Thursday, April 22, 2010



When a villainous gorilla and yak-furred Christmas demon collide, the results are seldom pretty.

Hmm…I’ve written some weird sentences over the last 13 months, but that has GOT to be top of the list.

“Anti-hero” Krampus and “the most hated villain in America,” Malvado SV, are having a good old fashioned media rivalry, with barbs being traded on their blog talk radio shows and on their blogspot pages.

Let’s take a look at these wild and woolly guys:
Krampus is the host of the Creature Feature show [Saturdays, 11PM EST]. He became a co-host of the show shortly after it began airing episodes in September 2009, with show founder Executrix.

Executrix recently announced she was taking leave from the RLSH scene to move into a secret Rocky Mountain based hide out with her boyfriend, the Wall Creeper.

The Krampus namesake comes from European folklore. Krampus acts as a companion to Saint Nicholas, and while Saint Nicholas awards good children with gifts on December 5, the horrifying Krampus punishes bad children.

The baritone, British accent sporting Krampus leads his guests through news of the weird, RLSH related opines, and cartoon character impersonations. Frequent guests include Mr. Jingles and Mixsae, among others.

Malvado the Sound Vandal (SV) began his show, SV Radio [Wednesdays, 11PM EST] early last month. The show’s tagline is “by villains, for villains.”
Malvado originally called himself Guerilla Grodd, a nod to the DC supervillain who was a super intelligent ape from Gorilla City. Grodd often tangoed with the Flash, Superman, and the Justice League. A "cease and desist" order forced a name change.

The evil ape talks about a variety of RLSH news and views. Frequent guests include Lord Malignance and Poop Knife, among others.

Of course the forerunner to both of these shows is Meow and Friends [Sundays,9PM PST] in which host Apocalypse Meow runs through weird news, and has some fun talk with various RLSH and associates.


  1. Once again, Tea, your neutral stance is something that is much appreciated. As for my tangling with Yappy the X-mas demon, I really hold no greater animosity towards any heroes over another. My hatred is simply a product of my environment and the trade of namesake, 'Villain'. Of course, that's not to say it isn't fun to make him and his empty-headed friends' blood boil from time to time. Such easy, dopey targets they are. :)

    Also, I really gotta get some pictures taken.

    Best evil wishes,
    -Malvado SV

  2. Tea....

    You're kinda funny!

    To be involved in a rivalry would mean there's a competition...

    *Looks at opposition*

    Yeah....I think I'll abstain from trying to compete with that.

    I'd hate to see what sort of trophy we'd get when WE win.

    Ya know, the subject came up about listening to Malvado's show last night. Krampus claimed he listened last time and it was my turn. I'm certainly not gonna do it, and Jingles asked for a Kings ransom in cheddar to do it.

    Even Mikey wouldn't do it (but he hates everything)

    So ummm Malvado....what do you guys talk about?

  3. Normally debate things related to the RLSH, public brain-storming on subjects like crime prevention and one-upping the capes, and (of course) taking time to insult our rival do-gooder siblings in the community. Much mean things said, but I believe that the good balances out the bad.

    I suggest listening sometime. Whenever a hero calls in we usually drop the insults and begin in exchanging questions and ideas. Nothing hostile.

  4. Slight correction Tea, but Creature Feature is on at 11 PM EST on Saturdays. It's a slight error, but one that I felt needed to be mentioned.

    I also seem to recall in a single blog I was upgraded from Yappy to Shakespeare. I'll take that latter compliment over the former transparent attempt at a snide comment any day. No tap-backs Gro...Mal...I'm sorry, what are you being legally called this week?

  5. I've been Malvado for forty-four days now, actually. If you haven't been able to pay attention to anything up to this point then how am I suppose to consider you anything less of an underling?

    It should also be noted that the majority of the people I have met that do 'Shakespeare-in-the-park' use corny-ass fake accents akin to yours and share your personality traits of being egotistical sudo-intellectual asses. So I'll let you keep that name after all. :D


  6. Forty-four days? You're keeping track of the days of your name like you're counting sobriety at AA? I say AA because given your penchant for loving all things 4:20 related, we know it'd be a lie for NA.

    I do apologize Tea, this is your blog after all. If things get too heated, may I recommend coming over to discuss this on my blog for the after party?

  7. Will there be pie and punch?

    BTW it's Psuedo....

    From the marketing team that brought you the catchphrase "Dc's Guardian, turn your radio down now!" we bring you....

    "Malvado, please put down the water bong! 4:20 was two days ago! This is NOT a weekend bender!"

  8. What a shrieking awful comment thread. You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking Tea's troll bait.

    It's damn good troll bait, though.

  9. You're just jealous the voices talk to us :)

    And traditionally posts that have been removed by blog admin are a sign of a troll appearance.

    Tea...have ya had to remove any posts made by Krampus or myself cause I could sworn somebody posting on this thread has had comments removed.....and I don't think it was Krampus or myself.

    'jus sayin'

    Is there anything else in your playbook other then pedophile or troll?

