Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HERO PROFILE #71: Short Cut

Operates out of: NYC

Group affiliation
: New York Initiative

: patrols

: First aid kit, flashlight, longboard

Quote: "Well, I've always been quick to help people in need, and I'm trained in all kinds of stuff. Growing up I always thought "normal sports" were boring. I was into martial arts, snowboarding, mountain climbing, skateboarding, swimming, and such. I also used to act in short action films."

"In 2005 I tried doing this alone in Philadelphia, but I was hiding in the shadows with swords back then. Very stupid. I only went out a hand full of times before I decided to move to NJ. In January of 2010 I saw Dark Guardian on G4 while I was in Boston on business. I kept track of the community for about a year before I made contact. I met up with the NYI one weekend in February, then not long after, I left my life in NJ behind and moved to NYC."

Author's notes: The NYI has been rolling strong lately, so I wanted to profile another one of their members--Short Cut--you can see him and Zero longboarding as "speed scouts" in this video shot by fellow member Samaritan:

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