Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Hairy Deal- Radio Tour

To show my journalistic integration skills, I called into Malvado SV's blog talk radio show, SV Radio last night and guests Agent Beryllium, Lord Malignance, and host Malvado thought I was fellow villain Poop Knife after I tried to fool them with an impersonation of Captain Australia (who Malvado has jokingly referred to as his arch*)

Despite traveling through Australia, from Sydney to Kangaroo Island to the middle of the Outback, my Australian impersonation is still about ten notches down from a stand up comedian at bar close.

As usual, I kept my ears open and my mouth focused on a rum and coke, but did ask a couple questions. Some of the topics discussed included Lord Malignance's sandwich mathematics theory, the rumored plot of Kick-Ass 2,the fabulous and flamboyant new villain Lavender Leopard and the good samaritan of New York who was stabbed and died on a sidewalk (story HERE).

Beryllium offered her cynical take on the world, Lord Malignance laughed maniacally, and Malvado showed his good taste in villainous MCs by spinning a track by MF DOOM.
Good times, chillin' like a villain.

Thank you villains, for your hospitality. I look forward to calling the Creature Feature show Saturday night. I wrote about both shows in a record shattering comments section entry HERE.

* Arch: 1. As in arch enemy, i.e. Yeah, Captain Australia is totally my arch. 2. To intend to be someone's arch enemy, i.e. I saw Captain Australia's youtube videos and I totally want to arch him, dude.


  1. Tea Krulos,

    A very good evening, and one thanks you for your visit. Such fun, and such Evil, as the night progressed.

    Malvado may be on haitus from blogging, so one feels confident in saying on his behalf, that you would be welcome to call again in the future.

    Will Villainy subjegate the heroes, and shape the world to our wills?
    As far as is commonly known, not yet...
    -Lord Malignance

  2. I thought I ended on a hopeful note actually, calling everyone stupid because they don't possess the insight to realize that this is the point when history stops being interesting and starts being somewhere you'd actually want to live.

    Stupid shite-wanks.

  3. Lord Malignance,
    Thanks much and I would enjoy calling in again sometime.

    That's right, you did. That was some villain stereotyping on my part.

  4. This is where I whaargarbl at you and start a blog an "" right?