    Difference between ROACH bloggers and Tiny Terror.

  10. In the words of the contemporary audience...

    Oh snap! No she didn't!

    Oh wait, yes. Yes she did. See above.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Now would be a good time to promote Meow and Friends. A great show which lead to the creation of Creature Feature currently hosted by Krampus...originally hosted by the Extraordinary Executrix and Triumphant Tiny Terror...not a knock off or copy cat.
    Accept NO substitutions!

    *edited on account of Krampus made me laugh so hard, I made a typo...damn you Krampus!

  13. I should explain the goals of this blog in a post, and maybe I will, but I'll post them here first.

    1. Excerpts from the book. I haven't posted a lot of these, but I have done a couple. The Hero Profiles (some at least) will probably be in the book in a slightly different form.

    2. Journal style writing. For example, the live blogging I did from Vancouver, and the updates on what is going on here in Milwaukee. These will be reference points for me when I work on final write ups. In the case of locally here in Milwaukee, that is still unfolding.

    3. Not too long ago, I decided I would try to act as like a RLSH AP. Simple reports on what's going on. Examples: Citizen Prime retiring, Cloud, Red Arrow reappearing after 3 years, and Kick-Ass.

    This post follows in the latter. If two members associated somehow, in some way, with RLSH media are having a...feud, I feel obligated to report on it. Not sure if it'll be in the book, but always a good thing to report things as they come along. Keeps you on your toes.

    I myself am neutral. Hopefully people will follow the links in the posts and come to a conclusion, either one way or another. Or maybe they'll like both shows. Or neither.

    Anyway, thanks all for commenting. As long as it doesn't get gruesome, there won't be a need to remove anything.

    And actually, if it is OK, I would love to call in to both shows next week and chat.

  14. My dear sir, you would be most welcome! Please feel free to call into mine anytime!

  15. Good to hear, Krampus. Like I say, I'm not out to interrogate anyone, just think it'll be fun to call in a couple shows and talk about whatever.

  16. Um, guys? I was congratulating TEA on successfully laying out troll bait; which you, Mixsae, Krampus, and Malvado all fell for.

    And it's spelled "Pseudo", blockheads.

  17. I think I can safely assume that Malvado just wants to piss you off and likewise Krampus, and I honestly find it hysterical. Keep up the good work you two, ones a fake ape and the other is a fake Brit, so all in all you are both a facade, the difference is only one of you knows that.

  18. Beryllium: Who is "you?" The general reading public?

  19. I admit I've listened to Malvado's show in the past...when I found out he was half an hour late and blasted drunk and on air said he didn't give a damn what people thought about that. I listened during brief periods when Captain Black was on because he is my friends and added his integrity and balanced views to the show, both elements of which are sorely lacking. I also listened a bit when Malvado spent like 20 minutes bashing me because I called him out on his lack of sobriety. Lastly, I listened for brief periods of time in the beginning but when it became apparent that he was trashing the heroes one second but then trying to be the calm intellectual when somewhat confronted by them the duplicity/hypocrisy got tiring.

    So in summation, my listening to Malvados show has consisted of...Malvado while drunk and supposedly doped up as well, Captain Black being on the show because he is awesome, Malvado trashing me for 20 minutes (thanks for the free publicity), and a few times in the beginning until the whole Dr. Jeckyll, Mr. Hide mantra wore out its welcome.

    Pointing out the flaws that the so-called "RLSVs" or these belligerent bloggers see in the RLSH seems to be fun for them. However, the only people that elected them as the supposed vehicles of encouraging change in the RLSH is themselves, a mighty arrogant move IMHO. Plus they don't always carry out these duties in an even handed manner. For these reasons and so many others what they say may be hurtful at times but ultimately it's not terribly significant or worth much. While sometimes amusing, these so called RLSVs have claimed they are in it for satire and told people "don't take us seriously". One second they want people to consider their words and the next minute they are telling people that they are b.s. artists and it's their little schtick. Somebody please wake me up when they figure themselves out. Then they might actually bear legitimate scrutiny.

  20. It looks like we can catch a sneak preview of Peter Tangen's work in the banner at:

    And Beryllium...blockheads? Oh. My. Dark. God. It all makes perfect sense now! You're a descendant of Lucy from Peanuts! This explains the temperament, the pull the football away at the last moment attitude, the belief in imposed psychiatric evaluation of people on your blogs! Tell me, how is Great Uncle Linus doing nowadays?

  21. Ooops. Sorry, Tea. "You" is an editing artifact, mistakenly left when sentences got rearranged.

  22. Hmmmm serious subjects, you mean the one about self proclaimed protectors of society, some of which are armed?

  23. Sorry Poop but the ROACH site makes it very clear. You guys are in it for parody and satire and you even tell people it's unwise to take anything you say seriously. Therefore, if you want to be a joke then don't complain when you get your wish. By the virtue of your own creed your words are superfluous.

