Monday, January 31, 2011

Slamdance & Other RLSH World News

At the Slamdance Film Festival, L-R: producer Theodore James, Red Voltage, Zimmer, director Michael Barnett, Insignis, Asylum

-Park City, Utah

By all accounts Superheroes, a documentary on Real Life Superheroes, was a slammin' success at the Slamdance Film Festival last week. Demand to see the film was so high, that a last minute third showing of the film was booked. The last time this happened, I'm being told, was at 2005's Slamdance, where dance happy fans demanded a third showing of Mad Hot Ballroom.

On hand to promote the show were Zimmer, of Brooklyn, Mr. Xtreme (from San Diego- see previous post), and several members of the Black Monday Society, a team based in Salt Lake City.

The film generated a fair amount of media attention at the festival and won the "Theatrical Release Award." I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but it seems likely the film will have at least a limited theatrical release. Updates will be shared here.

If you missed it, Heroes in the Night did a brief Q and A with Superheroes producer Theodore James before the fest HERE.

Also, you can see an interview on FOX 13 with Zimmer and director Michael Barnett here:

Clearly, Zimmer is less than amused with the reporter's uninformed, goofball antics.

-Paris, France

If you followed the blog over the summer you might recall the story of Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, a French photojournalist who spent months traveling sea to shining sea to meet and photograph Real Life Superheroes. One of his stops was here in Milwaukee, where he hung out at Heroes in the Night World Headquarters, did photo shoots with The Watchman and Blackbird, and witnessed the insanity of the Riverwest 24 bicycle race.

He recently had some of his work featured in a magazine called Toulouse, which you can see on his blog here:
In addition to The Watchman and Blackbird, the spread also features photos of DC's Guardian, Master Legend, Life, and Hellpool.

Pierre-Elie tells me he is working on a large gallery show in June and possible other media. A superhero gallery show on a summer night in Paris? Ooh la la!


-Green Bay, Wisconsin

And speaking of Wisconsin superheroes, there is a new crew just a couple hours north of Milwaukee in "Title Town," aka Green Bay. Green Bay is currently going nuts over their hometown legends, The Packers, who will be throwing down at the Superbowl on Sunday.

The group of four heroes, I'm being told, consists of The Ant, Broadway Bruiser, Black Dragon (not to be confused with Red Dragon or Blue Dragon) and a female who has adopted the temporary moniker of S.A.M. (Surface to Air Missle)- they call themselves the Wisconsin Avengers. No photos have emerged yet, but the city is within close proximity which makes a Milwaukee/ Green Bay crossover story arc inevitable.


One of our favorite superhero related websites around here is Zack Levine's Superhero Law site, where he deconstructs comic book characters and looks at how their lives would be accessed by the judicial system. After a hiatus, Zack has been posting new material, including an analysis of the new NBC show The Cape, and an examination of the legal pitfalls of superhero minors.

Zack was interviewed on this blog last year, and you can find it HERE.

-Tea Krulos reporting


  1. 3 Showings you say - based on the impact of "Mad Hot Ballroom"? Mad Hot Ballroom? MadHotBallroom?! mmmmmadhotballroom!!!

    Lots of interesting things going on - thank you as always for this information.

    One has visited the website "Superhero Law" and it is very well done and most informative and entertaining. It seems most concerned with fictional heroes (aren't they all, really). In depth analysis of many legal "What if?" questions.

    One loves "Super Devil" Insignis! How can he do more to get his message out? "Soul Eating Super Devil Insignis - he's coming for you! (He's behind the sofa, under the bed, in the attic, in the backseat, at the bottom of the laundry hamper, etc)"

    Brrr - One just scared oneself!
    -Lord Malignance

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