Thursday, May 6, 2010


: "The Eye sees all."

Operates out of: Mountain View, California

Activities: The Eye is a Block Captain of his neighborhood block watch program, and observes and reports

Gear: The Eye has a collection of homemade gadgets created to disorientate a criminals senses with light and sound. Examples: "The Dragon's Eye" is a ring with a powerful light built into it "that may be used to 'night blind' a potential attacker." The "Sonic Screamer Tube" not only calls attention but repels attackers with it's loudness.

Martial Arts: The Eye has developed some of his own techniques including a forms he calls "Jade Mantis" and "Leaf Hand."

Quote: "In one form or another, I've always been 'The Eye,' having had various personae that have served me in the quest to fight crime in the real world. I first started to search for others doing this in the early days of the internet (sometime in the '90's), and found Captain Jackson, with whom I developed a good friendship around common values and methodology."

Author's notes: The Eye has recently self published a book titled
So You Want To Be a Crimefighter? (you can buy it HERE and here is a link to his MySpace)I'm looking forward to buying a copy and reviewing it here at a future date.


  1. The Eye is rates very high in the RLSH world.

    I am not into numerical rating systems as they are only good for the person that has created the list. So I will just say The Eye stands side by side along with other shining examples of the RLSH such as Captain Black, The Silver Sentinel, and Terrifica.

    Observe and Report is what separates a civic minded citizen and a vigilante.

  2. I must concur with poop knife, the eye is a great example of what an RLSH should be, observe and report, like a good community minded individual should be.

  3. I respectfully disagree with Poop Knife and Virus.

    I don't consider it superheroic to wear a uniform just to be one of those "Observe and Report" types who all they do is only call the cops on the bad guys. That just makes you a target (what criminals will refer to as a "snitch"), and then you might or might not be biting off more than you can chew.

    That's not to say that calling the cops on criminals is the wrong thing to do, nor is that to say that there might not be times where it is appropriate and probably also very necessary for even a Crimefighter to do so. But, if that's ALL you do, then you're not a "super-hero" you're just a good citizen. Nothing wrong with being a good citizen, but don't overglorify simple good deeds that anyone can do and that everyone should do when necessary.

    The Police can't be everywhere. If someone's getting mugged or assaulted nearly to death right in front of you, don't waste time calling the Cops at that moment, they won't arrive in time. Rescuing the victim should be (in my opinion) the #1 priority. Then while you are handling the attacker, let the victim notify the police.

    If it's a case of drug dealings, then in my opinion it would be wiser to - in that case - observe and report - but you put yourself and your mission at risk by wearing something that will draw attention to yourself, by doing so. The reason this situation is different is because #1- It doesn't necessarily involve an immediate victim other than the buyer who willingly puts themselves at risk, and #2- There are situations where Cops go undercover in drug busts, and the last thing anyone would want is to attack an undercover Cop.

    Lately, I'm seeing that too many people in this community expect everyone in this community to be some great nice guy paragon type like Superman. I'm not that type, but I see a need for both those types as well as the types who are more like, well, Batman. Same with with Cops. They have the "Good Cop" types, and the "Bad Cop" types. There needs to be a balance - for obvious reasons - and I strongly feel that that needs to be known and understood.

  4. Ah Jedi Master Tothian.. how good of you to join us.

    I am afraid you are missing some key points in the issue.

    If the person on the street a "Good Samaritan" witnesses a crime or act of perceived violence it is their choice how to intervene in the situation.

    In the uniformed, comic book, pro active, world of the RLSH (yes yes I know more then one half of you do not call your selves RLSH) you are activity looking for problems to solve.

    The Good Samaritan like The Eye I am sure would act if needed (after calling 911), but many others would jump into action.. becoming the comic book hero persona that their fantasy delusions of heroism have lead them to.

    You consider calling the police when you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood to be a "snitch".

    I consider running out and kicking the crap out of people with steal toe boots, exotic weaponry, or firearms "vigilantism".

    The Eye is a the block captain of his neighborhood watch, looks like to me he is as close as you can get to be a "registered crime fighter".

    Observe and Report!

  5. Poop Knife,

    LOL You found out my (semi-)secret. Good times.

    You are right it is an individual's choice of how they choose to act. Reason I had to say what I said, was for two reasons:

    1- It seems everyone's hating on the Vigilantes lately (although in reality I do believe it to be a case of the "Silent Majority versus the Vocal Minority"). Anyway, to me, hating on the approach of fighting crime or certain (more-so unextreme) approaches of Vigilantism is like the Marine Corps Poges sitting on their asses in their office jobs talking shit about the Infantry or Special Forces. Not the same thing exactly, but to me that's the mindset I'm viewing this from.

