

  16. I'd like to take this chance to say how nice a guy Silver Sentinel is. He's always been good to me, taking the time to contact me privately, man to man, with no assumptions or bias.
    He's a stand-up guy and in the final battle, he shall be imprisoned in the Phantom Zone last, and with much regret.

  17. Mr. Jack, Silver Sentinel, and Minuteman are my best friends in this community (and coincidently my fellow global moderators at Their constant support and companionship has meant and continues to mean a great deal to me.

    Tea, you and Peter Tangen are (in my opinion) the two most vocal "civilian" supporters that the RLSH community has. You've both done and continue to do so much for us as whole, and we just can't thank either of you enough for it. I know that Peter probably won't see this, but thank you, Tea, for being such a strong supporter and friend. You're a good man, and I respect you for it.

    Master Legend, I applaud you both for your work with Team Justice and for being so patient and forgiving. I remember when I used to be apprehensive towards you, but as of now I have nothing untoward you at all. Keep up the good work, my friend.

    Oh, and all RLSV, current and former (i.e. Lord Malignance, Malvado, Poop Knife, The White Skull AKA Smeagol, Tiny Terror, etc.), are a-ok in my book. They're not nearly as mean or scary once you get to know them.

  18. I'd also like to make a shout out to Motor Mouth. Yeah, he's got some detractors, but who else has the BALLS to take on a riot?

    Stay safe, dude!


  19. I would like to say something nice about mmm, Lord Malignance. December - March, I didn't have a place to live - I was homeless. He gave mmm, me shelter, food, medical, the clothes I wore. Mmm more than that, he gave me work and paid me so that I could have my dignity. Yes, there was crouching. But I left the lair with mmm, money, and letters of recomendation. He made calls to get mmm, me a job. He didnt put on a cape and film himself doing it either. Hamburger? He kept that freak Bob around for 10 years. Never cried about the sacrifice of it, never freakng filmed himself buying grocries posting it in a web show. Bob calls him from, mmm the most dangerous city in Mexico. Lord Malignance drives down there to mmm, deliver his stupid rats. Just like that. No filming, no crying about it. Now he's clearing space for Madame X - she can't pay bills and will lose her apartment. He's going to make her crouch and do work for him, but otherwise, mmm free food and board. Medical if she needs it, and clothes, and sundries till she's back on her feet. He can't, mmm send any more money to Sword Kane. There's a limit. So he sends it to me, and I send it. Never a mention. Lord Malignance is worth about 100 heroes. He changes lives, and because of this, I will remain his, mmm Henchman.

    Ghost of Nixon,
    Henchman and Servant to my Lord Malignance

  20. Tea, I thought you did just fine. I've noticed a tendency to be defensive lately.. is everything okay? Are you getting negative emails or something? I know some people are uncomfortable with the level of attention rising in the community and that they are drawing back, but you shouldn't see that as any fault of your own. Some people are just shy, or uncertain is all.

    You command a great deal of respect in the community. You are truthful, up front, and sincere. You are ethical, open minded, and fair in your treatment of others. You've also earned yourself an honorary heroship of your own, as well as several Silver Seals of Approval. I think it's safe to say that you needn't worry about offending any of us just because you are reporting on something we may feel is uncomfortable. We know you're doing it to be complete, and honest in your reporting.

    And thank you for your respect. You have mine as well, good sir.

  21. Silver Sentinel is always a voice of reason. Thank you for the kind words, and the Silver Seals of Approval. I am ok- I just need to learn to step away from the internet sometimes instead of letting it drive me up a wall.

  22. Ghost of Nixon,
    You have overstepped your bounds. Again. Thank you though.

    A moment to recognize Villains, on this, the very first Malignopalooza;

    One can speak of Villains one doesn't work with too often enough, but will limit ones considerations to those Villains who have engaged in the previous review of the article on Master Legend. To wit;

    Agent Beryllium - One often speaks of her talent and ability, these making her a force to be respected and admired. Instead today one will recognize that she scraps in the deep end with the best. Not unnecessarily, but to purpose and with style. When there is a wrong (good) to be righted (punished by Evil) she will be there. It's a rare quality these days to know someone who will stand up and challenge what is wrong. She does, and one knows she will. And such a mind!

