Thursday, May 27, 2010

HERO PROFILE #28: Entomo, the Insect Man

Operates out of: Naples, Italy

Catchphrase: "I Inject Justice!"

: Patrols, detective work

Abilities: Entomo claims to have "paranormal faculties," among these the ability known as "the Parallelogram" which allows helps him in "elaborating a specific psychological/ physical profile only based on tiny, almost insignificant details."

Quote: “As you must already know, I live and operate in one of the most difficult cities ever built on Earth: Naples. We’re plagued by pollution, criminality, and corruption among politicians.Overall speaking, I must confess ignorance rules upon most people. This is not a fertile terrain for a man to grow up, dress the way I do, and watch upon the town.”


  1. Keep your 'justice injector' far away from me and we'll be just fine, bugman.

  2. Appreciation for the wonderful diversity of cultures!

    Entomo has a difficult job as in addition to his other work pressures (and the paranormal), he must also work w/the approval of the Camorra, which is one of the oldest and largest criminal organizations in Italy. If he did not have their tacit approval, there would be no Entomo. Or he's unknown to them, operating below the lowest levels of street crime?

    Like much of Italy, everybody works for or with la Cosa Nostra.

    Not criticizing - just acknowledging a country with a proud history, magnificent culture, and very evolved Villainous organizations.

    -Lord Malignance
    Didn't the Vatican denounce practitioners of the "Parallelogram" as dabblers in the Dark Arts? Like the Oija board - that kind of stuff?

  3. Interesting. In an alternate reality Entomo was bitten by radioactive Locusts, and became a humanoid swarm supervillain. He had a similar catchphrase: "I Infest with Injustice!"

  4. Entomo is the driving force of the european RLSH:s. Way to go Entomo!