Thursday, September 9, 2010

HERO PROFILE #45: Skyman

Photo by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

Operates out of
: Seattle, WA

Activities: Patrols, hand outs

Quote: "I recently discovered that Superheros do exist in Real-Life, to say the least I was impressed and above all vindicated for what had already been created within me. For many years I have been battling mental illness and believe that complete sanity is within reach because my persona as SkyMan can now come out from the shadows and start living a real life... see, its not all in my head folks... if people have done this before me I am just following in a successful tradition! Keep track of me for I will become somebody important!"

Author's notes: Skyman recently inquired how I choose the weekly Hero Profile- and the answer is, it is pretty random. I started the profiles to keep myself on my toes and to give readers a reason to come back to the blog for repeat visits. Sometimes I choose people who have been doing this a long time or are already "retired" sometimes it is someone new, so it's not based on seniority. Sometimes it has to do with people I've talked to- after Vancouver I did a bunch of profiles on people I met there, same with New York. But I try to keep it as random as I can, it's more fun for me that way.



  1. Sky Man is a great guy. Glad he got a profile post. Thanks Tea.

  2. Sky Man is a wonderful guy. Patrolling with him and the White Baron in Seattle was a blast. He has a real heart.

  3. He's cleaning up the streets and his plate!