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In December a story slowly started to unravel after four body remains were found hidden in the woods near the beaches of Long Island. The discovery of more remains (up to nine total), some identified as prostitutes, led to a gruesome reality- a serial killer, commonly known as the Long Island Killer is at large and murdering prostitutes.

The New York Initiative is a group that focuses on crime fighting and community outreach and I've been following what they've been up to for some time. I wrote an article on the group in July 2010 and wrote a brief update on the group in an entry last month (HERE).

In reaction to the Long Island Killer, the NYI posted a message on Craigslist (the same channel the killer found his victims on) addressed to prostitutes, offering protection and safety techniques. The original, unedited message follows...

To all Ladies: Free Protection and Safety System, (Long Island Killer) - m4w - 29 (NYC)
Date: 2011-04-16, 3:48PM EDT

Hello, pretty lady!

I’m writing you on behalf of a group called the New York Initiative (We are not affiliated with law enforcement), and with the hopes that I’ve created a system that will help keep you safe when you go on dates! You can find our facebook page through Google, as well as Google us with the words New York Press or Superheroes Documentary 2011 to find out what we’re about (Craigslist doesn't allow me to post our URL)…yes, we look a little funny, but believe me when I say that we are all quite competent and capable of doing the things we say.

So with that out of the way, let me just get down to business… The Long Island Killer is out there. He’s a scary bastard, and it’s starting to seem like he is focusing on you pretty ladies because some people are slower to report you missing, and also because apparently the law doesn’t respect your personal choices and that means cops are slower to follow through when it comes to you. Well, I’m here to say FUCK THAT. We respect you as human beings, we believe in personal freedoms and think that you’re doing something that is absolutely your choice to do.

So rock on, ladies…We are on your side. With that said, we are here to help.

In lieu of this, I have devised two systems that will keep you safe… both law-enforcement free, but one meant specifically for you to do on your own, with a friend, and the other which offers our very distinct and unusual services (free of charge, of course).

OPTION 1: Whenever you have a date, make sure a friend knows the address you’re going. Have them write it down in a book made specifically for this purpose, with the times and dates included. If you can, when on the date, text your friend with the address you are at or the general area in case your date takes you somewhere else than he had earlier specified , and let your date know that a friend knows exactly where you’ll be if he starts to get “funny”.
Give your friend hourly updates on your location so if anything goes wrong, they can send someone to help you faster. We realize that this could alter the mood of your date, but in these crazy times, a pretty lady that’s ready is a pretty lady that’s alive. If your date watches the news at all, he will understand. Be wary if he doesn’t.

OPTION 2.If you absolutely don’t have a friend to help you with this, you may use the services of the New York Initiative as your personal log book, as well as your rescue team in the event of an emergency. If you choose to do this, we will provide you with a number to call and a few one-number or one word codes you can say or text to us so that we can contact someone to assist you with a possibly violent date. Another idea is keeping us on speed dial, and if things get weird just call us and let the line open. We’ll know what’s going on immediately.

We also have other techniques which we can explain to you after confirmation via phone.

We will react quickly and without hesitation every time, using our considerable contacts to the full extent of their reach.

We also want to extend to you our services as the NYI: Namely, practical martial arts training free of charge, as well as improvised weapons training free of charge (i.e. pens, phones, keys)…Add to this basic to advanced survival skills, or pretty much anything else you want to know about that will keep you safe out there.

We care about you. We want you alive, in this world, just like everyone else. Because you’re a human being, and you are deserving of love. The NYI loves you, and we’re here to bust the asses of any asshole trying to hurt you.

This is just one of the ways we can get the Long Island Killer off the streets, as well as make what you do safer.

Let me say one more time that we won’t involve law enforcement unless you are in serious danger. The logs will be kept personal and private, because what do the police need to know about your personal life, right? It’s just a date, for cryin’ out loud.

Be safe out there, whatever you choose. You are no longer alone.

-Zero and the New York Initiative

P.S. If you have any other ideas that we can help with to keep you safe out there, don’t be afraid to ask!


  1. Way to go NYI! I'm generally pretty skeptical of the RLSH movement (mostly for political and social welfare reasons), but this is pretty fantastic. As a fellow citizen, please accept my thanks, NYI (and Tea, as well, for sharing this).

  2. I applaud the effort and hope it works out well if you guys are needed.

    The guy you are dealing with is smart. most likely he will notice the strange behavior in cellphone use of his soon to be victim?

    I wouldn't want to think about what would happen if the lady hasn't got a change to use the phone because she is overwhelmed by him.

    How would you feel if you were the one that was assigned to protect her?

  3. Craigslist will only allow me to post this once... I had originally intended to post it twice a day. I am going to need some outside help on this one... Post this everywhere you can, eventually it will reach New York media! We need to create a longterm solution to the dangers of criminalization of these services!

    We can stand around and complain that it's illegal and immoral all day, it still doesn't change the fact that people are regularly murdering prostitutes and getting away with it due to having no standard activity log... Legalize it and more people will survive!

  4. "I wouldn't want to think about what would happen if the lady hasn't got a change to use the phone because she is overwhelmed by him."

    The killer is going to overwhelm them anyways, at least this way someone will know about it.

  5. IM thinking if even ONE life is saved as a result of this then they have done a great service to the universe...If more than one life is saved that is even greater...If the killer is caught as a result of this, then the NYI will have done such an act of greatness that the awesome dripping off them will cause other criminals to drop to their knees and beg forgiveness at the thought of it...Maybe thats a little melodramatic, but with this message, they are in fact beginning the process of taking away this killers preferred hunting ground and making it their own...with his sorry behind as thier prey...Look out slimeball the NYI is on safari and they already have a place on the wall for your head to hang!

  6. As much as I would like for these ladies to find a better, safer profession it is ultimately up to them to make that choice. In the meantime I am glad that these guys are stepping forward and providing some sense of security and safety. Hopefully they catch the person doing this and lock him up for a very long time. As long as they function within the boundaries of the law and make their efforts known to local law enforcement and city officials I see no reason why they should not go forward with their plan of action.

  7. A very good initiative, NYI. A possible other and in my eyes safer way to have some more control over the situation is placing a GPS tracker in the clothes of the lady (she can do that herself if she wishes, lol) and follow the car 3 blocks away (GPS can be tracked on a website which you can observe through cell-phone with internet capability).

    You are then only a few blocks away in case of an emergency.

    An actual GPS tracker and locator cost about 700 US Dollars but there is another way.

    use GPSGate, it a free software tool which uses the gps function of a cell-phone and shows it on a map on an internet page (that you only can enter).

    Best thing of this, it's totally FREE!

    Good luck NYI,

    Iron Lamb

  8. This is impressive, and the first tip is just sound advice period. No one should be written off because of their choices in life, no matter how unwise those choices may be.

    There is, however, a great deal of self worth that goes into keeping yourself safe. I worry that a woman putting herself in these situations will not value herself enough to take basic precautions. Kudos to the NYI for making her stop and think, and for offering protection.

  9. hit the guys rock. good job!!