Saturday, May 1, 2010


"We got the right stuff baby, uh HUH!"

Today Florida based super league Team Justice, who became a non-profit group earlier in the year, threw their helmets into the ring for the Pepsi Refresh Project today. The project awards funding in a monthly competition.
The project website states:
"We're looking for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact. Look around your community and think about how you want to change it."

Team Justice is in the running for $50,000. They say, "Every penny will go to provide food,clothing, & first aid supplies."

Team Justice is currently ranked at 141 (as of today, 7PM CST) and will need to get into the top 10 to receive the funds. Voting continues until the end of the month.

You can visit the page and vote here:


  1. This is a chance for all of us the be heroes every day by voting for Team Justice's ReFresh proposal! Let's all get behind this in May and in the coming months with future proposals from other heroes!

  2. How about voting for an applicant who, you know, actually has their shit together? ML needs major psychiatric help. There's lots of Pepsi Refresh projects that are run by people who don't believe in using voodoo magic to hurt people. Vote for those guys.

  3. I am currently putting together a proposal for next month. I would like to:

    A) Give 100 children the tools they need to create Their very Own voodoo dolls.

    B) Give out much needed cigarettes and doughnut holes to the homeless in My neighborhood.

    C) Help the homeless with Henchman training and job placement.

    I'm still in the brainstorming phase, but hopefully I can count on Your vote next month.

  4. I did an unofficial doughnut patrol once. I don't know what my part-time henchman was thinking, bringing an entire Krispy Kreme box to a two-villain meeting, but doughnuts certainly brightened that sunny spring day for the Jet City homeless.

    Then we went and kicked some puppies to make up for it.

  5. Well done Beryllium, You have to balance the light and dark.

    My favorite tactic is to hand over said doughnut/cigarette, kick the recipient in the shins, and then run away.

  6. Ugh, what are these people wearing? I understand that it's the act of people doing good that makes the difference, but how can you even be seen in public with those horrible outfits? The Mr. Clean guy packing a very poorly concealed weapon and not the one in his body-holster kind of has the right idea of sticking with color schemes and not going over-board with a look, but it really wouldn't kill him to accessorize a bit. A shiny metallic version of this with a flowing metallic gold cape fastened by a loose medium thickness golden 'fat chain' would look so much more stunning on him. Y'know, if he didn't look like someone's stepdad.

    As for the rest of them it's a toss up between the guy who thinks red and black spandex suits go together with bright blue dish-washing gloves and loosely fitting biker boots and two guys that think ill-matching pants with even ill-er fitting black tank tops constitute as a strong look. A black muscle shirt and gray Dickies doesn't make you look like a crime fighter, it makes you look like you just got done working on a car.

    I've read a bit about this Master Legend guy in the video and even though I keep hearing he's crazy and potentially dangerous, I will say he's leaning in the right direction with matching a white bodysuit with silver armor. If it wasn't second-hand lacrosse armor it might look a bit more fierce and less like he's trying to protect himself from wayward tennis balls. Oh, and lose the helmet, get a perm.

    Fashion fopauxs though they may be, I still wish them the best of luck in winning the contest for the sake of getting those homeless guys some better looking shoes. Reebok is soooo 1999.

    -L.L. <3