Tuesday, May 10, 2011



I think The Watchman has a pretty decent sense of humor about what he does and has been a good sport about participating in appearances- he agreed to be one of the hosts (along with Blackbird) for a bonus checkpoint at the Riverwest 24 bicycle race last summer, for example. And of course he and other RLSHs made an appearance at Motionary Comics 2.0 this month. It was at that event that The Watchman met the creators of Half in the Bag, a unique internet movie review show that combines comedy with frank film criticism.

For this week's episode, the hosts discuss the new Rainn Wilson film Super. The Watchman dramatically enters the show around the 16 minute mark, is interviewed and becomes part of the sketch.

You can see the show here:



  1. It always make me chuckle when RLSH get their panties in a bunch over movies that feature people suiting up and doing violent, unmoral things. It takes a real ego-driven person to have that kind of viewpoint, that everything pertaining to their life-style is supposedly about them personally. That's not ALL capes, of course. Some of them found this movie as funny as I did.

    About the movie itself, though... I have been a huge fan of director James Gunn ever 'Tromeo and Julliet', where he got his start as a writer for Troma Studios, my personal favorite inde label and a company that was a huge part of my childhood. With his experience in working with the likes of Lloyd Kaufman and other Tromites, James has developed a dark sense of humor that comes out into his films as the embodiment of human behavior and emotion through the eyes of pure unrelenting brutal honesty turned on its ear. His other directorial debuts include 'Slither' (a monster movie with the underlying message of love and compassion in the worst of situations) and the 'Dawn of The Dead' remake (in which we look at what happens when being humane becomes optional). 'Super' is a fantastic film, but is no expectation to James' dark story telling as we see the film morally, logically, and emotionally from the perspective of the main character, whom in himself is not exactly right in the head.

    A fantastic film I suggest everyone see at least once for the experience. :D