    Really Poop Knife, is that tired beaten to the bone horse best you got? I mean heaven forbid we should start talking about anti-Semitic email addresses, misleading MySpace pages, blog talk radio hosts drunk on the job and openly discussing their drug use, or libelous claims of manslaughter, and the list goes on and on. Next time you throw a stone make sure you're not in a glass house.

    By the way, though I'm not a fan of firearms myself in this country if one has a permit to carry one it is are tazers & pepper spray. Just thought I'd mention that.

    Now if you'll excuse my I'm going to go check out those REALLY cool Peter Tangen pics.

  24. You know, I thought this post might have an interesting comments section.

    I was right about that one.

  25. In Attendence,

    One has been reluctant to post, because one is very biased (obviously) and quite the instigator of crushed egos. That being said, one will then be polite as a guest in this forum.

    You may crouch (Villains excepted of course).

    If you think that Villainy is strictly about trolling, you have not been paying attention, or you are viewing it only through the lens of RLSH. Here are some things Villainy IS about;

    Building a community of creative people who think outside the societal and intellectual restraints placed on a subservient citizenry. The archtype of Villain has within the necessity to challenge paragons of goodness. This is expected, but far from meeting the RLSH on their ground, we elevate it to a harmless collaborative level. Each Villain interperates their participation, and their unique abilities, desires, and talents influence the developing tapestry of Evil.

    Were we not the villains, who would you have? Egos are wracked, but ask why? Can a mirror not be directed, with the result being only perceived as negative?

    An example; Giving sandwiches to the hungry. It is a solution, but is limited. Villainy asks "Can a ruthless solution, provide a better result?" Can there be a solution that the good can't see? There is energy to conflict that can be exploited and directed. To waste this potential would be unvillainous. There IS a better solution than handing out sandwiches. The answer can be found, if the question can be asked. There is no problem that can't be solved, if you have passion to pursue it with zeal (or handy Craziness).

    Either show is a collaborative forum for the expression of ideas. Sometimes petty, but passionate, and this is the fire needed to motivate, and inspire.

    -Lord Malignance

  26. Why Mr. Jingles, who ever said I was in ROACH?

    Hmmmm yes owns one words. Do you mean the words you spoke on the 2nd Creature Feature show I calling in on when you said if you knew of any RLSH using a firearm the community would take care of it and not consider them a RLSH? I would love to use your favorite word "hypocrite" but I am pretty sure you have the current copy write on that word... also it would not apply so I will use the word naive instead.

    I am afraid you do not know the reasoning behind my email address as I have only told two people. But I can say Krampus has made fun of ethnic groups at various times. But I believe that was used in satirical fashion.

    I'm sorry if my Myspace page confuses you, how would it be considered fake, as it is my account? I use unique names for each outlet, sorry if I am not conforming to your black and white world of Bat mobiles, Bat Cycles, and Bat Boats.

    I know you mean well, but you lack substance when it comes to your postings. This is most likely how Tiny Terror views me...

    what a strange world we live in.

    And yes.. the band plays on... the record will skip forever as it plays my favorite tune.. A person or persons out in the night who are not officially licensed looking for crimes to prevent in masks and or unmasked with a firearm is vigilante.

  27. I believe when it comes to the firearms issue I need it's really quite simple - I DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF A RLSH PATROLLING WITH A GUN. But since I'm not afraid to clarify my stance in this matter (unlike you are in other things Poop Knife) I'll say the following. Having thought about this for a while now I'm still not comfortable with the gun issue. But in regards to this RLSH that you speak of, at least the guy has a permit and serious training on the responsibility that comes with carrying one. Perhaps if some of RLSVs were more RESPONSIBLE and less HYPOCRITICAL (my copyright on this word is pending by the way) with your criticisms of the RLSH then people would take RLSVs more seriously. Oh but wait, so many of you prance around in costumes as well (something you love to criticize the "capes" for) and ROACH claims to exist for purely satirical reasons. As the old saying goes "Nothing to see here. Just move along."

    You know, the words "satirical" and "Nazi" just don't seem to work together for me. But whatever.

    As for Tiny Terror, how he sees you or does not see you are matters of his own concern. If you have a schism with the guy that's your deal...not that I'm too shocked that you might be on someones BAD SIDE or anything. And I'm not really concerned with what you think of what I say.

    To borrow your own words, the band plays on...the record will skip forever as it plays my favorite tune. As long as a RLSH follows the Good Samaritan and Citizens Arrest laws then what they are doing in the eyes of the law is LEGAL. You don't need a license for this. You just have to know what is legal and what is not and stay within these boundaries. So while you may not like this particular tune, this song is sweet music to my ears.

  28. Explain this Malvado, Malignance and especially Poop Knive.

    Is that someone claiming to be an RLSV brandishing a shotgun and a machette claiming to want to put an end to the RLSH and what they stand for?

    Look at the masks...weapons. The use of threats and intemidation.

