Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Photo from MySpace

Citizen Prime, of Salt Lake City, is pretty famous for his full body metallic suit, which is kind of medieval mixed with Robocop. It is widely reported that the suit cost added up to 4,000 bucks.

He recently reported on his MYSPACE that he is hanging up his cape and calling it a day, citing a need to be more involved with his family.

The only thing puzzling about this announcement is that Prime, with his photogenic suit, has been on a media bulldozer blitz since 2007, a full court press that has garnered him, I would hazard a safe guess, more media coverage than any other RLSH.

The eclectic stack of media appearances begins with his initial audition for the Stan Lee reality bonanza Who Wants to be a Superhero?. Local press picked up the story in Phoenix magazine and the local news, which in turn was picked up by tech mag Wired.

The London Times, the National Enquirer, and even weird news/kinky sex mag Bizarre, all ran stories that featured Prime and his photo.

He also made TV appearances on Geraldo At Large, the CBS Early Show, and a pretty long segment on the G4 Channel show G4 Underground with Morgan Webb. And that isn’t a complete list!

According to a write up at Reallifesuperheroes.org, Citizen Prime “was one of the original founders of Reallifesuperheroes.org as well as the short live super-group the Worldwide Heroes Organization. He also founded Kid Heroes, a group dedicated to educating kids on personal empowerment and taking action in emergency situations.”

Prime’s strategy as a RLSH was to be open and involved with the community and to establish community programs. Here’s an excerpt from an article on zimbio.com:

A financial executive by day, Citizen Prime dons his $4,000 costume, which includes custom-made breast plate armor, and patrols the streets. Citizen Prime separates himself from other neighborhood watch style "superheroes" by distributing literature on how to help in the community and making appearances to talk to children about drugs and crime.

While Citizen Prime has said he respects the work of other superheroes, like the Black Monday Society in Salt Lake City, he takes a different approach by focusing on community involvement. He says the most useful tool at his disposal is a keen sense of humor for diffusing awkward situations.


  1. At least he won't be scaring the living holy shit out of his wife and kids anymore.

    Concerned parent of a cloned velociraptor,
    -Malvado SV

  2. I think he should donate his costume to Myth Busters to find out if it bullet proof or not.

  3. I didn't get my hero profile fix for this week. What gives???

  4. @ Z: Yeah, I had it ready to go and everything, I just had one of those hectic days where you totally lose track of time and I forgot to post it, but I did now.

    @ Poop Knife: That actually would be pretty awesome.