Monday, May 24, 2010

GANT GOES LIVE and other news

After a long battle with the evil villain Javascript, our friend Amber Gant has her first artwork for her RLSH Comic on her website,, displaying the cover of issue one. She says she is now ready to move things into high gear and will be updating the site on Mondays AND Thursdays. Holy Moses, Amber, that's a lot of comic-ing!

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Continuing my alliance with the Forces of Geek, my second column for them is now posted
It is a quick, simple run down on some RLSH teams out there, with lots of links, so hopefully people take a deeper look.

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Continuing with the 20/20 updates, we are hearing that the segment will be shorter than first anticipated. However 20/20 is planning to offer extra content on their website including longer interviews and some photographs from Peter Tangen's Real Life Super Hero Project to accompany their short segment that airs on June 1st.

You should be able to see some of this material on ABC's website a week from today, Monday May 31 at


  1. Even though I do congratulate this girl for expressing her creativity I do have to be in doubt of how true this will be to the reality of the RLSH. Comic books are usually extravagant and imaginative while the majority of the work the RLSH can accomplish is pretty much just walking around, reporting suspicions and doing charity work.

    Still, I wish her the best of wishes and luck with this comic and hope it becomes successful.

  2. Well, you're right in that it is a dramatic interpretation- I mean a comic where the characters spend six issues handing out socks and granola bars isn't really compelling for the medium.

    That said (and having had a chance to read the script) I think she does a great job making the story dramatic but within the realm of reality.

    When I first heard about it, I was like "oh no- it's going to be some RLSH beating the crap out of a bunch crooks and swinging around on a grappling hook." I was pleasantly surprised at her well thought out storyline.

    And she even has a good RLSV character in there, too!

  3. Oh mercy... I can't wait to see how 'we' are represented.

  4. It's good to see the RLSH movement growing and expanding as it has recently. And to think that not long ago some people were declaring that the movie Kick Ass would be the harbinger of the demise of the movement. Nice to see that was not the case Tea. I look forward to seeing what Amber Giant will come up with. Thanks for informing us of this.

  5. I'm actually really relieved to hear people are still groaning, because I love to surprise people. :) As far as extravagant action and glorification, I think you'll like the first few pages, Malvado. And don't worry, I did a lot of research on the RLSV and I think I the three types pretty damn well. You'll see. If you do have any concerns, I'd love to talk to you to hammer out any misconceptions I still have. That goes for anyone. Until then, Stay classy, folk, and thanks so much for all the support. :)

  6. Amber- I see you got the first page of the comic posted today.
    Lookin' good!