    Nice to know what you guys stand for. You ruthlessly attack at will and encourage the masses to step up and stomp out citizens trying to make the world a better place. Not every RLSH patrols or carries weapons and as much as you all claim (and each and every single one of you have at one point and time) to not be after all RLSH, just the ones you consider to be a bad or dangerous element, atacks are still made on people who are good and honorable. Do you honestly think an apology after the fact makes up for the transgression.

    The RLSV are a much larger danger. You are not a higher class or above anyone. You sink to the same if not lower depths. You use fear and intimidation and weapons as we can see in this video. Your satire and humor as well as your claims to only be out for the greater good of society by protecting the dangerous elements. And you hide behind freedom of speech.

    I will not crouch, I don't care what you say about me or what threats and evil schemes you may think you are clever enough to try to dream up. You're all bullies with blogs who things it's comical to rile someone up, destroy their ego's and make liabelous statements and ridiculous claims.

    Your not RLSV, you're terrorists trying to bring down good people with good hearts and the best of intentions all the while not doing a damn thing except wasting everyones time.

    You want to ask how RLSH carry weapons affects us....don't even give us that bull anymore.

  29. Mixsae,

    Your youtube link is a person not associated with villainy. You do not find this person linked anywhere here, or by any Villain. By your thinking, every terrorist could therefore be called a superhero, because they also claim to fight for a noble cause. It is hyperbole - it means you are using an extreme example to make a stupid point. Don't waste my time with this.

    One truly believes you are not well. You have been quite the instigator in many issues. Your one trick "the DC's Guardian Affair" is empty. A mistake was made, and an apology and retraction followed. Yet if we look at the truth: Is there ANY danger superheroes in costumes might face? Yes. Ask 100 heroes, and at least one will say "yes". If there is even the slightest chance a behavior can bring danger to a child, is it not the correct thing to point this out? The fact is, the Potentate was not wrong, he was clumsy. Yet you have taken this as your rallying call for almost a year now.

    You also have been claiming that your previous activities as Pint Sized Tyrant was an act to infiltrate and subvert Villainy. Villains would not even think of so petty an activity.

    Your arguments are invalid, you are annoying, and you have always been crouching before me, as neither Villain or hero, but merely as troll.

    Your indignation is as false as your moral superiority.

    -Lord Malignance

  30. There was NEVER an apology. Get your facts straight. And you tried pulling the pedophile accusation on Krampus several weeks ago. It is not moral superiority...People like Tiny Terror bring up valid points and sound arguments while remaining respectful and on point.

    I have never once claimed to try to inviltrate...what I did was to parody the lot of you just as you do the RLSH. For as much as you view me as a joke, take a long look in the mirror becuase the same performance I gave is exactly the performance your crouch before me garners. You're not effective. You will never achieve any change and the most you can hope for is to be annoying...which still will not stop anyone. Now look at the time you've wasted on me...Krampus...Mr Jingles. We are doing to you exactly what you're doing to the RLSH. Wasting your time and distracting you.

    And you are dead on about petty's called the parody game. You, Malvado and Poop Knive are nowhere near the level of Tiny Terror or White Skull. Your ideas to better the world...are laughable. A cure for drug addiction being discussed by someone claiming to have been so stoned they forgot to even call in to their own show....hypocrisy.

    Your bullies with blogs...nothing more. You really shouldn't try to compare yourselves to Tiny Terror...hell, even he apologized for possibly influencing you all and that speaks VOLUMES.

  31. Who is Mixsae?

    Otherwise, sorry Mr. Jingles... no I am afraid not. Vigilantes will not be accepted in this society.

    If you want to watch out for the betterment of humankind, are not officially sanctioned to do so, and carry a firearm you are a vigilante.

    I upgraded from record's to CD's so I just have to press repeat now.

  32. Mixsae,

    Apologies from Potentate;

    Krampus NOT a pedophile, "he invokes the persona of "one who kidnaps and punishes small children". Today, people who do this are called predators, child molesters, perverts, and are the worst most despicable demons in the lowest rung of prison life." find context here;

    and You claiming to infiltrate Villainy; (at time reference 48:14)

    Your talent for obfuscation is unremarkable, your attempts transparent. This research lasted 18minutes (+20minutes of pain listening to Yappy). You could have easily done as much in the time it took you to type your screed. Yet you do inflict your Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy on us all. You instigate, and then feign innocence when your activities come home to you.

    For example;
    1) Your flame war with White Skull, that eventually brought the FBI, and as he claimed nearly ruined his life. No FBI over here, but you had them at your house.

    2) Your above listed infiltration of Villainy using the ID Pint Sized Tyrant though you did delete the character and all posts to hide your shame. (see link above)

    3) Your Flame war with Crossfire the Crusader (third time I've mentioned it, and must stop after this)

    4) Your last arguments in the RLSH forum with the White Skull - some believe driving him away again. (though his comments have now been deleted)

    5) This display of your intellectual prowess. (this page as link)

    One is not impressed. You play the manipulator, but you have grossly overestimated your abilities.

    You may continue to crouch.

