Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Illustration by David Beyer, Jr.


This Friday, April 29, will be a monumental day for local artists and real life superheroes alike. Motionary Comics 2.0 is set to roll. We have a huge crew of painters, wranglers, choreographers, actors, writers, photographers, directors, and lots of helpful people ready to roll and create a giant, wall sized comic mural.

You can get a good run down of the participating artists in a rundown HERE.

The giant six page comic is written by yours truly, Tea Krulos, and will star Milwaukee RLSHs The Watchman and Blackbird. Not only will those two be there, but so will fellow RLSHs Geist of Rochester, MN, Electron, of Madison, WI, as well. There is also speculation that Citizen and Abyss of Chicago and newbie heroes Shade and Crimson Crusader will also be there! That is up to 8 heroes- quite a line up!

Also present will be Matthew Pniewski and his crew, who are working on a documentary about Midwest RLSHs titled More Than Just a Mask.

In writing this comic, I've been using the Marvel style, which Stan Lee describes as a process in which he gave the artists the idea of the storyline, and after they drew it he rolled with the mood of the art and wrote the captions and dialog. The seed of the idea of the storyline actually comes from The Watchman and Blackbird. They were walking through the woods to drop some supplies off at a homeless camp, when they heard eerie noises in the distance. Blackbird remarked that "it sounded like a werewolf."

With the assembled heroes present, we hear that we might be hearing from the comic's supervillain as well, the evil Dr. Lupus, who created his army, Team Werewolf, in his labs high atop Mount Lupus. Hopefully there won't be too much trouble.

In reflecting the charitable nature of the RLSH, we decided we should raise funds for a charity at the event. Producer Kurt Hartwig has a connection to United Way, so we decided to go with that. Chang Beer generously stepped in as a sponsor and will be donating a dollar from each beer sale to the cause (and we're told they are sending their own Chang Beer superheroines!) We are also doing a silent auction to raise money (got something to donate?)

Also, I'm looking forward to the last method we have to raise funds- the ending of the comic story. The audience will be able to vote on the end of the story by putting money into either Jar A or Jar B to vote on the "smiley face emoticon" ending or the "nuclear apocalypse" ending. I got this idea directly from the Batman A Death in the Family storyline, in which DC Comics had readers vote on whether the Jason Todd Robin should be killed off by calling a hotline.

Now some of you readers who aren't from Milwaukee might be like, yeah, yeah, superheroes, werewolves, raising money for United Way- that's all great but I'm (somewhere else). Well, I'm glad to say the whole thing will be streaming live on the internet all evening, so you can take a peek at what is going on and how the comic is progressing. The camera will be running about 6PM--? CST here:

More media on this event should be appearing on this over the week, updates will be posted on this blog as they arrive.



The New York Initiative released a press release that described their Craigslist campaign to reach potential victims of a serial killer called the Long Island Killer. Heroes in the Night first reported on this HERE and since then the story has been picked up by the Village Voice (HERE) and the Daily Mail, which is a British newspaper (HERE)as well as other websites and blogs.

The NYI has a Facebook page HERE where you can find more info and pictures of the group. Updates on the group's efforts will be posted here in the future.


In Seattle, Rain City Superhero Movement members Phoenix Jones and Pitch Black made the news again by apparently capturing a heroin dealer, according to a report by Seattle Crime.com. The report says Pitch Black, who was undercover, was approached by the dealer. He and Phoenix Jones detained the man until police arrived and booked the man with a drug charge. Stay tuned- I'm being told there is possibly video of this. Full story HERE.


Mr. Xtreme and Urban Avenger of the Xtreme Justice League, gathered attention in January for handing out flyers and patrolling to try to help nab the Chula Vista Groper, a molester terrorizing women of the Chula Vista area.(which I blogged about HERE) Deputy Mayor Rudy Ramirez has invited the duo to speak at a May 2 "Public Office Hours" in the Chula Vista City Hall. Joining the heroes will be the Deputy Mayor, the Chula Vista Police Department, and a martial arts instructor. Full press release HERE.


  1. InconvenientSquirrelApril 27, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    The XJL actually didn't really accomplish much in the way of catching the groper. They got on the news for it though. Neato!
    In the end, the groper gave himself away by biting someone on the butt.
    And has anyone looked at Urban Avenger's Twitter account? He appears to be all about "the ladies" and beer, as well as using his RLSH persona to gain the attention of women who would otherwise totally ignore him. Part of the reason much of his patrolling is near bars and clubs. Once he gets the number of a cute girl, he reveals his civilian identity so he can try to hook up with her. Key word being "try". Hardly heroic behavior.

  2. They look kinda more like werewolf zombies to me. I hope the heroes are able to cure those poor souls and return them to normal after the full moon or what ever stops all that madness!

    And some of the proceeds are going to charity? Hrmm almost bested me RLSH.... almost.

    I would recommend changing the name of your villain from Dr. Lupus to something that is not representing an autoimmune disease that many people suffer from. You could try to donate money to many Lupus research centers but they may not be down with some old dude with an army of werewolf zombies who is "evil". This is part of the marketing that involves the "Real Life" aspect of the sub-culture.


  3. Lupus is latin for wolf, which is the context of the namesake. Sometimes words have more than one meaning which is why you have to read into the context of how it being used.

    When I say you guys are a bunch of cocks, for example, of course I mean roosters.

    Dr. Lupus and Team werewolf have no affiliation with this or any charity and do not condone charitable acts.

  4. Ah curses foiled... or should I say Tea Bagged! (oh yes I have been holding on to that little gem for months).

    Does Dr. Lupus offer a denial plan... or does that involve becoming a Werewolf zombie?

    Can get the Hostess Pie marketing, but I would still keep it simple.. "evil scientist" or "mad doctor". The villain is the lesser character it is the heroes that should be highlighted... unless there is such a thing as a Real Life Super Villain?