Thursday, April 26, 2012

HERO PROFILE #92: Red Light

Operates out of: Washington, DC

Activities: Patrols, charity work

Quote: "I mostly break up bar fights, call in drunk drivers and suspicious the car that likes to camp out the ATM late at night. That sort of thing. I've always done volunteer work and charity stuff. Helped out the bouncers at the many bars I've worked at. They used to let me handle kicking people out because I'd have them out the front door before they knew what happened. I was just good at talking them down."

 Author's notes: Today's profile is on the ginger haired ninja of DC, the witty and kind-hearted Red Light. This modest woman gets mistaken for a Canadian due to her love of hockey and is an insomniac. She has a job in security and applies those skills to her patrols. "It wasn't a far stretch to take what I'd learned over the years and apply it to the street," she tells me.

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