    -Lord Malignance

  33. Well well would seem more information came out of the RLSH community concerning the latest discovered batch calling themselves RLSV. If you notice in their video, the refered to the RLSH as RLH and they called themselves RLV so yes, they are claiming to be RLSV. Outside of brandishing the shotgun in the video, they have made contact with an RLSH and threatened to find them on patrol and I qoute "Teach you a lesson".

    You want the RLSH to hold anyone you percieve as a vigilante responsible and run them out of the community...practice what you preach and accept your own responsibility. If you fear for the RLSH influencing and being the wrong role models, accept responsibility for what YOU may influence...brandishing shotguns on youtube and sending threats of violence to RLSH who patrol.


  34. 1)I never once claimed to be RLSV.

    2) Only FBI I have had contact with has been on friendly terms (since I do in fact have friends that are connected with several federal agencies) or the ones I spoke with concerning the threats which lead back to Skulls front door.

    3) Meow actually posted today that she thinks she may have said something to skull. Skull and I were not arguing and in fact shared a few e-mails behind the scene. It's called open discussion with differing opinions.

    4) Not trying to hide I was PST. It was a failed experiment so I did away with it. Period. Show me where I have denied being fact, the only one confusing me for being a villain was you...and several times I told you I wasn't but you were too wrapped up in your mindless game to pay adequate attention I suppose.

    You really need to do better research Malignance.

  35. Ggive it up, Mixsae. You're grasping at straws. You even trotted out the "I know people in high places" line, which everyone knows is complete bullshit because people in high places didn't get there by being personal counsel in internet arguments. That threat is right up there in credibility with claiming to have a personal army of leet hackers who are at your command. It's all posturing that is performed by someone who's losing an argument on the internet.

    Do us all a favor and brush up on what it means for you to be in this mess. This page is NSFW, but you NEED to read it (or something like it) before you do your reputation more harm.

    Again, that address is total scumbag page run by a scumbag server (read: porn adverts), but there's no viruses.

    I am doing you a HUGE favor by pointing this out to you, Mixsae. Take a break, do some reading, and come back as a better person (or at least a better troll).

  36. (Last post - we're way off topic as it is)


    To the post before your last; One looked at that youtube video you've been on about. You try and goad me into defending them, when there is no defense. They clearly are demonstrating an intention to violence, and we Villains here have consistently advocated against it. More to the point, as you say, this group has made contact with you and your group(s) of heroes. No such contact has been made with Villainy. They direct their attention to heroes, and draw their inspiration from you lot, and NOT Villainy. They bear arms and promise violence, to overcome those heroes who likewise bear arms and promise violence - weather with "The Iron Fist" or with Tasers and Mace. It is an arms race they spotlight.

    As to your last post, my previous posts stand. You reiterate points already answered.

    Villainy will not condone Violence, and will take any and all opportunities to make this clear. We can destroy heroes quite ably without resorting to lawbreaking and harm. And doesn't that just scare you?

    -Lord Malignance
    Flamed Out

  37. Even though I'm supposed to be taking a break from all this, I can't help but point out how incredibly stupid someone would have to be to think that video was in any way serious. They say things like "we don't recycle" and "we eat butterflies" on their list of villainous exploits. Anyone that would even think of using said video for any form of intelligent conversational-ammunition would honestly have to be the single most mentally handicapped human being on the face of the Earth.

    Oh, hello Mixsae. :)

    Taking time to get back at the community,
    -Malvado SV

  38. *blows whistle and calls for a time out*

    Sword Kane needs all the help he can get. I know he has supporters on each side of the fence. He's funny and as much as he harrasses, he personally keeps it respectful...

    Read his blog for more on his current medical and financial situation....and spread the word

    Ya'll really want to show me how much you hate me...send him $5....if you loathe me with passion...send him $10....send him $1 for everytime I've pissed you off and or aggravated you.

    If you feel I am beyond redemption and a plague to society..send him $1000!

    But by all means, try to give what you can and keep him in your thoughts.

  39. lord Malignance - I am asking nicely for you to please not use my falling out with Mixsae as a weapon in your sparring with her. Our conflict is a personal matter that has caused pain for both of us and I will not allow you to use it to cause her additional problems.

    My response to he video was posted because at the time I felt I needed to exhonorate myself of some accusations that had been made, but since this incident is behind us I do not wish to see it continually brought up and waved in her face.

    Despite our little fued I still think she is an amazing person with a passion for serving those around her and my life is poorer for having damaged that friendship through my actions.

    and BTW - The blog you keep referencing will be deleted today to prevent it being used to cause further harm.

  40. I find these particular comments left by Malvado to be completely interesting.

    "I like your style. Buncha goofy looking fucks, the whole lot of em.
    Kill'em all and let Marvel sort em out."

    What was that about the RLSV not inspiring or encouraging violence?

    Here's some advice Malvado gave Captain Australia in dealing with some criminals in his area.

    "Step four: If all else fails, strap on the Batman boots and start kicking people in the face. Always works in the movies. Ha."

    Again, what was that about the RLSV not inspiring or encouraging violence? Not only is violence here encouraged by the RLSV it is apparently condoned.

