Monday, April 19, 2010

New RLSH Column!

I'm glad to announce that my first column (which is about RLSHs), titled "Cape Optional," has been posted at the site Forces of Geek. I will be writing the column for them once a month. I will still be maintaining this blog as I have been so far. You can expect a lot of interesting content here in May.

----> You can read the column HERE

These geeks are alright in my book. The site has a lot of short articles, reviews, columns, etc., about all the great geekery in life; comic books, sci-fi, video games, all the stuff that makes life fun. I think it's a good chance to get my writings to a new audience who will most likely be interested in this subject matter.

The first column is about Kick-Ass and it's relation to the RLSH community. Future columns will most be a "round up" of short pieces of RLSH related news and events.

Now, go forward and may the Forces of Geek be with you!


  1. Nice article. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. read it and enjoyed it. Well done Tea. And if you could email me regarding our previous conversation, I wanted to know if you made any developments, I have some other things I would like to share with you.

  3. Does this mean you won't be posting on this blogger account in the future?

  4. Tea,

    As usual, that was a good and honest article. I love reading your stuff!

  5. Virus, Geist- Thanks much!

    Calamity- No, I'll be running this blog same as usual. In fact I'll probably have even more posts here in May than I did in April.
    Lots to write on!