    2- While again, you're right it is an individual's choice of how they wish to do things - in your first response, I interpreted what you wrote (or maybe it was just Virus' response to you) as anyone involved with this community should only stick to observing and reporting (some approaches just don't work for everyone).

    My views on it are this:

    - People can have their own methods. If those methods work, then good.

    - I personally believe in the more old skool traditional approach of fighting (crime) if and when necessary to defend one's own self or other's. Otherwise, YTF even wear a.. a... *twitches* a cssrdsufk,.,.cckuishfakj *punches hole in wall* 97hascluna8w87hfq a costume.

    - What's not okay is others trying to change someone's original motives for doing what they do, by using secret psychological manipulative tactics by calling this a "Movement" and saying something like "Yeah man, you can't be a part of this Movement unless you think like this" or "act like that" or "don't say this" or "ya gotta do that" or "don't associate with this person" or "don't talk to that person" to me, that's fuckin' evil. I'm writing this post here to expose such types of evil approaches - from my own personal perception/perspective.

    - What's also not okay is trying to soften an already-effective approach to make it less effective. That's like preparing to chop down your father's cherry tree by unsharpening your axe.

    - Not everyone has to follow what I believe to be a legitimately effective method of superheroism. But what's weird to me is putting down those who are risking their lives to go above and beyond the call of duty to actually do something heroic, while praising those who are either too afraid to go that extra mile to do something heroic for whatever reason. The idea is to give due credit where credit is due, and to not give too much credit where only some credit is due - if that makes sense.

    If someone is untrained, old/weak/dying/injured/whatever, or has a certain reason why they're unable to intervene, like maybe they're with a friend or relative who is young or old or for some reason you don't want to endanger that person - understood. There are reasons for everything and I understand that.

    Otherwise, if someone's getting mugged or killed, you don't call the cops first and then intervene. You intervene first and then call the cops - or have the victim call them. Who cares whether it's legal or not? It's the right thing to do - not that I'm trying to encourage anyone to go out to break the law - I'm just placing the idea of saving people as a higher priority over "obeying the law". And by the way, it is in fact illegal in 8 U.S. states to NOT rescue citizens in peril. Look this up:

    (to be continued...)

  6. (...continued from last post)

    To those who have training, experience, are at least somewhat educated in the concept of Criminology, have armor, and are well enough prepared to handle criminals, and if they know what they're doing, there's not much you could do to stop them from using such methods if they are effective, nor should you - nor anyone for that matter.

    And also - we're not an Organization or a Movement so there's not really any Leaders or anyone who can have any way of enforcing rules or anything like that. Again, nor should they. The best approach here is to offer advice and wisdom based on one's own knowledge and experience, of what they've seen to be both/either effective or not effective, etc. (people will form their own personal opinions of what they would deem to be behavior that is either heroic, villainous, weird, normal, or whatever)

    That's also a case of whether or not the ends justify the means. Most of the time, I don't feel the ends justify the means. Sometimes, sometimes, and by that I mean sometimes they do. If you want to know what the hell I'm talking about, look up the philsophical systems of ethics such as Deontology versus Utilitarianism (AKA Consequentialism).

    My apologies for a really long response with some awkwardly-written sentences in here, I am in fact a little tired as I write this, but at the same time, I assure you all that there is a very vitally important reason for everything I ever say and/or do - even if it doesn't appear that way at first.


  7. By the way, I apologize for getting a little off topic. This is supposed to be about The Eye, who has been out fighting crime in his own way for decades now. He is definetely someone I feel is worthy of a lot of respect.

  8. Poop Knife,

    I forgot to address your comment that I called the "observe and report" types as "snitches" - what I wrote in parentheses was "(what criminals will refer to as a "snitch")"

    I will admit, sometimes it might be good to have an Observe and Report type tag along with a "take immediate action, hands on" type. For example, if a victim is rendered unconscious, or if there's a burning building and one (if he/she knows what the hell they are doing) runs in to rescue any victims while the other one calls 911 and is able to provide first aid/assistance to anyone the "rescuer" brings outside.

    Just a few of many possible examples. Again, sorry to get off topic here. Then again, one topic always leads to another topic.

    And BTW, I never saw the movie "Observe and Report" but I'm sure "Kick-Ass" (which I did see) was a much better movie. (Wink)

  9. I wonder how Mr. Yale-Tax would think about all of that?

    Otherwise you are correct.. this is about The Eye.

    I am glad you agree he is worthy of respect, he has earned that.

    The Eye Sees All!

  10. Hello there!

    I'm doing a school project on what is defined as a hero, and what is a super hero. How could I contact The Eye, because he lives an hour away from my school and it would be great to interview him!