    Lord Malignance, it took me only 5 minutes to research the above information so I got you beat by at least 15 minutes. But to prove that I'm not such a bad guy, here's a towel. It will help you wipe the egg off your face.

    And the most ludicrous thing of all - blaming the mere existence of the RLSH for inspiring the RLSV in the videos to do and say what they do. So by this logic when a good looking woman puts on a nice dress and make up and while out and about gets sexually assaulted it's her fault for inspiring her attacker with her "hotness".

    Where's Comrade Cocoa when you need him. At least his incessant barking has more credibility that your wanna-be highbrow bullsh*t LM. When a RLSH messes up you guys jump all over them but when a RLSV comes out and does something messed up and inappropriate like making threatening gang-like videos with shot guns and machetes in their hands or advocating irresponsible drinking and drug use suddenly you either try to deflect the issue or sweep it under the proverbial rug.

  41. Wow! What awesome timing. I just started a Comrade Cocoa fan page on Saturday!

    What great cross promotional advertising to start my "get rich on the internet" plans.

    I just started but there will be much, much more to come.

    Check out:

  42. Sorry - pulled back in to answer two last posts;


    With respect, your fued was not private - it was worldwide as the Internet allows. As one stated it was my third reference, and to have been my last. Hiding her transgressions will only embolden her to greater perfidy, but one trusts your judgement, and apologizes to you if my referencing your publicly available post brought you any discomfort.

    One would have posted this on your myspace page, but you only allow preapproved friends to post, thus the necessity to return here.

    Mr. Jingles? Still unworthy. Seriously.

    Poop Knife,

    !!! One will link to this page! The Mongrel of Mao approves.

    -Lord Malignance

  43. Nothing was being hidden Malignance. What was missing was my responding to you on it and you used Crossfire as a weapon just as you've used several others. If you want to keep harping over the fact that I deleted that blog, make sure you also remember that White Skull has deleted 2 blogs. I know I wasn't hiding anything and I don't think he was either but I could be mistaken. I am not going to go into full details of the history of Crossfire and I and it is the past but will say the video was a last resort over crap I was fed up with. It was how I chose to address it and as I've said before, it was the wrong choice. His blog was his response. If you got no response the first time...or the second...why even bother with the third? I may have been wrong...becuase only a villain would show people they claim to respect as weapons when they have no understanding of the entire picture or the oppositions side of the story.

    I could honestly what you say about me...but if you truly respect Crossfire and not just because you're claiming to respect him since we don't get along which is what I think is the owe him an apology.

    And I will say this on behalf of both Crossfire and myself.

    As far as us crouching before must think yourself to be our Lord and Saviour becuase I will bow before no one other then Christ.

  44. I reqire no apology from anyone Mixsae...but thank you for your honesty.

    And your last paragraph stated it all...Perhaps that point of agreement (That Christ is Lord) can be the start of a reconciliation between the two of us someday.

    If not, then fare thee well and know that I bear you no ill will and I am truly sorry for the pain my thoughtless behavior has caused you in the past.

  45. Just as the RLSH do not stand behind vigilantism, as an RLSV I personally do not stand behind violent retaliation and will not. The video in question if truly felt a threat would have been handed over to the authorities, considering that youtube always maintains the videos even after deletion for those exact legal purposes. So if the person in question is deemed a potential threat then why have you not reported it instead of sitting here complaining about semantics. To say that one person represents all the RLSV, is the same as any of us claiming that all RLSH are vigilantes. Which as we all know is completely unfounded. We do not stand behind his words as a whole and do not condone them, This video is also not recent. There are several out there that make these wild claims, and where has that led? You are not calling the cops for every single threat that you hear over the internet on youtube. You are supposed to be heroes, so do the heroic thing and inform the authorities.

    Last year a young RLSH was attacked by a group of masked men, who had made these claims against him, and you know what he did, he called the police. And you know what the RLSV did, they cast those people aside and made sure it was known that they had no affiliation with them or their actions. Which is what I am doing now, I am not affiliated with anyone, nor do I condone any kind of illegal activity, both for good or evil. Now quit bitching and take action like you should have done in the first place.


    what about this guy? You had nothing to say about him.

  47. Virus, what makes you think these guys have not been reported by someone already? You know, I remember seeing a video with some jackass in a Rey Mysterio mask claiming he was going to go to Shadowhare's town and rob, deal drugs, vandalize and all sorts of other illegal stuff. The guy was bouncing around like some whacked out moron. He was a jerk but it was no big deal. I didn't take him seriously at all.

    But here's the thing. It starts to be a big deal and it gets REAL serious when people make those videos dressed like gang members or costumes AND ARE WIELDING MACHETES AND SHOTGUNS!!!! At that point, it's no longer so innocuous. These guys are probably a joke but there's nothing about a big blade and a shotgun.

