Thursday, April 19, 2012

HERO PROFILE #91: Vampireto!

Operates out of: Undisclosed location in Mexico

Activities: Agriculture instruction and advocacy

Quote: "My main purpose or area of work is to teach people from rural areas how to better grow their food and improve their lives.Instead of giving the homeless food that they ´ll finish in half an hour and then need more, it's better to teach them how to make their own food."

Author's notes: Inspired by his love of superheroes and Dia de los Muertos, Vampireto! adopted his vampire bat theme after he found out about the RLSH and decided to use his training in agriculture to help others.

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  1. hey, that looks great1 haha im very happy to see this. but its my training in "agronomy" to be more precise, still its great to be another hero in the night.