Monday, May 10, 2010


Tea Krulos reporting.

Several sources have now confirmed that RLSHs will be the subject of a segment on long running ABC show 20/20 later this month or early next month. The exact air date is unknown, but will be reported here as well as other RLSH sites when that info is made public. At that point I will also be able to share the cast of characters that will be featured but at this point I'm being hush-hush so as not to be a spoiler.

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Team Justice is now ten days into their Pepsi Refresh Project, which I wrote about HERE. They started in a spot in the 140s, then were pushed back dramatically to the 400s, and as of today are in the 275th spot (as of 6:39PM CST) voting will continue HERE until the end of the month.

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Comic creator and friend to Heroes in the Night Amber Gant has launched her website with a blog post, and has said we can expect to see some of the first finished pages soon. Gooooooo Amber!

A site has also launched for the Superheroes Anonymous 4 conference in Portland, Oregon at:

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Everyone loves online social networking and now you can add Heroes in the Night to your list of hip friends. There is a brand new Facebook fan page HERE and a MySpace page HERE!


  1. 20/20? I hate superheroes. I really, really do.
    -Lord Malignance

  2. So let's stop the bus for a second and make sure none of the baggage fell off during this announcement: They're going on the most well-known news show on the most well-known entertainment channel on cable television to more than likely wear their stupid costumes and expect everyone to bathe their egos in praise, saying the same reputation-polishing shit they've said on numerous other interviewing spots for years and I'm just suppose to believe this is all for some greater moral and sociological good? This is where any logically thinking person goes, "BULLSHIT!" and calls them on being the attention-whores that they are.

    Even a child, without any knowledge of the outside world, knows that the only way to do real MORAL good is to do it without asking anything in return. Judging someone as a hero is a moralistic approach and using other peoples suffering to get famous is certainly not fucking moral. Sure, we villains make our silly videos on Youtube, but we aren't going on nation television going, "yeah, aren't I great for giving that crackhead and burger."

    I was on the path of real enlightenment and calm-mindedness, but you goddamn spandex fetishes have pissed me the fuck off once again with your bullshitting hypocrisy.

    Fuck you, capes. Fuck you in the neck.
    -Malvado SV

  3. Great work, Tea. Your support of superheroes is greatly appreciated. By helping to show the good points of the hero community, and the good things we accomplish, hopefully this will inspire people to follow the right path of Truth, and Justice.

  4. Good publicity never hurts. It's my hope that this news segment will present the subject of "Real Life Superheros" fairly, and gain the RLSH community more support. But if we don't get any support, that's okay too, because like you said, "The only way to do real moral good is to do it without asking anything in return."

  5. Sentinel, I like you, man. You're a good guy, but you and I both know that the good in this community can speak for itself just by happening. There doesn't need to be costumed activists with video cameras, photoshoots, movie advertising deals, possible comic book sales, and big cable news interviews telling people to do something they should already be doing on their own choice without being told. The people that are turning this into something it isn't are the ones that are dragging it down into the muck. Given, if someone is indeed helped by these actions then that is all that really matters, but when members of the community say they do it for a greater good, but seem to be only obsessed with glitz and glamor it's not only disheartening, it's extremely irritating.

    At least it is for an angry over-opinionated asshole like me, anyways.

  6. You assume the worst when the people invited on the show probably have the best intentions for it. When you do things like fundraisers and support and things which need large amounts of people working together for a common cause, you use the media. I myself am contacting various magazines and newspapers in the Portland area to try and garner support and attention for our Green Power Rally on July 31st. This is basic advertising. Without it, your cause will fail.

    When media starts feeding ego vampires in costumes then there is a problem. But more often than not, that is the exception, not the standard. I feel like the people chosen for this show will follow that standard.

  7. Malvado,
    I think that statement is harsh (although I do realize as a supervillain, you're prone to harsh statements) especially because no one has seen the 20/20 report.

    I know at least 3 of the people interviewed for the piece, and I don't think they are attention whores. I think they are good people and will do well with the interviews.

    But I can't say that for sure, because no one has seen it yet, most likely not even the 20/20 crew putting it together.

  8. I'll have to wait until Youtube grabs it considering the fact the lair here in Guerrilla city is quite without television need/use. I will admit I come off with hellfire and brimstone from time to time, but I am quite passionate about my views. If these people are indeed going on for just reasons then more power to them, but I see so many others that are just in the RLSH game for self-promotion and egotistical fame and that is what truly makes me sick. This community can really be the movement it wants to be if it could shed the bad apples from its branches. I see hope with new members like Jack Lighter, but it seems others are making everyone else take a step backwards in progress. The whole should not suffer for the misguidance of a few.

    I may be a villain, but I still have a desire to see people do their best at doing good.

  9. Even among the attention whores there are only a few that don't really do anything of value. I berated the attention whores as well, probably due to the fact that I avoid media attention and probably wanted to feel I was better than them. I realized I'm getting off on this in my own way, so I was really no better.

    It is not in human nature to do anything for absolutely NO benefit. If the attention whores want the spotlight and are willing to do some good in the world to get it, what the hell is wrong with just letting them have their moments of fame?


  10. Once again, there is nothing wrong with getting something in return for doing good, but there has to be a line drawn between receiving good for doing good and the exploitation of those you claim to be 'helping' for some sort of personal good. Are people still being helped? Yes, but it's the idea of calling something it isn't that gets under my skin.

    I guess I don't have much of an argument beyond that.

  11. malvados is
    an idiot that can't spell or stop talking.I'm an rlsh,i've done good but no one knows I did that and I don't care