    Overlord - thank you for what you have said. Needless to say, the Megalomania has been insufferable to all within the orbit of Malignance today.

    In recognition of the Overlord, allow one to say that in posts past, we have seen Overlord demonstrate a unique trait not seen by either Villains or heroes. The quality of poise. With all the impotent weirdness directed at her, she chose the high road - to rise above and allow the Leader of the RLSH to be seen clearly. She has shown Effortless Leadership, a quality she will/is using to rule in her world.

    the Artist Formerly Known as White Skull -
    Fear him, Hate him, and Respect him, you always have to acknowledge his talent - on his terms. A clever turn of a phrase, or a spot-on ridicule of a point of weakness. He remains always - cunning.

    Virus - A skill Villains attempt to use with varied success (one is worst at this of all) is the Decisive Blow. Why say 100 words, when fewer, well chosen words, will suffice with Evil precision? Virus has this skill, and one recognizes it, and appreciates the talented craftmanship in which it is employed. One knows envy, but notes one is filling up a page speaking of it.

    Shh - don't tell anyone, but there ARE heroes one respects: Silver Sentinel - gracious and dedicated. Superhero - just about as real a Superhero as there could be. (The rest of you - c'mon! If one can outrun you with ones orangutaun gait, you need to start training harder).

    Come to think of it, an endorsement from Lord Malignance would be like a stigma upon you to your peers...hmmm.

    "Lord Malignance wishes Phantom Zero good luck in the Big Brother House this season".

    Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
    -Lord Malignance
    (Happy Malignopalooza Everyone!

  23. And Poop Knife! - Fear him, for he never sleeps, and pulls from his unknown resources, the darkest, most troublesome secrets. One notes the true fear that surrounds him, and the hushed whispers of his name. He remains a counterpoint to the Dramatic Flourishes of other Villains - a down to the bone Villain of guile and means.

    Any other Villains one has neglected to mention, one will only say: Malignopalooza has taken its toll tonight.

    -Lord Malignance

  24. Tea; As for not meaning for us to say nice things about _you_, but about other RLSH/Vs, I chime in with Silver Sentinel. After all, anthropologists should be careful not to get to close to the subjects of their study, lest they end up as one of them... ;)

  25. Tothian - You created Heroes Network as a networking tool for the RLSHs when it was badly needed. Regardless of what anyone may think of HN, it has introduced many of us to each other and provided some great information over time. I feel that had there been no HN, there would be no Great Lakes Heroes Guild and I may not have evolved into what I've become.

    Master Legend - You have succeeded in forming the first official RLSH non-profit organization. As someone who has looked seriously into gaining non-profit status, I know it is a great achievement, and Team Justice does some wonderful things.

    Blackbird - You and Tea always lift my spirits and remind me that I am no longer alone in my battle. You continue to impress me with your knowledge. I am happy to have you on my side and call you friend.

    Tea - You'll always be a superhero to me!

  26. Z, one of the greatest days in my future will be the one where we eventually meet. You are uncompromising in your beliefs, no matter what the opposition may be. There are times when I wish for your determination. There are other times when I feel it, and it spurs me into action.


  27. I just want to say some nice things across the board. I feel that Tea has been a fair presenter of both sides. He means now harm in what he types, but if he were to only say good things he would be biased.

    I have been lucky enough to be in the field with Tea, and see firsthand how much he wants to help out people. I was there with him at 10pm climbing down the bluffs of the Mississippi river looking for a missing college student.

    As for everyone else, I have a great deal of respect for those who do take the chance, who don't care what the world thinks of them, and does the RLSH thing cause they feel its the right thing to do.

    I could compliment the people I have respect for, but there are so many. I will say that people like Thanatos have inspired me with what he does for the people on the street, Geist is also an inspiration like that. To be honest I think I could say something nice about everyone who has posted here.

    So I'll just say, lets continue to do some good out there!