Monday, July 5, 2010


Things are a bit financially difficult for me lately. It started in May when I got fired from my corporate Snooze-a-palooza day job by a heartless, HAL like computer that had calculated I wasn't in "station time compliance." That's what happens when your corporate policy is written by vampire squids hiding in human bodies.

Oh well. Since then I've been working odd jobs in kitchens and such and cranking out a good deal of freelance writing for local papers and magazines. There's some stuff I need to buy and I figure the best way to do is to sell off my comic books.

Nothing incredibly rare or anything, but some good stuff all the same, some brand new titles and some issues from the 70's, 80's and 90's. A pretty wide range of DC, Marvel, and other. A lot of this was purchased in the last year and would say a lot of it was "research" for Heroes in the Night. I wanted to be familiar with as much comic book mythology as I could in case it came in handy, and at times it definitely did.

So, check it out if you're into comics. Here's the auction:
My ebay seller name is bigteamoney

p.s. Some of that other stuff is items I'm selling for my Ma and sister, so no "nice purse, Krulos" jokes ya turkeys!

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  1. Well... at least you are not selling T-shirts.