    And Lord Malignance I see you doing what you always do when someone proved you wrong... you avoid or misdirect. You said your people do not preach violence and I proved that your people DO preach violence. And your best response is that weak ass comeback. Here's a thought. Instead of deflecting why don't you explain to us all why Malvado was preaching violence. Come on Brainiac, flex those brain cells a bit and let's that masterful skill you have in spin doctoring that one.

  48. My apologies, I meant to write "These guys are probably a joke but there's nothing SATIRICAL about a big blade and a shotgun." You know they should really make keyboards for small 6 ounce rodents.

  49. In the context of a 3mm penis, I now understand why you're so angry all the time, Jingles.

  50. Wow, if the video was anything serious, it would have been a fairly big priority and considering that it was a year ago, I think it would have been settled by now. Am I saying its okay they made it at all, absolutely not. Just because some are accused of perpetuating the idea of violence does not give one the right to say all do. To lump all into one is profiling, which is immoral, contradictory to the teaching of common society, not even those of RLSH.

    RLSH do not like being all called vigilantes or glory hounds, then they should be the first to set an example and not stoop to that level. I could just as easily say that Mixsae is the voice of all RLSH by the claims you make, and that would mean that all of you are spreading lies about all of the RLSV, and causing a defamation to people simply voicing their opinions, to generalize the term, and make it like that is wrong, and especially wrong for the RLSH to do, by supposedly leading by example. So spread vicious rumors about all of them, I believe in the real world that is called being prejudice, so again by your reasoning all of the RLSH are prejudice? Lets ask Websters.

    Main Entry: 1prej·u·dice
    Pronunciation: \ˈpre-jə-dəs\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin praejudicium previous judgment, damage, from prae- + judicium judgment — more at judicial
    Date: 13th century
    : injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one's rights; especially : detriment to one's legal rights or claims
    2 a (1) : preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge b : an instance of such judgment or opinion c : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics
    synonyms see predilection

    I think that kinda proves a point, we as RLSV have evolved past that point, sadly you are primordial ooze. Again, by your standards. One must clarify their arguments, otherwise you could be saying some things you do not want to say.

  51. "we as RLSV have evolved past that point"

    In before "...but Beryllium just made a dick joke. About a mouse."

  52. Agent B, if you call that a joke then your concept of satire is as lousy as your hair style. Good try though.

    Now to address Virus whom I had developed a modicum of respect for (begrudgingly so but nonetheless true). My point was that LM made a blanket statement when he said "RLSV /villains do not promote violence." I came forth with proof that this is not the case. His statement was written in a manner to be all inclusive. I showed that this is not the case which speaks to what I have said before - inconsistency amongst the ranks of the so-called RLSV, something you guys accuse the RLSH of all the time. And I stand by what I said of the video - the moment you bring guns and large blades into the picture I think it's a bit more serious than some guy prancing around like a dolt in a Rey Mysterio mask. Do I think these RLV will act on what they said in the video... probably not. However, I do think they should be watched as a precaution. And for the record Virus we talked about this. I don't lump all RLSV or hostile bloggers in the same category but I have seen enough to know that there are some distinct camps within their ranks, some being infinitely more tolerable than others. We've also had the conversation about the whole gloryhound and vigilante thing as well Virus. You have plenty of gloryhounds in the RLSV camp, including Agent Berylium who once called herself an "attention whore". You have LM who has a slew of Youtube videos self-promoting himself, Malvado who has his own radio blog show and posts the link to it on every post he makes on the RLSH board, and the list goes on and on. Is that not self promotion or are you going to be two-faced about it? I think you are better than that. And I really have no idea where you got the "Mixsae is the voice of all RLSH" angle because she's not and no one has ever said she is. No one has ever made this blanket statement, unlike someone saying flat out "villains do not promote violence" and then having me come out with statements from Malvado who is the "self-professed" most hated villain around or something like that. Oh and let's not forget his drunken misstep and open admission of other forms of drug use. Tell me Virus, does that sound like someone who should be taken seriously when it comes to adjudicating right and wrong?

    IMHO the RLSV or unhappy bloggers have not really evolved much at all. There's an expression that goes something like "fix your own house before you try to tell other people how to fix their own." One minute you want to be taken seriously and affect your idea of change on the RLSH and the next minute we get the "oh but don't take us seriously because we are just satire and parody of the RLSH. If you take us seriously then you're wasting your time." The so-called mission established long ago by the RLSV to promote change amongst the RLSH thru thought provoking analysis has for the most part (but not entirely) been abandoned, replaced by libelous and slanderous mudslinging, tasteless/useless attempts at humor, and two-faced behavior. The RLSV no longer use satire/parody to try to change the RLSH into something better. They use it to simply degrade them with little interest in positive change. That is called humiliation. Putting the villain gimmick aside for a moment. let's look that up some info on humiliation:

    "Humiliation of one person by another is often used as a way of asserting power over others, and is a common form of oppression or abuse. Humiliation of others is generally motivated by sadism."

    "Humiliate - to reduce to a lower position in one's own eyes or others' eyes."

    Hmmm... you know that last one... now I understand why LM wants everyone to crouch all the time.

