Friday, April 27, 2012



According to a report by the Flint Journal, Real Life Super Hero and Michigan Protectors member Bee Sting was added to the list of the  AWM ("Arrested While Masked") members of the RLSH (see entry previous to this for more examples over the last year).

Writer Roberto Acosta reports that Bee Sting was arrested early Thursday morning after getting into a skirmish and firing a shotgun. The incident occurred at the Twin Meadows Mobile Home Park in Burton, Michigan, a suburb of Flint. Acosta reports:

Lt. Michael Odette said Bee Sting is part of the Protectors group, which label themselves online as "a group of costumed activists," but owner Bruce Stein denies giving the group permission to act as security at the park off Fenton Road.

Around 12:07 a.m. Thursday, a 38-year-old man was riding into the park with his girlfriend when the pair were approached by Bee Sting because of the volume of the motorcycle.

"Bee Sting approaches the man about how he was driving his motorcycle too loud," said Odette. 
The costumed man was equipped with a tactical belt, pepper spray, scissors and handcuffs, and wearing a bullet-proof vest, black leather jacket with a bee logo, shin guards, knee pads, black leather gloves and carrying a shotgun. 
A verbal confrontation ensued between the men, Odette said, when "It escalates and the suspect, Mr. Bee Sting, according to our victim points a gun at him."
The victim was able to grab the barrel of the shotgun and point it in an opposite direction, Odette said. One shot was fired and struck a nearby vacant trailer, and police arrived as the men were fighting.
Bee Sting's last Facebook status update, posted before going on patrol reads, "Time to roll. Everyone BEE safe." He also posted a couple of photos showing off an arm gauntlet designed to hold shotgun shells.

"I love the smell of new gear in the morning," reads his caption to the photo below. "There's a zipper compartment as well. Buck shot on the outside, all-purpose on the inside."

Heroes in the Night will follow any updates. The case of the George Zimmerman (a self appointed neighborhood watchdog) shooting of Trayvon Martin (an unarmed youth) has been a firestorm in the media for weeks. It'll be interesting to see public reaction to the case of the shotgun toting superhero.


  1. NEVER brandish a weapon unless you have met ( ideally EXCEEDED ) local & state law requirements for doing so. Not being insensitive to Bee Sting, just being real.

    Private citizens rarely get the benefit of the doubt after something happens- especially ones with superhero names and costumes!

    Let's wait and see how this evolves but either we play by the rules better than everyone else or we suffer the consequences!

  2. Dear gods, being a rlsh is not a licence to be a dickhead. YOU HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN THEM.

    Bee Sting is NOT a rlsh, he's a bellend who should be disavowed by the rest of the community.

    NO excuse at all for even carrying a shotgun.

    He's dangerous and pathetic.

  3. Lead, you are pathetic. Better he be dead and unarmed then to try to defend himself? He has children and a fiancee to think of. I knew all along that this little "brotherhood" of heroes were all about attention whoring, and the way you guys turned on him based upon what the media prove me right.

  4. Point: He advertised his viewpoints in many places, as well as his methods, weapons, and intent. He's not a "lone" exception. He's listed as both RLSH and Extreme Altruist ("X-Alt"), proudly under their banner.

    He's the product of their culture, a direct output of their thinking, their encouragement, and their shared instructions, plans, and motivations.

    It's not an indictment of Bee Sting that should be our concern. It's an indictment of the superhero culture of violence, ego, paranoia, and terror, that we should be most concerned about.

    -Lord Malignance

  5. Eh... I just feel proud of myself for understanding what a "bellend" is.

  6. Bee Sting carrying a shotgun while on patrol was rather questionable, at least if he's concerned about his secret identity. Because if he is, then he should know that if he kills somebody with that thing, he'd have to take off his mask in a court of law to explain himself.

    But while Bee Sting was undoubtedly quite foolish in his misuse of a shotgun, I for one don't think that it disqualifies him from being an RLSH. He may be an RLSH that made a bad decision, but he's still an RLSH.

  7. But I also think that a full assessment of the situation should be made before judgement is passed. It should be known exactly what Bee Sting was thinking at that moment, and what the guy on the motorcycle said to him.

    Innocent until proven guilty, right?

  8. Bee Sting should have known better than to carry a SHOTGUN with him in the first place!