Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heroes in the Night Proceeds to Benefit Meta House

Author's note: It has long been my goal to have some percentage of proceeds made on sales of Heroes in the Night (and related merchandise) go to a charity. At first I thought I might give funds to the Red Cross, but in keeping with the idea of making your own community a better place, I chose to work with a local family treatment program called Meta House. Meta House is located just blocks from my house and I am amazed at the incredible work they do. I got to meet with their staff in person and they gave me a tour of the facilities. And so I am proud to present the last page of my book:

A proceed of this book (and related merchandise) will be donated to Meta House, Inc an internationally- recognized drug and alcohol abuse family treatment program for women and their children, based in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee.
Their mission: “Meta House helps women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction reclaim their lives and rebuild their families. Its model program meets the unique needs of women and their children, ending the generational cycle of substance abuse.”

Knowing that the women served at Meta House want to be good mothers, in 1988 the Meta House facility became one of the first in the nation to include children in the residential treatment setting. By including children, Meta House is able to provide comprehensive services to counteract the affects of maternal substance use and to break the cycle of addiction.

Meta House services help women not only stop using alcohol and drugs, but it also assists them in tackling a host of other barriers such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness and/ or unsafe housing, parenting, poor physical health, mental health disorders, and past physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

You can find out more at Meta House’s website:


  1. BEANS!! I like it! I have checked out their website too and it sounds like a great place for the proceeds to go. I think it was very wise to try to affect change in your own community over giving towards the Red Cross.

  2. This is great, Tea!