Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bay Area RLSH Workshops

Pictured: Kingsnake(L) and Motor-Mouth conducting a self defense workshop

The North Cali Pacific Protectorate has been busy lately! The crew includes Motor-Mouth, Hellpool, Kingsnake, Mutinous Angel, Citizen Change, and Mega-Rad (and someone named Inferno Wolf, I think.)

Motor-Mouth, Hellpool, and Citizen Change stepped out to do some RLSH style crowd control during a recent riot in Oakland. When I heard about it, I called Motor-Mouth and got the story recorded first hand. It is a good story and one of the last things I'm doing for the book is transcribing it for a chapter titled "On the Street."

It is paraphrased in Motor-Mouth's profile that was posted yesterday on Peter Tangen's site HERE.

The RLSHs also appeared as guests on the Creepy Kofy Movie Time show, a regional late night B-horror show.

Their most recent event was a two day set of RLSH workshops, patrols, and handouts.
Besides midwest guest Overwatch, they were also joined by a group of college students, who were introduced to RLSH via Heroes in the Night.
Watching the workshop, L-R: Two fellows from the school documentary project, an unknown RLSH (possibly Overwatch?), Mega-Rad, and Hellpool.

I talked with two of the people involved with the project by e-mail. Joseph Lambert explained the project.

"We are doing a project for our school. Basically, we [my team and I] go to a Graphic Art college near Pixar Studio's in Emeryville. We are assigned to do a Documentary to see how well we work as a Team on a film project. There are the four of us; Emma, Derryl, Ray, and Myself. The project is due in about a week, we're running way behind, but we should be fine! One or two of the RLSH's requested that we blur out their faces, when seen unmasked. An easy task. We definitely want to respect their wishes, not only for the sake of respecting them as people, but also because they've helped us out a lot on this project."

I also asked Joseph about the experience over all.

"It was cool to see. Real people, doing this. They don't have to do it, but they do it because 1. They want to. 2. They believe in it. and 3. Because if they don't... who will?" Joseph says he has a RLSH name picked out- "Super-Guy" and that another one of the guys working on the project has thought about joining the RLSH ranks.
RLSHs on a handout mission after the workshops.

Emma DuPell
also is a member of the team working on the project and I asked what she thought of the experience.

"What I thought of the super heroes at first was 'Ok, they're regular human beings who get bored and patrol their areas, cool.' But as I got to know them more I learned they're not just regular human beings who dress up and patrol, they also help the homeless and keep an eye out for drunk partiers (not a word, I know) so that they go back to wherever safely. It really surprised me how dedicated and serious these guys were and I wish they were given more credit. Otherwise they were really nice guys, I loved talking their ears off and I would love to go out with them during another one of their patrols."


  1. Tea Krulos,

    Now this is intriguing. Oakland is not a soft city, and people in masks would not be something obviously welcome. A riot, you say? One would like to see some fact checking on claims made. A city of opposite confluences: The well-off children of the suburbs who visit, and the evolved criminal element which can manifest itself very potently.

    Ones interest is piqued. There must be more!

    -Lord Malignance

  2. In the second photo from Left to right is Raymond Yee, Joey Lambert, Overwatch, Mega-Rad, and Hellpool.

  3. Sheesh, Tea... do you know *everything?*

    Lord Malignance, yeah, they went for real, but there's no possible way to fact check it.

  4. Boa sorte em suas atividades amigos... tdb