Sunday, July 11, 2010

Riverwest- July 9 Patrol

I arrived in Riverwest around the same time Watchman and Blackbird did- midnight. All three of us were working second shift and as I skated to my house from the bus stop on my longboard I wondered how many other people were finishing work and then suiting up for a night patrol.

Watchman and Blackbird moved ahead and met up with a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter (this is the second time he's been out with us) at one of our favorite congregation spots on Center Street- the dimly lit basketball courts in front of an elementary school. It provides some cover, yet a clear line of vision to Center Street.

The guys talked with the reporter for awhile, and then we hit Center, walking around a six or eight block radius checking out the bars and alleyways. Immediately into it we heard screaming and Watchman and Blackbird sprung into action, running into the alley to check it out. As it turns out, it was just some hollering in a local bar/hot dog joint/ karaoke place called House of Frank N Stein.

A lot of people were hanging around outside the bars everywhere. Wisconsin implemented a state wide smoking ban on July 5, so the smokers had to drag their butts outside and smoke in the hot summertime night.

In the alleyway next to Foundation (a spot checked on frequently because it's a good hiding place for muggers) we spotted a bachelor celebrating his last day of "freedom"- by puking his guts out into a garbage can. Fortunately, his group of buzzkilled friends- about five dudes- were standing by their man, looking at him and frowning as he violently wretched and did the technicolor yawn over and over into a wastebasket they had found somewhere.

Watchman said hi and asked what the situation was and they told him they were going to wait until the bachelor stopped filling the wastebasket with puke and then were going to get him to his hotel. Hopefully he got a chance to brush before kissing the bride.

Other than that, nothing eventful. The guys walked around and I walked with them or skated up ahead of them a block or two to see what was ahead. As usual, some people were excited to see the guys- "C'MERE, QUICK!" One dude yelled to his friends by the side of the house, hoping to share the sight with them. At 2AM, I split and Blackbird headed to Bay View. I'm not sure if Watchman joined Blackbird or headed home.

The next time we meet up will be for the Riverwest 24 bicycle race.

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