Friday, April 2, 2010

HERO PROFILE #15: Motor-Mouth

Photo by Thanatos

Operates out of: The Bay Area of California

Activities: Safety patrols

Often patrols with: Mutinous Angel

About his name: Has the gift of gab. Likes to talk about his extensive knowledge of comic books and other topics.

Quote: “I think it goes back as far as my childhood. I’m a California native and I remember being able to go to like Golden Gate Park with my family, just being able to be a kid. Crime existed, but not half as bad as today, know what I’m saying? It’s like seeing an apple rotting from the inside out. Not just the apple, but the whole orchard.”

Author's notes: Motor-Mouth has got...well, he's got a mouth on him, but he's also got heart. He is very energetic about being out there on the street, sometimes doing all night patrols. He has helped organized a good crew of guys, not just in the Bay Area but in the entire state of California. Any criminals these guys cross are sure to get an earful.


  1. I prefer the strong silent types. Less irritating company.

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  3. I've met Motormouth and had long conversations with him. He's one of these guys (like a lot of good friends of mine) who I wasn't sure about them online, but when you know them in person you find out that they have a heart of gold and a lot of intelligence, abilities and drive.