Thursday, April 15, 2010

HERO PROFILE #17/18: Life and Cameraman


(Cameraman on the left, Life on the right)

Operates out of: New York City

Activities: Documentarians who also have done safety patrols and hand outs to the homeless

Founded: Superheroes Anonymous, a program that hosts an annual conference in different cities, monthly meetings in NYC, as well as being a documentary film project. More info at their website:

"Superheroes Anonymous is a collective of Real Life Superheroes who aim to do good in the world and inspire others. Originally founded in 2007 by Ben Goldman (Cameraman) and Chaim Lazaros (Life) as an annual conference for superheroes, Superheroes Anonymous has since become the legitimate face of the Real Life Superhero movement – bringing superheroes together in the real world to affect positive change."- from the Superhero Anonymous website

Author's notes: Life and Cameraman founded a project that quickly became larger than themselves. In addition to being a documentary over three years in the making, SA was one of the first meeting of RLSHs in person. The two made the transition and became RLSHs themselves, actively participating in the events they were documenting and hand out food and supplies to the homeless of New York City.
The New York Post recently did a round up of NYC RLSHs in an article


  1. A Real Life Dynamic Duo... what more can I say?
    Movement pioneers and video historians all in one.

  2. Cool stuff. Helping those in need and bringing together like minded individuals to carry on the good works. I like it.