Thursday, September 2, 2010

HERO PROFILE #44: Hellpool

Photo by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

Operates out of
: the Bay Area of California

Formerly known as: Hellhound

Team Affiliation: Pacific Protectorate

Activities: Patrols, hand outs

Aesthetic influence
: Probably Deadpool

Quote: "Though new to the calling I vow to fight evil wherever it rears its head. I am a family man and want my future children to live in a safe world. So I am here to help the citizens of San Francisco by patrolling the streets to make a safer world for us all."

Author's notes: I haven't had contact with Hellpool, although I've been meaning to drop him a line, we're both Deadpool fans, after all. I thought it would be good to feature him today since it fits in with my last post (directly below) which is about his team, the Pacific Potectorate.


  1. Wait, did he seriously start calling himself 'Hellpool' when his costume is practically a rip-off of Deadpool? Glad to see creativity is still alive and well in the RLSH.

  2. Yeah, that kind of stuff is really Grodding on my nerves. How dare he!

  3. Oh how cute, at least I changed my name once I came up with an original one that fit me, ya know, instead of taking a barely original-sounding one and making it even LESS original. Also, be sure to make fun of my mask too while you're at it. Don't forget to mention that I chose to wear it because I don't have the disposable income for a spandex bodysuit.

  4. The Red is to hide the blood. His own.
    (One hopes not, but must snark as expected).

    Family man? Ones question to Deadmeat is this: What says the mother of your child(ren) of your risking home and safety of family?

    Strictly monetarily speaking. An injury as one might expect could reasonably occur (untoward altercation with an unsavoury individual) could put an undue financial strain on the family's ability meet the fiduciary needs of rent. San Francisco being a notoriously expensive place to live.

    Could not this same time spent wandering the lurid backalleys of the metropolis be better spent at home, teaching and raising his child(ren) to be the better people the world needs?

    Being a father doesn't come with a cape, and perhaps a consideration of motivations - "What is most important" should be considered. Is it the fun and adrenaline of patrolling he places at highest value, or the singular and fleeting childhood of his scion?

    Because one is Evil,
    -Lord Malignance

    1. i dont yet have children and upon having them will hang the cape as it were but untill then do wish to patrol.

  5. Doesn't pretending to be Deadpool have the opposite effect of encouraging the kiddies to stay in school and not do drugs and don't kill people for money? Not to mention the tendency for acquiring large amounts of plastic explosives, controlling friends who are weaker than himself with violence (including an old blind woman who he kept prisoner in a room full of torture devices when she displead him, suffering from Stockholm syndrome), stalking young girls (watching Banshee's daughter Siryn sleep at night and coaxing her into a relationship based on guilt), and habitually killing people for the fun of it (early in his run, still does it occasionally for kicks).

    He's an awesome character and fun to watch with a huge fanbase. Kind of like Hannibal Lecter. Awesome but inadvisable as a spokesperson for peace and justice.

    Sorry Hellpool, I don't say it lightly when I say that your costume concept is probably one of the worst ill-conceived I've seen, no matter how well sewn, and this is coming from a devoted Deadpool fan.

    But it could have been worse. He could be lugging around a giant hand made of stone and have sawed-off horns strapped to his head. (Note: I want to see a comic where Hellboy goes up against Master Legend. Holy crap that would be awesome.)

    You know that, if you threw in an oversized silver ankh and some 80s goth hair and you'd pretty much be raping every comic I ever loved.

    Between this and Malvado's post on Master Legend's mass slaughter of cats, I am all kinds of cranky.

  6. Beryllium,

    You are comics congnizant? - the community just experienced a shared faster heartbeat. Hb vs ML: $10 on finishing move "handpuppet". One isn't sure if ML has a history with cats, other than the corpse displayed in the video (it may have been a prop). The picture that is seeing distribution may be a product of photoshopping (Villainy has some pixel artists)? Your Arch mentioned he might look into it. One imagines this appears to have been what passes in Florida as "Brews and RLSH PSAs don't mix".

    -Lord Malignance

  7. Well, I like Hellpool's costume. It's distracting as all hell. As it should be. Also, it seems weird that people are talking down on it and at the same time sounding like they are only IN it for the tights. He said he'd fight evil when it rears its head. Give him a chance! (Plus Deadpool's own comic sucked. Like the character, hate the dialouge. Worse thing until Kevin Smith put words in Batman's mouth)

  8. So it was brought to my attention on Saturday by a fellow Californian RLSH that Hellpool, my former teammate, is city hopping (currently in San Diego). To give all of you fair warning, he is NOT to be trusted. He is wanted for a burglary case in San Francisco besides having a lengthy rap-sheet from Oregon to California (a journalist I know & trust investigated that via the SFPD). Again, he is nothing more then a con-man & is NOT to be trusted.

    If you want further info, please message me here and/or privately.

    -Motor Mouth

  9. your all just butthurt he thought of it first you guys arent that kool and ps your mom

  10. Few ppl take the time to realise that a HP didnt give himself a ripoff name Motor Mouth (aptly named for he constantly runs his neck) gave it to him as a joke and it stuck, and secondly that so called rap sheet is fiction. I personaly have known HP for years and can tell you its all bullshit. Now HP does owe Motors family some money borrowed that he hasnt had the ability to pay yet.He also owes me as well but has begun paying me back now that he is getting back on his feet. Hes a good kid and just wanted to help people. The reality of Motor is that any time another RLSH gets any fame he feels is his he tries to defame and slander them (case in point Mega Rad) this is not ok. I was approached by another suit once ( The Eye) because he was concerned that Motor may be well quite frankly crazy. This goes to show you not all Heroes are that. Any who look to badmouth another doing good obviously has a personal agenda. This is one girl you wont find doing this often. Dont put down others because of their suit designs and dont spread nasty rumors about people. Sin Cera Gypsy Rose.