  53. And Virus, that video with the guy calling himself Nemesis, here's another video with him. It seems he thinks both the RLSH and the RLSV are ridiculous. I knew about this guy months ago. No guns, no knives, so not much to concern ourselves with really. Besides it seems he doesn't really like either the RLSH or RLSV side. Maybe one of you "RLSV" should arch this guy or something.

    Ironically enough, it seems that RLSH and RLSV have both trashed this guy and he does not appreciate negative comments.

  54. My comment regarding Mixsae was that by her logic that all RLSV condone violence, and Krampus' accusation against us as well, is to be applied in the same logic back to the RLSH. I can just as easily say that Mixsae is the voice of the RLSH by using her own arguments, and her own bias. Which in turn would be that all of the RLSH are prejudice. Again a mistyping in communication, I was expressing her argument through your argument and I mistyped. But the point still remains that we cannot all be lumped together, because in the end, we are not a community, we are not an organization as a whole, we are just individuals who happen to share the same classification of RLSV. But to lump us all together is wrong and the RLSH and others associated should be above that. I personally have never said that anything I say is in satire, I mean every word. And I do hope that although yes I may be harsh at times, the RLSH see the truth behind it and see what matters as my public opinion. And if they never read it, then oh well, at least I had the chance to share my thoughts. And yes I still believe we have evolved much past them.

  55. And to simply say villains, it can be interpreted as villains as a whole, or villains in part, it is a matter of the bias of the reader. Perhaps it was meant as villains at most do not support violence, except in wild claims, like, I am going to turn Mixsae into a lead statue with my inviso ray, is not even remotely the same as me saying I would send Anthrax in the mail to her. AND NO I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT, IT WAS A FUCKING EXAMPLE. I hate having to put disclaimers on everything now because the RLSH in part not as a whole will twist my words.

  56. Virus, it's very simple. LM said evil/villains do not promote violence. I came out with two statements from Malvado that prove that he promotes violence. And as for evil not being violent, tell that to the victims of 911 or the 6 million victims of the Holocaust or the guy mentioned in the latest blog by Krampus that walked into a kindergarten or something and hacked up a bunch of kids. This is why debating with RLSVs or "the unhappy ego maniacal bloggers" is fairly pointless - because you REFUSE to acknowledge the bullshit duplicity within your own ranks while at the same time condemning others for what you consider the same behavior. Sometimes I think ROACH doesn't even need the disclaimer about them being satirical because if you read the crap that spews out of their mouths like a planet-sized sewer system you would realize that they really are nothing more than a joke.

  57. I have no one in my own ranks. I am not fucking affiliated with anyone, why is that so hard for you people? I don't care what the hell LM says, you are still generalizing a term. You are still making it black and white, it isn't, it just isn't. There is more than one definition to the word evil, stop generalizing the fucking term, you don't like so don't do it back, stop being trolls and stooping to the level of those you claim to hate. Evil does not just mean killing and hurting others, I posted that before, I posted the damn definition before. Why is it that for all the tings you claim to do, listening is not one of them, pardon me reading is not one of them. You are generalizing the term. And that is low to throw 9-11 in there, that is an example of what evil can cause, not of what evil is, those actions do not define evil, they are simple a part of it. If you honestly think they promote violence, quit bitching and call the cops, get it over with, that way no one else has to sit here and read the same BS arguments from you guys over and over again. Everyone here that claims otherwise is an uneducated fool.

    Countless acts of violence and destruction have been done in the name of good, but does that make them anymore right? Does that make it okay for them to engage in and promote violence? Even the United States prays for their troops, for all of you religious people out there, do you think God promotes that kind of violence, do you think God wants to see his creation destroying each other for what we claim is in the name of good? Does it make it any better because they struck first? I do not condone illegal behavior in any form, and I do not condone violence in any form, period. I have made that perfectly clear over and over again, just because I do not call them out by name does not mean I condone any of those types of actions. Get over it. I am a person of the public, I have every right to question anyone out there claiming to "help". That is what is known as free speech, and as far as I know, which is a hell of a lot, I have never crossed any kind of lines that would say I condone or approve of anything illegal. So unless you guys develop a new argument, this one is getting stale. RLSV are part of the public, we are all individuals, we are not out there claiming to help others for the sake of right, but does that mean we don't believe in helping others? Does that mean we condone violence and murder, no, no, no, get that through your fucking heads, just because one says it does not mean all of us say it or believe in it, stop generalizing you idiots, you don't like it don't do it back. Grow up, you claim to be so much better, then start acting like it. Some of you people are so pathetic and so damn immature.

  58. I'm the Aluminum Chef and I approve Tea's Troll.

    now if you excuse me i must continue my work in providing Mixsae's feeder with more noms to continue the larding process.

    for those lacking the culinary knowledge: Larding involves adding fat to the inside of your dish and barding is outside. Larding can be done by creating pockets stuffed with your fat of choice, bacon, salt pork, etc. or just rolling it up inside to create a roulade.